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Centrepiece (2015)
by 4160 Tuesdays


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

House4160 Tuesdays
PerfumerSarah McCartney

About Centrepiece

4160 Tuesdays say:

We made Centrepiece with a friend who dropped in one day, Mohamad Fawaz. We met him when he was working at Fortum & Mason's perfumery, and he said he'd always wanted his own scent. While we pottered about in the studio, Mohamad sniffed the raw materials and selected the ones he liked, then Sarah magicked it into a fragrance. That was going to be the end of the story, but everyone here loved it, so we put it through its paces, and here it is.

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Reviews of Centrepiece

4160 Tuesdays Centerpiece is another artistic creation by Sarah McCartney, its sweet, powdery, floral mix serving as a semi-feminine reminder of the intoxicating wonders of sweet florals.

Frangipani, or Hawaiian lei flower, is likely the main player, and I'm only reasonably assured of that by process of elimination, as it's the only floral note and there seems to be a lot of florals in this. It smells of a white/yellow floral mix, not too sharp on its own, but then mixed with the sweet elements of vanilla, honey and a soft, white musk, as well as cedar and even green tea, though I don't detect the green tea, really, except perhaps for a moment at the opening.

It's pretty heavily sweet throughout, but the floral / vanilla / honey / musk balance tells most of the story of this, as the tea is barely there and the cedar lies in the background. Part of the vanilla-lover in me loves this.

As much as I do like this scent, though, I dare say I might love smelling it on a woman, for whom it would feel more fitting.

Performance is strong, well above average for a scent of its type, and more robust than the last couple 4160 Tuesdays scents I've tried, though the brand generally produces rather strong juice.

At $110 for 50ml (Luckyscent, Indiescents, Olfactif), its pricing is reasonable enough for any fan of the scent (this pricing suits me just fine for Freeway, for example).

A like on my skin, a love on someone else's. In any case, a pleasant unisex-enough scent that demands trying.

7 out of 10
19th September, 2018
Stardate 20171108:

Reminds me of a vintage Guerlain. Jicky perhaps. Or Mouchoir Monsieur perhaps. I will update when I go to a Guerlain boutique.

Woods, Vanilla and something dirty. Whats not to like.
Has vintage vibe.
09th November, 2017
Lightly sweet, wearable, and complex. It opens with the smell of a sweet cinnamon roll, then the green tea comes into the smell and makes it a beautiful, interesting fragrance. It turns increasingly into an almond-oil smell as it develops.
06th August, 2017

At the time of making a sample order, Centrepiece was top rated of all of the 4160 Tuesdays fragrances available on Luckyscent. Centrepiece was classified as a sweet fragrance with both oriental and gourmand notes and therefore I decided to order a sample of this scent. The notes breakdown consist of: honey, green tea, frangipani, musk, cedar, and vanilla. On Fragrantica the notes breakdown include additional notes of sorbet and chocolate but I wasn’t able to detect either of these notes. Almost immediately after application, the opening revealed a green tea note that came off as bright and herbally. The note is paired with a sweet honey note and for a short time co-dominates the fragrance. Eventually the green tea note becomes a bit darker and more herbally fading behind the honey note now having a subtle role to the fragrance. The honey note continued to thrive strong while the scent’s sweetness intensified thanks to the frangipani note which makes its present known here. For me, the frangipani note presented itself as sweet, florally, and perhaps with a bit of spice. Together the frangipani and honey notes blended together giving off an almond extract smell. A wisp of woodsy notes can be detected underneath the sweetness which comes in and out of the scent occasionally. Finally after 3 hours, the honey and frangipani notes weakens thus giving way to a powdery vanilla note that is assisted by musk. Together the notes gave off a sweet animalistic musky feel to the scent at the drydown. The dry down here is quite similar to that of Frederic Malle’s Musc Ravaguer but a bit cleaner.

Longevity and silage are fairly good here as I got 8 hours in longevity with 4 hours of good silage before the scent stayed closer to the skin. The ideal time to wear this would be during the cooler months as the oriental and gourmand notes could make this cloying in warmer temperatures. Overall, this fragrance was well constructed and there’s definitely a bit of depth here with a few transformations having occurred during its duration. The notes weren’t easy to distinguish and it took both some concentration and patience to identify these notes. For me, Centrepiece reminded me of a few fragrances that I already own such as Coromandel and Musc Ravaguer but not nearly as enjoyable as compared to these . While this was a decent smelling scent, I wasn’t blown away by the scent. It’s not one of my favorite gourmand scents nor what I had in mind for something in this genre but it’s not a profound scent either. Simply put, my nose doesn’t happen to be in favor of this fragrance. Setting aside my thoughts of the fragrance, I think this one is worth sampling especially if one happens to enjoy sweet fragrances with gourmand and oriental notes.
04th September, 2016
4160 Tuesdays Centrepiece is a minty-angular oriental/heliotropic vanilla with powdery facets and a subtle twist of aristocratic elegance. I'm truly surprised guys, I didn't expect to find all this olfactory wisdom and impressive craftsmanship once approaching the magic secrets of this new english "workshop". Centrepiece conjures me more than vaguely Thierry Mugler Angel (in common sharp floral notes, musk, minty/herbal/aromatic coconut, vanilla, patchouli, amber, honey and more) but in a less bombastic (and more ambery, classic and coconutty) way. I suppose hints of bergamot are here to enhance a somewhat classic sort of structure. Is like to ideally combine Angel with several talky-ambery juices from E. Coudray (Amber et Vanille), Chanel (Mademoiselle Coco), Grossmith (Phul Nana) or Farmacia SS Annunziata (Cara, Chia). If you like Angel but you find it overly bombastic, caramellous, fruity or patchouli-exalting this fragrance could be your classy choice (especially if you don't dislike a touch of ambery luxurious decadence). Frangipani provides surely an aromatic (floral-nectarine, vaguely jasmine-conjuring) presence perfectly connected to "white/cottony" powdery elements (powdery iris on the side of almondy amber??). The "honeyed" feel is present in the top, going finally fading in the presence of powdery/musky/talky/nutty earthiness. There is as well a vaguely eliotropic-luxuriant (slightly vintage) vibe a la Etro Heliotrope (to me the best eliotrope ever). Dry down is supremely sharp and talky with a final evolution which is not so articulated but anyway present and operative. There is a ghostly semi-gourmand vibe barely adumbrated and rapidly receding before powder. Frankly I don't catch a classic "green tea-vibe", just probably tea provides this "in here lingering" fresh liquid undertone. This fragrance is elegant and dreamy, quite translucent and regal with its lofty kind of "viennese" heavenly aura. Palatin and lirical take on the aromatic powdery theme. Highly recommended.
21st March, 2016 (last edited: 22nd March, 2016)

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