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New York Intense (2014)
by Nicolaï


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Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPatricia de Nicolaï

About New York Intense

New York Intense is a masculine fragrance by Nicolaï. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï

New York Intense fragrance notes

Reviews of New York Intense

Absurdly good.

It does have oakmoss, but it's blended in finely with everything else, with incredible balance, and the fragrance is more than the sum of its parts. It's complex, subtle, rich without being heavy, and abstract.

In my books, among the best perfumes released in this decade, and surely the best 'masculine'. It's right up there with Patou pour Homme, vintage Heritage, and all the be-alls and end-alls among perfumes.

Absolute perfection; sublime.

14th November, 2019
It is not often, but from time to time I bump into fragrances that I cannot stand. This is one of them. And I got my hopes up high before tying it.

This one is very harsh and old school smelling. I think it is the clove that makes me think of some old relative female and really old and strong perfume. When I wore it I was worried that someone would catch a whiff of my scent and notice how bad I smelled. I don't know if my associations can affect me or if I just think that it stinks.

It has been compared to Bois du Portugal, which is pretty similar. BDP is old school as well but my hopes were that NYI should be a refined and modern BDP. It was not. Way worse. I asked my wife but she felt the same way of the smell. If you are sensitive to more old fashioned scents or cloves you should try before you buy. Rating: 1/5
14th August, 2019
If you enjoy: Bois du Portugal, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Fougere Royale, Eau Sauvage, or Floris 1962, then you are likely to enjoy New York Intense as well. In comparison to the original, Intense comes with a more robust quality to the notes and a creamier, more powdery overall impression. I would even go so far as to say that it is an improvement over the already classic, New York. It is not as sharp as the original in terms of its piercing, aromatic aspects, however it still has plenty of bite and a much deeper, more enveloping, plush base. Performance is very good, with a longevity that consistently reaches 10--12 hours and solid, confident projection. Though I think NY Intense is an excellent fragrance, you may want to avoid this if you tend to dislike traditional men's fragrances, oakmoss, or lavender. Otherwise...go for it! One of the few expensive options that I would recommend as a blind buy, New York Intense is top of its class, and worthy of a lofty 9.5/10 rating.

Side note: Nicoloai fragrances offer a very affordable option for their releases. 30ml bottles are available for purchase almost anywhere that carries the Nicolai line
12th August, 2019
New York Intense opens up with a sharp, barbershop feel. The citrus top notes give way pretty fast to the middle and base notes. Think Rive Gauche pour Homme's (2003) lavender and patchouli with some heat and spiciness from the pepper found in Gucci pour Homme II (2007), which is okay by me, as those are two of my favorite fragrances.

It starts to dry down nicely into a really well-done barbershop scent; that's the easiest way to describe it. I can see why this gets the high reviews that it does, as it really harkens back to the above-mentioned fragrances and manages to capture the best aspects (minus the black tea accord of GpH2, which wouldn't fit this scent) of them in a well-formulated and well-thought out presentation. As it starts to dry further down, the vanilla and lavender really stand out, leaving this not too unlike Caron's Pour un Homme (1934). What you're getting is an almost Voltron-like hybrid of some of the best men's fragrances (at least in my opinion) in one shot with New York Intense. As much as I'm tempted to call this derivative, I'd rather say that this fragrance is inspired by some note combinations that have stood the test of time.

This is a really nice scent. If high price tags aren't an issue for you, this is certainly one to try and consider putting into your lineup. Very well-crafted and executed. Two big thumbs up!
27th June, 2019
My main interest in trying this was to see whether there were enough points of difference between this and New York (non-intense but hecka longlasting) – and there sure as hell are. The opening is much more limes mediated by herbal and mossy greens, so lovely it had me bringing the neckline of my t-shirt over my nose to fully indulge. (The number of t-shirts I have ruined doing this kind of thing…) New York (Mark 1) is a much sweeter, orangey creation with a halo of powders. This one still flashes ‘classy gent’ but is old school in a completely different way – giving such a prominent role to the moss, drier in its citruses and with a light and airy lavender that is more herbal than floral. Gone is the powderiness and the more mainstream sweetness, replaced with an abiding impression of crushed leaves and perfectly handled citric notes – never sharp but not sweetened either.
In time, sure, one can see that the basic skeleton of the two perfumes is the same, but in my experience it’s the flesh that matters more when it comes to enjoyment – and it’s surprisingly different. I’ve nearly finished my small bottle of New York. Something tells me I’m going to wear it more often and use it up – and then switch to this younger pretender of such charm.
26th June, 2019
There are niche fragrances and niche fragrances. This one is the latter.

It's hard to judge at first whether a fragrance is rightly hyped. Often this is why sampling is a must for this hobby, but this isn't always easy, especially when something this high up on the niche scale is hard to get hold of. I was however, lucky enough to get my nose on New York Intense thanks to the generosity of another member.

Whilst I was immediately taken aback by the uniqueness of this modern masterpiece, it really did take me a while to come to pulling the trigger on a bottle. And boy was the wait worth it!

The work of a master here lies in the stitching of all the bits and pieces together. There's a lot of freshness, some pepper (not too prominent), patchouli, styrax (I detect this in abundance) and a sweet but delicate aura throughout (which never gets too much unless you use too much). It's hard to imagine this smell in your head without actually trying it. What's more interesting is the perfumer describes NYI as an oriental spicy citrus on their website, but the official card that came with my bottle refers to it as an amber. I would describe it as a modern vintage men's cologne done so well that it is a must try for any gentleman that is serious about this hobby. Of course a lady could easily pull this off as well.

The association to a city is quite frankly absurd - I can only picture pollution when I remember my sole visit to the Big Apple. But it is what it is: a superbly crafted fragrance with great longevity and projection. Its freshness will appeal to many, whereas the blending is bound to be noticed by vintage lovers. One not to be over-sprayed at any cost, it lasts and projects very well for the best part of a working day: two sprays are enough to last me past the 10 hour mark.

Recommendation: sample first in different settings. Full bottle worthy for me - and the bottle is quite special too.
07th May, 2019

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