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The Vintage Cities: Rome 1963 (2014)
by 4160 Tuesdays


The Vintage Cities: Rome 1963 information

Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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House4160 Tuesdays
PerfumerSarah McCartney

About The Vintage Cities: Rome 1963

4160 Tuesdays say: 'White flowers are the tiny ones which fill the air with fragrances after sunset, with their languid sensual scents that attracts creatures of the dark. For Rome 1963 we worked with Italian stylist Silvia Bergomi to create her fragrant vision of a perfume Guiletta would wear in Fellini’s film 'Giulietta degli Spiriti', chic and sensual. Watching the film, in which two elegantly dressed and made up women take their bicycles into the pine woods, and are raised into a tree house to sunbathe naked with beautiful young men, it seems to capture the mood rather nicely. Men and women both like this, on themselves and on each other.'

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Reviews of The Vintage Cities: Rome 1963

Stardate 20171022:

I am not sure i am smelling same things as others here.
I get no chocolate or leather.
All I get is Neroli type cologne with musk and some tobacco.
Nice construction and not much development (uncommon for 4160).
23rd October, 2017
To me, this smells like a warm, spicy, red leather. Another wonderfully interesting fragrance from this house.

I agree with Darvant that it's similar to Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille, although I easily like this one more. I also feel like this could work as an upgraded version of Mona di Orio Cuirs.

What I'm smelling as leather I can accept as the listed notes of cedarwood, tobacco, and patchouli. This is delicious. It's rare to smell something so accomplished.

This is warm with a touch of smokiness. Again, I agree with Darvant, "really pungent but at same time gracious and hyper chic."
26th July, 2017
Roma 1963

Simply brilliant, one of the most capturing creations I've tested over a long period of time, a modern stroke of genius with a "front side" musky-pungent floral "piquancy", a semi gourmand (kind of viney, chocolatey and fermenting) deep soul and a classic/vintage/chypre secret background (bergamot, woods, patchouli, honeyed jasmine). 4160 Tuesdays Rome 1963 is indeed a quite special musky floral with a peculiar (really pungent but at same time gracious and hyper chic) floral spark initially earthy/grassy and spicy and gradually kind of "viney/plummy/burnt sugary", woody-mossy and honeyed. Sarah McCartney plays the game of contrasts and the juice's substance seems founded on the juxtaposition between a spicy/floral accord (immensely penetrating, lush and temperamental) and a weird (earthy, almost acid) connection of smoky tobacco and bitter chocolate. Opening is kind of unique, so vibrant, really full of contrasts, at same time grassy and chocolatey, modern and vintage, smooth and earthy, fruity-floral and smoky. Tuberose provides spicy/exotic juicy intensity while jasmine is kind of redolent and honeyed (it seems to catch the floral-pollen's honeyed feel on skin). This temperamental floral accord is intensified and warmed up by this visceral and darker embrace of tobacco, rootiness and bitter chocolate providing darkness, dry-smokey spiciness and dirtiness (dried fruits as well??). The floral-spiciness is extreme, almost syrupy/honeyed and plummy-berrish (it seems to get secret blackberries-raspberries on skin but the probably apparent feel is mostly enhanced by spicy tuberose and floral-core's redolence). Anyway this surypy-earthy floralness with a classic spicy background conjures me vaguely scents a la Goutal Mon Parfum Cheri, Par Camille or Lutens Arabie. The tuberose/ylang-ylang (musky-exotic) connection is quite detectable and by soon I more than vaguely catch a feel conjuring the same connection of elements I get in Acampora Blu but while the previous is basically focused on that accord Rome 1963 pushes the accelerator on waxy-resinous honey (jasmine-pollen) and acid-viney-chicolatey tobacco. Tobacco's rendition is quite unique under my nose (somewhat berrish/viney, carnal, smoky-acid and semi-gourmand). Patchouli gradually emerges (loftly and aristocratic) enhancing (in connection with hesperides, musks and honey) a sort of classic chyprey feel not so far from vintage (or neo-vintage) masterworks a la 24 Faubourg Hermes, Fendi by Fendi, Guerlain Mitsouko, Oha by Teo Cabanel, Acampora Sballo or V&A First. Realistic is the raw-materials' perception on skin (a good compromise of natural and synthetic). Excellent multifaceted structure celebrating the timeless mystery of the Ethernal City. This fragrance is pure class. Sarah shows experimental courage (especially in the way she combines diverse/opposite in vibe elements) but all at once great wisdom since the modern "Slumberhousesque" ripeness (the wild-indie side of the moon) actually unveils a solid classicism and a more earthy-woody final restraint. Excellent.
22nd February, 2016 (last edited: 23rd February, 2016)

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