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L'Arbre (2013)
by Iunx


L'Arbre information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerOlivia Giacobetti

About L'Arbre

L'Arbre is a shared / unisex perfume by Iunx. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti

Reviews of L'Arbre

I’ve tried a couple of Iunx scents now and I’m sensing that their soft, reticent nature is part of the line's aesthetic. This is a cedar perfume over a buttery sandalwood base. The edges are rounded and smoothed in a sculptural manner that suggests Noguchi. The scent strikes me as more of an auratic hum of a wood bubble than that of the presence of freshly-cut timber. Gauzy and delicate, yet unmistakably natural, L’Arbre is clearly a study of wood notes with an emphasis on strategic restraint. Meditative and minimal — the polar opposite of a statement scent.
11th August, 2015
A beautiful authentic-smelling sandalwood. True sandalwood is so wonderful it's one of the few fragrances I like on it's own. It has a special ability to be sensual, serene, voluptuous and spiritual at the same time. There is no other fragrance material that affects me this way. Since harvesting sandalwood is now banned or restricted, I wonder about the authenticity of the sandalwood here. If it isn't, it makes the recreation in this fragrance all the more impressive.
L'Arbre reminds me of this perfumer's sensibility toward many of her fragrances - diaphanous but strong, echoes that speak. L'Arbre doesn't really project, but lays on your skin with that sandalwood shimmer that, very zen-like, doesn't do, just IS. And with sandalwood that always seems to be enough. L'Arbre is clean, clear sandalwood with a touch of pepper leaf and rosewood. What else? I'm not sure. It hardly matters, and I'm not real interested in picking it apart. This is one you wear for the sandalwood. After wearing this I realized how much I missed true sandalwood, but even more how wonderful it makes me feel wearing it.
27th April, 2015 (last edited: 26th January, 2019)
Somehow this scent manages a stunning opening with Giacobetti-style lightness applied to high-quality santal. The dry-down is far more earthbound, unfortunately, with a sour saline underpinning as a prominent part of the base. Very minimal staying power and projection. A high price to pay for essentially a private and short-term initial few minutes of bliss from this fragrance.
20th April, 2015
The simplest of scents projecting discretely at best, L’Arbre nevertheless gets 5 stars from me for what is, to my nose, the most beautiful, creamy and slightly salty sandalwood perfume presently “ in distribution”*. Per Mark Behnke at cafleurbon: “The rumor I had heard was that Mme Giacobetti has either tapped in to this same new renewable source of Indian Sandalwood or she unearthed a source of aged real Mysore sandalwood.” I don’t purport to know if this is correct or incorrect, nor am I an expert in sandalwood, and I do not claim to have sniffed all sandalwoods currently in production (but I’ve hit a lot of them). What I can say is that the sandalwood note in use here sure does smell like the real deal, and it is special!

So what else is in L’Arbre, besides the alcohol and sandalwood? I’m not at all sure there is anything else. But what is here is enough, with 3 sprays, to place you in your own little sandalwood cocoon for the day.

L'Arbre is discrete, and so I wear it to work often, and happily. Big thumbs up!

* L’Arbre is a Limited Edition available only at the Hotel Costes in Paris—and at Surrender to Chance, when they make pass through the City of Light. So its not exactly easy to find, but it is available presently.

12th February, 2015

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