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Atramental (2015)
by Room 1015


Atramental information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseRoom 1015
PerfumerAnn-Sophie Behaghel
PerfumerAmelie Bourgeois
Creative DirectorMichael Partouche

About Atramental

Atramental is a shared / unisex perfume by Room 1015. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Amelie Bourgeois and Ann-Sophie Behaghel

Reviews of Atramental

This is certainly "Avante grade". I can see why this was linked to tattooing. It smells like there is a backbone of some type of pleasant-smelling sterilising solution that a tattooist would apply before getting to work. My personal experiences lead me to associate it with the smell of plastics and leather in a new car that has just come from the factory supported by a much more conventional woody (black pepper), citrusy aquatic accord. Daring, unique, and excellent for those with large collections searching for something different.
12th May, 2016
Tested from a 5ml sample.
Leather (I know it's not listed, but that's what I smell), a bit medicinal and spicy (from the pepper?). Something animalic, manure like (not unpleasant) - from the castoreum? I don't get any citrus at all, or "water". Quite linear. Rather weak sillage and longevity (an hour and a half).
Having said that, it has none of the notes I normally like, so it's not too surprising I'm not jumping up and down and clapping my hands. Others may well like it. Try before you buy.
February 2016
28th February, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
On my skin I can discern two phases in the development of this scent:

Initially, a combination of bergamot, a hespiridic hint combined with a good lashing if a semi-dark but not-too-strong black pepper make for a pleasant -fresh-spicy opening phase. Later on a slightly salty-aqueous, bubbly and slightly boozy undertones provides additional variety to the top notes.

Following the drydown, the character of this composition changes to developing a deeper, woody resinous metallic side, with on overarching impression of an oily leather rag. Additonally, a castoreum-metallic notes mixed with whiffs of an edgy-sharpish patchouli spiciness develops, and I get this brightly sharp side until the end. At times this is a bit like a simplified and contemporaneously gentrified-dumbed down Knize Ten, and comparisons with CDG Black are also apt.

The perfomance is excellent, with moderate sillage, very good projection and a splendid ten hours of longevity on my skin. A good scent for warmer winter days.

Whilst I usually do not care very much about the PR-marketing side and the concepts and associations a brand spins in order to sell the product to their target audience, it seems to me that the second phase is meant to conjure up a sort of workshop-like atmosphere, and the scent does not fail to fulfill this expectation. Not particularly fascinating or inspiring, but not too annoyingly synthetic and well structured. With the great perfomance it is overall worthy of a positive score. 3/5.
12th January, 2016
Atramental by Room 1015 is coupled to imagery created by its marketers that tell a story of tattooed inked skin, a story that attempts to reframe and create references for this scent coupled to this imagery. I don't really get it - the references to tattoos etc. But, Atramental is a pleasant smelling fragrance that is not too sweet, very masculine, kind of serious, even altruistic tone. It doesn't tell a big sweeping story, but it has a very attractive cooling, iridescent woods and slight leather scent that radiates with a single chord - a handsome fragrance that will set a strong tone or aura of feel about the wearer. Noticeable notes are pepper, cardamom, saffron, wood resins, suede castoreum leather which result in a shaded, ink toned, leather incense. Not an especially strong fragrance as its silage is mild to medium. I will probably get a bottle of this as I like the results of how it feels much more than the story told of tattoo ink etc. Thumbs up.
09th August, 2015
Basing on the press release, Atramental shall be meant at evoking a “tattoo parlour”. The smell of ink and blood-stained latex gloves, bandages, pomades, rubber and plastic, the noise of the tattooing machines, the “rebel attitude” mood. I happen to be a tattoo enthusiast pretty much constantly craving for all of that, so I am perfectly familiar with that world and those suggestions. But even making an effort to link Atramental to that, I can’t help but thinking this scent has very little to do with it. Just a shallow, kind of cliché-sque connection to tattoing – “black rubberiness” as any copywriter would imagine by googling “tattooing”, and that’s all. And, anyway, press releases and “concepts” aside... things don’t get really that better. Atramental is basically a rubbery-balsamic leather-vetiver scent with some floral notes, maybe a sprinkle of musk (and oud?) and a clean, synthetic texture, as much wearable and really mildly enjoyable as kind of a massive déja-vu. Pretty much like a hipster version of some Montale’s crossed with some self-considered “avantgarde” niche brands like nu_be, both aiming at making a cheaper ripoff of a hypothetical “Fahrenheit Absolute by Comme des Garçons”. Ok, that looks entangled, but basically that would be the genre: “plastic” darkness, polished rubbery refinement, salty synthetic musky-dusty-woody base, a sprinkle of ambery dust. Not bad, this meaning not (overly) cheap, but utterly negligible for me, especially at that price.

24th April, 2015
If you like modern leathery fragrances with an industrial / urban vein, Atramental's opening will definitely deliver what it promises. It does it via a saffron plus synthetic leather accord with black pepper and astringent citruses enhancing the general austerity. Yes, it's a trendy type of accord you would totally expect from Comme Des Garçons and the likes but it still works because, somehow, it doesn't feel like a rip-off. On one side it feels cold and dark, almost robotic while on the other it shows some warmness provided by ambery resins and spices. The cardamom note breaks in pretty soon and, all of a sudden, there's a nice sense of deja-vu…Somehwere between a modernized Declaration by Cartier and a warmer version of Humiecki & Graef's Askew with something of the dark incense base of CDG Black.

Nice and very reasonably priced too.
15th April, 2015

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