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Opus 1144 (2015)
by Unum


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Opus 1144

Opus 1144 is a shared / unisex perfume by Unum. The scent was launched in 2015

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United States
I'm reminded of baby-wipes somehow while wearing this! I wore it yesterday and sat at lunch, feeling very ladylike as I ate my lunch. I had heard of its greatness in all its reviewers words, and had to have a go at it. It's strong enough, but not masculine enough for me. Anyway, had a sample, dabbled it on, went out for lunch prepared to make my next Unum purchase, but alas, can't give it a thumbs-down, but can't wear it, so a neutral one it is. It never evolved into a darker, more settled wear.
05th May, 2016
Quite a sexy scent here! This reminds me a little bit of Musc Ravageur, but I feel I like this better. Like a white cashmere sweater for the cold winter months…and one to wear when you are looking for some “Mommy and Daddy” time!;) It’s opening is a bit confusing, with the mandarin and bergamot giving you a hint of citrus, but the dry down presents the musk, vanilla, amber and sandalwood. Lasts quite a long time, with decent projection. Thumbs up! Quite luxurious!
06th December, 2015
The opening is bright and sparkling, slightly sweet with light floral notes. The dark, somber notes begin to come through, and that's where this scent comes into its own. Quite a contemplative scent and one I will actively seek out again.
05th August, 2015
It smells to me like a pretty good Shalimar knock off; and I'm giving it a thumbs up because I love Shalimar
30th June, 2015
Opus 1144 (assumedly the Gothic one) is paradoxically the most modern (and bright) among the Unum's compositions which are taking the world by storm by now on Basenotes. Actually, in spite of its granted underlined gothic inspiration (a luxuriant "ecclesial" and ceremonial "modern Gothic" and not a darkly medieval gloomy-mouldy one in my perception) and the inner french classicism lurking in the depths of background, there is en extraordinary modern twist welcoming the wearer, especially in its spicy-hesperidic "top assault" so rich of molecular stormy piquancy, sparkling-tart mandarine, talc/heliotrope and velvety interaction of wet luxurious resins, bergamot and turbulent floral powders. A stout note of bergamot (as by soon connected with a chypre depth of leathery-vanillic poudree amber) connects the aroma to a luxurious ambery-floral, powdery-woody and hesperidic-animalic-chypre tradition (a la Grossmith Phul-Nana, several Caron's a la Bellodgia or the modern Farmacia SS Annunziata's take on the theme due Chia or Cara) but at same time an intriguing (and exotic) game of gassy orchid, spicy-iris (nutmeg??), fizzy-spicy orangy patterns and peppery-viscous resins recalls a new contemporary daring pungent approach vaguely a la Baiana O.P.S.O or finally a la several "aerial" Amouage or MDCI, Etro, Reminiscence or Guerlain (partially Guerlain Bois d'Armenie and Shalimar Parfum Initial to quote several). I detect something undeniably exotic in the mix, something airy-silky, a cocktail of ylang-ylang, sweet spices, may be heliotrope and molecular orchid (a touch of vetiver too ??) really intriguing and dreamy (actually other than classically gothic in my perception, I mean anything but a darkly sulphureous or liturgical entity). The more the aroma develops the more its amalgam evolves significantly towards something rare, molecular, balsamic, dreamy, balmy, aerial and exotic (myrrh, copahu balm, elemi, tonka, fir resins, leather, benzoin, white musk, orchid, powdery vetiver, etc). The aromatic "white poudree-like" resins are heady in this phase for sure and all I detect is a general atmosphere of luxuriant "Palatin" (Parisian and Roman) decadence "costellated" of sweet candles, frescos, bronze armors, chiselled pots, cardinalates, massive frames, bas-relief and tapestries. Excellent and actually a new veritable "chypre palatin" creation.
16th April, 2015 (last edited: 17th April, 2015)
Probably my personal favourite among Unum line, despite the really bold opening which may be off-putting at first. Opus 1144 is inspired by the born of Gothic architecture and art and shall be meant to be a tribute to it; and believe me, if you try a non-prejudicial, “synesthetic” association with the idea of Gothic cathedrals and frescoes and all the cultural implications they were meant to convey, it does trigger an association. Nothing to do with incense or other more “liturgic” aspects, here the reference is the material feel and smell of stones, marble, woods, flowers, candles, paper, which all together create the “meditative majesty” of that artistic style.

The opening is triumphally bold and powerful: a thick, nearly overwhelming dusty-ambery blend (“ambery” à la Goutal’s Ambre Fetiche) with creamy candied-floral nuances (elemi and flowers) and a whole citric-astringent side of citrus and bergamot, perfectly opposing a warm and sweet vanillic base also comprising sandalwood (speaking decently-aged Shalimar here) ... in turn juxtaposed to dirtier, almost skankier notes of benzoin, jasmine, salty ambergris (forget ambroxan, I mean salty, slightly animalic-aqueous ambergris), and something that reminds me of tonka – a sort of sweet-exotic almond touch. Thick, radiant and deep, gourmand-ish on one side (this even comprising a weird sort of balsamic vinaigre feel), almost chypre-sque on the other; slightly waxy - meaning both powdery-iris and leathery as in Lutens’ Cuir Mauresque - monolithic but somehow almost “lascivious” thanks to its softer-darker sides, slightly reminding me of the (few) best aspects of Mona di Orio style – that sort of dusty, antique vibe, just less baroque and more austere (and, ok, uncomparably better executed here).

The drydown is equally great, and for me is quite the key to get the whole beauty of this fragrance. After the citric-vanillic opening it enters a sweeter phase echoing tonka and resins (echoes of “guerlinades” again), then an un expected drift towards an incredibly beautiful powdery-dusty drydown with darker shades that is as much uplifting, peaceful and mesmerizing as looking at the dust floating in the light of a Middle-European cathedral. Complex but so fulfilling from the very first sniff to the very final drydown (Terenzi’s lab made this, and you can smell that). It’s quite hard for me to describe this fragrance, so I’ll just cut it here; as the other two of this line the composition is incredibly well enginereed and harmonic, really compact, it would be enough to say it smells stunning and perfectly connected to the concept behind Unum line, and that’s all.

08th April, 2015

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