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Polo Supreme Oud (2015)
by Ralph Lauren


Polo Supreme Oud information

Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRalph Lauren
PerfumerCarlos Benaim
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Polo Supreme Oud

Polo Supreme Oud is a masculine fragrance by Ralph Lauren. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Carlos Benaim

Polo Supreme Oud fragrance notes

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Reviews of Polo Supreme Oud

Polo Supreme Oud has a biting, spicy opening. The wood scent is sweet throughout and I find a little more incensy-oud in the final drydown when it becomes a skin scent after 3 hours.

This is a safe oud and doesn't really offend like other true oud scents.

Seems best for cooler weather and more dressed up occasions.

Projection is good in the opening but it only stays like that for a few hours.
28th January, 2018
Spicier oud scent with a cinnamon vibe. It can be found pretty cheap and my wife loves when I wear it.

My only complaint is that the longevity is pretty poor. In my experience, it has lasted 5 hours. It is safe to blind buy if you like M7.

19th September, 2017
From the moment I'd first laid eyes on the Polo Supreme Oud display at a local Bloomingdale's, I knew that this scent would be special. The free leaflets at the counter really break down the fragrance's quality and heritage of the oud type scent. I won't say that this one is the best oud fragrance by any means, but it certainly exudes classiness and is perfect for formal wear.
14th November, 2016

I immediately get the spicy combination cinnamon pepper: it is deep, rich, but it is also resinous because of the smoky resins rising up from the mid-level of the fragrance. These smoky oud resins very soon take precedence over the spices, and the spices remain in the background. The well-mannered “oud” and guaiac are done surprisingly well in spite of their synthetic nature. Although the individual notes and accords are deep and rich, they remain mellow and controlled. The opening and the movement into the heart accord are genuinely enjoyable… and the oudy smokiness of the middle surrounds and augments a basic wood heart accord. It holds up well after the interesting opening even though it has lost a little depth with the demise of the spice notes. This oudy-wood heart accord is carried into the lighter oudy-vetiveric base, and with the base, the wood / oud slowly morphs into a final skin scent of soft synthetic resin. Oud hasn’t been a strong component of this fragrance and only an impression of oud remains in the nicely-lasting base. Enjoyable to the end, and nicely masculine.

This fragrance is not very complex – it doesn’t exhibit much variation in movement from opening through heart through base, but I do not at all find its lack of complexity a problem or even a fault. Its sillage is tastefully in tune with its depth and character; its whole persona is one of relaxed-but-earnest masculinity… and it lasts for hours. I do not think of this as an oud fragrance: I very much enjoy it as an excellent modern masculine offering. I’m quite impressed because I’m not used to thinking of most of the flankers of the original Polo Green as being very desirable – but Polo Supreme Oud is definitely a worthy flanker of its green ancestor.
28th July, 2016
I see in the apparel brand Ralph Lauren a more conservative approach in the explorantion of new fragrance trends, both for the male audience as for the female one. So it is not surprising that after several brands have jumped into the Oud fashion that the brand then decided to launch his first creation with this theme that pleases the Arab public so much and has gained strength in other markets. Perhaps the time is not the apex of agarwood perfumes, but we are not in decline either.

I like how conceptually the theme of Agarwood has been worked by the brand and the perfumer, putting the accord that recreates the precious and expensive resin in the center but worked in a more abstract and complete manner. The Oud thus gains a well-cut trim, without being fussy, something that lingers in a somewhat linear fashion as one would expect from an Arabic inspiration but shows a somewhat more typical progression of Western perfumery maybe.

Supreme Oud opens with a sweet and spicy impression, something that refers to a cinnamon powder that explores the sweetness of this spice but does not make it too hot or suffocating the skin, receiving support from the fresh, hot and slightly fruity pink pepper. The agarwood aroma appears dry, woody and herbaceous, with musky overtones and you can see that the cypriol plant is largely responsible for this oud impression. Gradually, one sees a more powdery and warm side and intereting incensed nuances, as if the oud chips were being burned to release its aromatic resin in the environment. In a final stage, Supreme Oud shows a sophisticated base mixing a drier woody vetiver and the duality of sweetness and smoked aroma of guaiac wood.

While many creations of Oud show a roughess in the way the work powerful synthetic materials, Supreme Oud mainly favors harmony and abstraction as it evolves. Its smell never shown neither exaggerated nor too subtle and has good length that is expected of a composition of Oud. Although it does not bring in new combinations, its excels in delivering a woody spicy thematic that is very good and consistent from beginning to end.
08th July, 2016
The love child of M7 Fresh and Lolita Lempicka au Masculin. The persistence is decent, but this fragrance is simply too sickly sweet to warrant a glowing endorsement. Had the gourmand been reined in and the oud more refined and less synthetic, it could have been a winner.
31st May, 2016

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