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A City On Fire (2014)
by Imaginary Authors


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Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseImaginary Authors
PerfumerJosh Meyer

About A City On Fire

'A brilliantly dark graphic novel, A City On Fire, is the story of two match-makers.'

Reviews of A City On Fire

The last vestiges of a fire, the end with the embers and that trail of smoke.

The opening is very harsh but it quickly simmers down.

Honestly, what sprung to mind was, of all things, on the Disney World Epcot ride Spaceship Earth when the ride comes to the part about the burning embers of Rome and the ride perfectly captures....well a burning city scent piped in, A City on Fire has taken that and made it wearable and delectable.

This is not a scent for oversprayers and I found two good sprays plenty. Great longevity. I'm not one for smoky perfumes, but there is something with A City on Fire that keeps my attention almost rapturous and coming back for more. The concept and the execution amazes me and I love it.
30th January, 2019
A real campfire, wood-stove smell. It's large, in your face. Pure smoke. Cough. Cough. A slight rubber tire note. Highly chemically-processed, cheap leather accord.

I thought I would really love this, from the note list. It's a bit too woody; a bit too manly. After some time the smoke begins to clear. I get some sweetness from berries or something. A bit of conifer latter, too. Not bad. Not a daily wear scent.

2 and a half stars.
22nd December, 2018
Loud, buttery and burning wood in the smokey opening that really doesn’t change much through the drydown.

Really good projection and decent longevity.
11th November, 2018
To me, it doesn't smell that much like a burning fire, but more of a fire that has just ended. It's probably the most smoky perfume I've tried yet. It's bitter and oily and as it progresses, aromatic and spicy notes start to appear while the smoke dials down a bit. Here is where it also gets sweet and it reminds me of the way clothes smell after I've stood a long period near a fire; like smelling up close a sweater which blends the smoke with the perfume caught from the body.
After about 3 hours, it stays close to the skin and the sweetness reaches high levels, it gets resinous and has an amber quality. I could say that it has become more wearable, but I actually liked more the extreme smoke paired with the spicy aromatic notes from the start.
02nd October, 2018
iobhai Show all reviews
United States
You're making a fire with your loved ones. Logs in the fireplace for a night in, or wild branches from the woods for a campfire, or thick trunks for a huge bonfire on the farm. You're transfixed by the flames, with crickets and cicadas thrushing in the distance and the woodsmoke passing over you as the winds change. You hear the pops and crackles and chase the flying embers with your gaze. Your wife cuddles you on the couch and you can faintly smell the last moments of that berry cologne she put on that morning. Your grandparents open up some homemade berry pies over on the park bench at the campsite. Your friends and family pass around fresh berries that they picked that morning on the farm. Before you know it, it's the next day and you're waking early. You can't help but bury your nose into those warm clothes that you had fallen asleep in, and you're left smiling at the lingering woodsmoke as you remember the intimate moments from the night before. A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors.
07th February, 2018
Dr. Z. Show all reviews
United States

Sharp.. smoky... spicy.... thick/smoky.....did I mention smoky??

The opening "cuts" the inside of my nasal mucosa with tiny (sharp) smoky molecules.

As they (the molecules) drift beyond the cribiform plate.. they are instantly realized and assimilated by 2 olfactory bulbs ; (which are actually extensions of the brain) & are then "recognized" and "categorized" by yet another area of the brain called the stomach. ;-)

Some scents/aromas at times, beg the question- "hey...what's cookin?"

Which is exactly what I ask myself every time I wear this fragrance!

I'll tell you what's cookin...

-Mostly hotdogs (big fan)


-Chicken (with Saucy Suzan)

-S'mores....anything I've ever had cooked over a roaring open campfire.

As a child we camped a lot. So, the aroma of this fragrance , which is such a glorious menagerie of assorted smoky vibes ...reminds me of pork hotdogs! Lol.

Try as I might... I can't eliminate the memory of hot dogs ect.. cooking over old open campfires every time I wear this creative frag, WHICH SUCKS CUZ ITS AMAZING!!!!

To be clear, this is definitely NOT a gourmand. It's a memory thing for me... Nothing more. But I'm working on new memories.

On my skin... Very good silage and projection.. 3-4 hrs before getting closer but never a skin scent.

There is a quality in here that captivates me (hot dogs aside). It's a tad bitter. Thick. Woodsy. I'm drawn to my arm like a moth to a flame.

Even a bit of clove?? (Something in there's giving me a touch of that. Spikenard?? )

Never cloying and that's with 6-7 hours of longevity. Mind you.. I like this one from IA.. Not as much as some of the others I own...but still creative and very interesting.
Great for fans of that smoky campfire genre...

and hotdogs.

7 out of 10
11th June, 2016

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