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Silk, Lace & Chocolate (2015)
by 4160 Tuesdays


Silk, Lace & Chocolate information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

House4160 Tuesdays
PerfumerSarah McCartney

About Silk, Lace & Chocolate

A Valentines Day limited edition of only twenty 30ml bottles.

Silk, Lace & Chocolate fragrance notes

Reviews of Silk, Lace & Chocolate

Stardate 20171109:

This one is exactly like the description - Silky and Chocolaty with added strawberries.

I don't think anyone has done chocolate well. Almost all the chocolate frags have been scrubbers. Not this one. It captures the texture and smell very well. Kudos to Sarah.

A masterpiece.
09th November, 2017
I would have put strawberry in the name, because it's a great strawberry fragrance. Between silk and lace, I would go with silk, landing us with "Strawberry Chocolate Silk," a wearable gourmand.
07th August, 2017

From what was available of 4160 Tuesdays on Luckyscent this was one that stood out to me and one that I wanted to try. I would consider Silk, Lace & Chocolate as a fruity gourmand fragrance. The fragrance contains a very simplistic notes breakdown which consisted of: bergamot, chocolate, and strawberry. At the opening, there was a sharp crisp bergamot note along with a supporting strawberry note that temporarily made the scent both citrusy and fruity. The bergamot quickly dies down while the strawberry and chocolate notes began to dominate the scent interchangeably. The strawberry note present here has an artificial feel to it, it kind of reminded me of strawberry extract for baking/cooking. In addition, the note has both a fruity and sweet feel to it. As for the chocolate, the note was a bit more natural as oppose to the strawberry. The chocolate was also sweet, and had an edible feel to it. At this stage the fragrance reminded me of chocolate candies with strawberry filling which was likely the impression that the scent was meant to give. The scent gave me the impression that it was both delicious and edible. Ironically, the description of the scent on Luckyscent mentioned that this was a fragrance for Valentines in 2015, probably the perfect pairing to a box full of chocolate candies. Had the strawberry note been of the natural kind, I’d be inclined to saying this may be comparable to a chocolate covered strawberry although some may see it this way. After several hours the scent dies down to a subtly sweet and slightly powdery scent with only hints of strawberry and chocolate barely present. At this stage, the scent has all but lost the delicious edible components and is nothing more than a skin scent.

The best times to wear this would likely be either during the cooler months or during evenings for warmer months as warm weather could make this scent a bit cloying. Longevity and silage were only average here. I got roughly 4-5 hours in longevity with decent silage for the first 2-3 hours before it started to stay closer to the skin. Overall, Silk, Lace & Chocolate was a linear scent that didn’t change too much with the exception at the opening. Personally I would’ve liked more complexity to the scent with a few additional notes to make things more interesting but it’s still somewhat decent for what it is. While I consider this a decent enough scent, this scent lacks any kind of wow factor for me. While my experience with this fragrance was alright, I’m less inclined to wanting to wear this in the future. In my opinion, the combination of the sweet and delicious notes of strawberry and chocolate has a bit of a feminine touch thus more likely to appeal to women then men. Personally, I’d much rather smell this on a woman than on myself. Anyone who wishes to experience a fragrance that combines strawberry and chocolate in an edible way this is one to look at.
27th August, 2016
I wanted so badly to love this one! The chocolate, the strawberries...the vanilla! Unfortunately, the amber has taken over on my skin, muting the foodie notes, so I'm not getting the yumminess I envisioned. I like my sample, but it doesn't thrill me like I hoped it would. Still, this is another nice one from 4160 Tues! I bet on some people it rocks! :)
02nd February, 2016 (last edited: 01st February, 2016)
shushkin Show all reviews
United Kingdom
WOW! No kidding all chocolate yuminess. We are talking milk chocolate delectable sweetness. Moderate sillage and good longevity. I want to take a bite out of my wrist!
10th April, 2015

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