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Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Rose (2014)
by Cartier


Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Rose information

Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerMathilde Laurent

About Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Rose

Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Rose is a masculine fragrance by Cartier. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent

Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Rose fragrance notes

Reviews of Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Rose

Smoked, woody rose. Dark. Resinous. Quickly turns sideways. Somewhat greasy-smelling. Something skanky underneath.

This becomes less nose-curling after time. The rose though, seems rotted. It isn't pretty - doesn't work for me. Something about this Cartier "turns", on my skin. I find nothing feminine about this. I wouldn't want to smell this on a man either.
21st January, 2019
This stuff is glorious! It kicks off with bit of plasticky band-aid oud over sueded leather and vaguely floral soapy musk. This point is nice, if you enjoy leathery ouds, but if you give it 15 minutes or so for the flowers to bloom, it bursts out into one of the most opulent smells I've experienced in a while.

Imagine a grand aldehydic floral like Patou's Joy, but with the musky creamy base replaced with leathery, lightly fecal oud. The plastic/rubber elements of the oud replace the aldehydes, while the oud's complex musky woody richness makes a luxurious pillow to support and display the rather expensive-smelling rose and jasmine.

Of course, this won't be for everyone. There's probably a very small intersection of perfume fanatics who love both a plasticky, realistic oud and a grand old-school aldehydic floral, and as one of those few people, I really respect that Cartier has dared to buck mass appeal in favor of truly grand, notable perfumery with this one. Fantastic!
08th January, 2019 (last edited: 12th January, 2020)
Smooth, enveloping formulation by Cartier in their "Les Heures Voyageuses" pricy collection of oud scents.

Oud & Rose exudes class! Nicely balanced, feminine on balance (but men can give it a try). Not in your face oud, but a slightly musky-woody-floral outing that can be described as behaved (but beautiful).

Trying this out at a local Cartier boutique shop, there was NO way that I would plunk down $200 plus for a full bottle. I was just glad that I was allowed to check this and other Les Heures Voyageuses scents out without any fuss! Anyhow, the fragrance is nice, and decant-worthy.
03rd December, 2018
Parker Show all reviews
United States
Gorgeous and funky. The perfect amount of soft, sweet floral and brute peppery animal.
19th April, 2018
Oud & Rose is my first approach with the Cartier's Les Heures Voyageuses luxury line. This juice is an impalpable caress. An aereal, pure, molecular (a la Agarwoud Heeley or Maria Lux Deeply) suedish rose-oud combo, thankfully far from the usual gassy-saffrony obnóxious approaches to which many "niche" brands (on the same) theme have accustomed us lately. Here we are on another subtle and celestial level. A refined soft "rosey" celestial oud-rose accord supported by musk, sweet baldams, "assertive" resins, perfumed woods, light spices and fresh undiscerned elements. A dreamy super expensive juice for a cloudy unapproachable experience.
01st February, 2017

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