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Rhinoceros (2014)
by Zoologist Perfumes


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseZoologist Perfumes
PerfumerPaul Kiler

About Rhinoceros

Massive and stubborn, the Rhinoceros takes stock of his territory under the unrelenting sun. His weathered hide protects him from the merciless heat and eroding drum of sand in the wind, as he protects his domain.

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Reviews of Rhinoceros

This one was challenging for me. Not in the normal challenging way that it does not smell good. This just took me a couple samples to understand what I was thinking. It is leather, strong, and in your face. This one is not playing around, and is far from the common fare. No sweetness here. There is a medicinal quality that I thought at first maybe was a facet of the fake oud, but it turns out it was wintergreen. Wintergreen and leather is the basic definition of what we have here. There are background players of little booze, and little smoke. I applaud this creation. This truly feels like a rhinoceros themed fragrance to me. I totally get it. The longevity and performance in general suffer from its bombastic opening, and I'd saw 1-10 they are a 4 on both, with the caveat that it opens for the first hour at a projection 10. Thumbs up in the creative category!
15th February, 2019
Boozy, green, pungent. Piney and forest like. Woody, dry heat. Later on, some tobacco and leather. The beast tames down at the base. Yet another Zoologist I have fallen in love with. I love the rum and pine needle notes best.
13th February, 2018
Rhinoceros. Not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of something I want to smell like. I'm sure this frag doesn't smell like a Rhino, so maybe it smells like a Rhino Virus, because that always leaves me cold.

The list of notes is staggering. That may be one of the problems I have with this one...there is a lot going on here. I do get some leather, some musk, some smoke, and some elemi. Other than that, this all homogenizes into a funk of smell that doesn't really work for me. I don't want to work as hard as I will need to work to find enjoyment from wearing Rhinoceros. Perhaps I'm just being near sighted, but I don't get a charge out of this one.
04th August, 2017
N0tlee Show all reviews
United States
This is my first leather fragrance I've tried so far and I love it. I like how zoologist blends the green earthy notes with the leather. I am wearing it in cold weather, I don't think I could pull this fragrance off if I was hot out. I love how the amber, leather, and vetiver interact with each other on the dry down. This could be a beautiful everyday scent in colder months because the conifer notes just give it such a winter vibe.
I got solid 9 hours out of this fragrance with a little bit above average projection. I don't know if I'll add this to my collection because of how many other great fragrances there are in the Zoologist collection and the money for a full bottle is to be taken into consideration.


18th July, 2017
Rino goes on with a blast of rum and leather. Tobacco also is mixed in. It reminds me of a Gentleman's Study- Leather chairs, books lining the walls, a glass of rum and Coke on the desk, and a pouch of tobacco beside it. A few minutes into it, there is a sharp green note from the sage, conifer, and geranium. This is very complex, and never seems to clash with itself. I love leather scents, and this is a great one. NOT pure leather like Montale Leather Aoud, but a mixture of many other notes. If you like Vetiver, this has a healthy dose of it upon dry-down, I'm not a vetiver fan, and this has a tiny bit too much for me to get a Full bottle. For 5 stars this would need a bit more smoke and leather, and a bit less vetiver.
24th May, 2017
I figured Rhinoceros would be a rough ride, but geez--people are wearing this stuff?

I'm not shocked by the basic idea: it's a massive, smoky, terpey thing on top of a woody base, and (as we say in Texas) the woods is full of these. Rhinoceros stands out from the pack, because it piles on loads of pretty much every single note from today's modern "masculine" scents into a clashing accord of bitterness and chemical smoke, pushing the idea beyond conceit into parody--pine (and more pine), booze, artemesia (why call it "armoise" here? I don't understand. Zoologist is an American house, no?), cedar, smoke (oud, tobacco, and just straight-up "smoke"), plus leather and immortelle (presumably because it's 2017, dangit).

The result smells a lot like the odor that fills our kitchen when I overload our inexpensive blender with smoothie ingredients--scorched rubber and the threat of electrical fire, which I know are not bad things to some noses. Where I come from, people smell like this after a hard day on the job site--a scent that some of the hipster fellas out there might be after. If Absolue pour le Soir and Rien Intense Incense are too wussy for you, give Rhinoceros a try.

30th April, 2017

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