Asphalt Rainbow (2015)
by Charenton Macerations


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseCharenton Macerations
PerfumerCécile Hua

About Asphalt Rainbow

Asphalt Rainbow is a shared / unisex perfume by Charenton Macerations. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Cécile Hua

Reviews of Asphalt Rainbow

Opening of rose scented spray paint, or perhaps rose scented hairspray. Quite harsh in the beginning that reminds of a workman's garage without the car smell - aerosol, some degreaser, pin-up girl of the month calendar hanging, perhaps some old license plates or tin advertisement signs.

The metallic overtones stay a good while and there is a mix of hot black asphalt combined in. I get hints of a hot blacktop where someone is wearing black leather with hardcore hits of florals.

Very urban, very modern with all those metallic building materials - exposed duct work style loft quality. The metal and the rose work well together. Decent longevity although after a few hours it smelled like a soapy rose on my skin, which is not a bad thing! It had a white bar of soap vibe to it later on which lent itself to more of a 'clean' scent than the original metallic notes. Good to see a perfume out of the normal comfort zone and an interest take on metallic notes.
23rd March, 2019
No doubt that this is rose to my nose...CDG/ELDO school of thought...crisp/sparkling/fizzy rose...quasi-industrial me, does for rose what Christopher ST did for lime...funky futuristic upgrade of a classic smell...taking rose to the next level...interesting and pleasing enough to make this a full bottle consideration even though I already have a nice selection of rose...decent throw and lifespan...mid and drydown have an outstanding support of ambery/woody accented patch...
04th December, 2017
Awesome rose! I have been searching for a rose(for years and many samples later), that I could tolerate, and I think this is it- my next FB. This is amazingly different from anything I have smelled before, VERY unique! Refreshing rose, but the rose is thankfully buried in the blend so well that it doesnt become cloying(annoying), like a lot(most) roses do. I abosolutely love this! Very modern and invokes trippy memories.
29th September, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A rose with a greenish undertone of somewhat limited intensity with a fruity floral drydown - I mainly get galbanum, pear, ylang-ylang and lychee- with an overarching flyspray note - but nothing of a spray can-spray-like impression.

The base has cistus - a lot that is - with firmly crisp patchouli added to it, and an underlying chemical undertone. Not that I discern a specific asphalt note, neither wet asphalt after the rain not the smell of the road in the sunburnt Outback.

The sillage is moderate, the projection good and the longevity over eight hours.

Clearly based on an anti-traditional avant-garde/industrial concept of considerable creativity, the actual components of this spring scent are very synthetic and quite generic at times. Interesting idea but not executed with brilliance in craftsmanship or ingredient quality. 2.75/5.
15th May, 2016
coming off the heels of ultra assertive christopher st, the wan post-industrial hum of AR is a delightful surprise. as deadidol infers, it could probably work as a top quality cdg, but i really sense a strong affinity with h&g clemency - holograph rose and urban nu-skank. so, a totally appropriate name and a entirely positive new addition to the hypermodern zone of my wardrobe
29th December, 2015
I must be the only person I know who wasn’t smitten by Christopher St., but my expectations for this were neutral. I like the concept a lot, and the scent itself isn't bad despite not being my thing. It seems to ride the au courant wave of ozonic minimalism while leaning fairly mainstream, but it has just enough character to stand alone.

Asphalt Rainbow has a carbonated, gin-like feel to it — it’s kind of fizzy and buzzing. It also comes off as quite industrial, reminding me a little of Odeur 71’s laundry vibe as well as aspects of several other CdG scents. Somewhere between the fizz and the industrial is an outlying rose — surprisingly shy and backgrounded. The rose smells crisp, but it’s peripheral within the blend — an effect that I think works in the scent’s favor as it keeps it from being just one more floral perfume. It wears close to the skin as a sort of floral transparency, but the effervescent effect and the factory accords are prominent enough to engulf the florals; it’s almost as if the rose is suspended in clear plastic. The result is like a department-store floral crossed with a washed out ultra-modern CdG scent that has a rose-colored filter applied. The base seems a tad redundant — a stock synthetic musk — but it fits the purpose and adds enough body to carry the rest. Subdued and polite — it’s a smart approach and a fine addition to minimal / mainstream perfume styles, yet it’s way more delicate and muted than Christopher St.
20th March, 2015

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