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Panorama (2015)
by Olfactive Studio


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseOlfactive Studio
PerfumerClement Gavarry

About Panorama

The fragrance was inspired by the Sheats Goldstein house in Beverly Hills.

Panorama fragrance notes

Reviews of Panorama

A young fashion student once told me green is the hardest colour to wear, it never looks natural she said. The same can be said for perfume.

The only green notes in the perfumer's palette are either harsh synthetics or a dry green gum. Panorama is so chock full of them that even a citrus accord has trouble breaking through their airless intensity.

After the longest half hour - as the citrus notes give way and a sweet wood takes their place - the green notes calm down. Eventually the profile settles into something more breathable in shades of minty green and brown but by then it's too late. The outcome is mediocre at best and not worth the struggle.

06th April, 2018
I cannot possibly locate half the stated ingredients in Panorama, but it opens up as an accessible green fragrance with a good helping of peppery spice - I suppose we could attribute some of this to the wasabi, although there are plenty of other candidates.

Later on, it becomes more incensy and slightly smoky; now, near the end, grassy with an almost mentholated edge. The end, by the way, comes quicker than I would like, with below average performance.

It smells good, I can't deny, although there seems little rhyme or reason to how it progresses.

Not without faults, but had I a bottle in my collection, I would be spending happy hours coming to comprehend it further. Full of good stuff ("though not necessarily in the right order") so gets a thumbs up from me.
15th September, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is that of a fresh summer meadow. Bergamot, fresh grass, a touch of citrus and leaves of bushes aound fields of grass in the sunshine - beautiful, bright, capturing the sun.

The drydown adds galbanum and an herbal touch, mainly a nice myrrh by with minimal spice. In the drydown al the sunniness is gone and replaced a very restrained vanilla background with a superimposed beautiful balasamic note; the latter is light, a touch airy and neither dark nor boozy. There is discretely balanced sweetness that fits in well with the balsamic impression.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and an astounding fourteen hours of longevity, with the balsam gently fading at the end.

A gorgeously summery green scent, a bit on the light and airy side, but very well blended of high-quality ingredients and performing splendidly. 3.5/5
18th July, 2016
A beautiful exhilarating perfume guaranteeing a good mood.Pnorama a scent of green grasses and urban renewal with a hint of industrial grit.the kind of scent that ladies who like is without any sharp smells like right after a spring rainy day.a beautiful aromatic pleasantly surprising with its subtle freshness but I am not impressed with it. Green,Delightful,Cheerful,Cute,Invigorating and Pleasant.

Great starts with a burst of bergamot and a clean and tart vegetal-fruit aroma over a subtle spicy of grass,viole leaf,galbanum,cardamom and fig leaf.the dry down is a soft benzoin note coupled with lightest musk.this is a very likeable clean and fresh scent that you would wear during the day.Panaroma is definitely an uplifting scent for a nice spring day.if you are looking for a soft,earty green scent like a tranquil forest glen try this one.


Longevity?Average on my skin.

15th June, 2016
What we’ve come to expect from this line, really. Panorama is another shallow, superficial release from the ever-cynical Olfactive Studio that splurges on first impressions but cuts corners where it matters. And, given the name of the scent, it's especially ironic that the olfactory scope of reference is utterly myopic.

It opens with a crisp galbanum that splits the difference between vegetal and grassy. There’s nothing that resembles wasabi at all — it’s just galbanum and sweetened grass. The opening is airy and clean with a slight dampness, and it would be good in warm weather as it’s notably cooling. A mere 15 minutes in, it starts to turn sweet and figgy, reminding me a little of the kind of peas that come canned and marinating in sugar-water. It retains some of the astringency of the opening for the first 30 minutes or so, but it starts to come apart soon after in a way that’s utterly predictable — consistent, at least, with the brand’s other releases as many of them do the same.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing untoward about the scent per se, but my beef is that the line has little problem charging big money for nicely packaged uninspired gimmickry. Just like the green dye that was added, the listing of wasabi is pure gimmick — which isn’t a bad thing as I’d assume that an actual wasabi note would be painful to both skin and nose (as materials like capsicum can be). The more I think about it, the more I suspect that what Olfactive is claiming to be wasabi is simply just the name of the dye they used for the colorant as, if any impression of wasabi of generated at all (as we all know that "notes lists" are not "ingredients lists" in the actual formula), it’s coming from the color and not the scent. Bottom line: it’s not hideous, but there’s nothing standout about it. It’s a merely adequate green scent that leans more grassy than stemmy, clearly marketed for a spring / summer release as if it were an item of clothing. By the time the fall comes around, it’ll be long forgotten and something equally superficial will replace it next spring.

Disposable luxury.
25th April, 2015

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