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Westbrook (2015)
by Byredo


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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Creative DirectorBen Gorham

About Westbrook

Byredo's Westbrook was created in collaboration with NBA star player Russell Westbrook. Ben Gorham, the creative director and founder of Byredo, says

on the court, Russell is one of the greatest competitors I have seen. Off the court, I find him to be humble and down-to-earth. It was this contrasting energy that I tried to capture in the fragrance.


Westbrook fragrance notes

Reviews of Westbrook

Bright vetiver opening that reminds me of ELDO Fat Electrician. Later, the vetiver gets smooth and creamy, reminding me of Vetiver Fatale. I see some comparisons to Bal D Afrique but I find that one has a darker, sweeter, nuttier smell.

7-8 hours longevity with a little better than average projection, good performance overall.
12th February, 2020
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening blast is quite bright, with the Gin being quite restrained and not really very boozy on me.

The drydown adds on the violet, not a particularly dark one, with a green touch that is of a nonspecific leafy nature.

The base raises the stakes, with the initial freshness being enhanced by a bright vetiver; the latter lacks any earthiness or soil components. Then a smooth soft nigh-velvety suede impression arises, that sees woodsy and caramel-like discreet sweetness thrown into the olfactory ring.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

The first parts of this summery creation are fresh, uncomplicated but not without originality. The whole mix’s synthetic nature is not too much reeking of laboratory chemistry only, and it is blended in quite a balanced fashion. The latter parts are the best, with the brighter and non-smoky suede the highlight of the performance. Overall just a positive score due to this late peak. 3/5.
28th July, 2019
I envy you, well if you have the ability to detect all the notes or at least most of the ones listed here.

For the first hour after application all I can make of this is a generic ho-hum-smelling violet fragrance. Okay, maybe not just violet but I'm not sure if I'm also smelling osmanthus and/or gin?

A little more after an hour then an amazing woodiness kicks in, the Vetiver and suede join the violet note and turn this scent into something that is so much more than I was expecting after such an ordinary start.

The vetiver, suede and violet notes are harmonious and authentic. Where is the tobacco?

This one, from Byredo, projects and lasts.
26th November, 2016
Clean and airy, a transparent gin and vetiver scent, with a faint hint of dry green bitterness that in my mind places it firmly in the masculine territory. Nice and versatile, with modest projection. Don't be swayed by the listed notes though, they are red herrings.

I must confess I'm not a basketball fan. I don't know who Russell Westbrook is. If this fragrance is a reflection of the kind of competitor he is then I guess he must be a competent though not particularly outstanding player. A team player. My kind of player.

That's why I'm giving this a thumbs up.
21st July, 2016
The opening gin notes blend with osmanthus and black violet creating a floral sweetness that has a minty edge that is surprising to me for fragrance with Westbrook's name on it. Not very masculine at first. But this sweet floral powder is grounded immediately with the vetiver. There is supposedly tobacco in the mix that I can only suppose adds a dry softness to the powdery, raspy osmanthus which is also kept dry with the suede base note. I never really smell any type of tobacco but there is plenty of dry sueded notes. The vetiver behind the floral opening gives this a feel very similar to Paul Smith London which could be a fragrance cousin to Westbrook in type of smell. I think there will be a very very narrow slice of fragrance lovers who will like this fragrance for its aroma - it is exotic and quite a stretch of opposites: sweet mint and florals vs. dry sueded vetiver notes. But, a much larger group of fans of Russell Westbrook will jump for a bottle - like I did. I can't help but think that Byredo rushed through the blending of this fragrance and settled too early on the work of art not giving it a chance to appeal to its potential audience. As a fragrance I would give it 5 / 10 stars, but as a creative artwork I would bump that up 8/10. Byredo's Westbrook is an interesting juice that should be tested closely before purchase. This will probably be a highly collectible fragrance if it becomes limited edition which I suspect will happen - basketballers don't have long careers! But, I have season tickets and Westbrook is my favorite player. I like it.
16th July, 2015
Wow. Is this what all celebriscents should be like? High quality and high out of reach versus the cheap junk that is the status quo.

It wears a lot like a modern EdC though the strength is closer to a very good EdP. It's light, delicate and def unisex...which is the problem I have with it: it doesn't say 'Westbrook' (rough'n'tumble and hard core, at least on the court).

That said, it works well in hot weather, lending an air of coolness even in humid weather.

Now the bad part: $300+ for a good solid air of smell good? Bal D'Afrique is a better buy at half the asking price of this. Should be in the $190 to $250 range tops. I guess it's all about exclusivity.
12th July, 2015

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