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Sauvage (2015)
by Christian Dior


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Sauvage

Sauvage is a masculine fragrance by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer François Demachy

Sauvage fragrance notes

Reviews of Sauvage

Icy wisps of steel
A cool floral breeze cut by
A bike in the night.
07th June, 2017
Has the warmth of Stetson and the spice of Bang.

If the above sentence made you wince, you're not its intended market. But if it made you smile, join the club.

I don't give a bag of beans about Johnny Depp or the house of Dior. All I know is there is something inexplicably masculine and appealing about this scent. From what I've read, I'm not the only female to think so.

And the comparisons to Bleu de Chanel? No. Just no.
24th May, 2017
Not a fan, nor am I a fan of the ambroxian era. First it was tonka, then oud, now ambroxian. Sauvage I feel is pleasant from a distance (although no positive feedback), but abrasive close up.

I agree with so many other reviewers here. I think Alfarom's review is pretty much spot on.

I pick up a generic citrus opening, with a metallic edge. This doesn't smell like Bleu de Chanel to me. And although I don't praise BdC, it certainly rounds out everything nicely, whereas Sauvage is a bit confused. I get bits and pieces from other recent releases, one specifically that I haven't seen anyone speak of, is Invictus.

All in all, this is a step down from most Dior stuff. A mish mash of aromachemicals. It smells cheap, and boring. It doesn't smell "chemical" though like nail polish remover or anything like that.

People complain about projection and longevity on this too? Huh?? I get monstrous projection and longevity. I find the projection to be obnoxious. If you want something to get you noticed though, and don't care about artistry in perfumery, then you will dig this.
04th May, 2017
I don't get why people rate this scent as a bad scent. Yeah alright, it smells like sweet bubble game when you first smell it but after an hour or so, it becomes a sweet citrus scent which is a mass pleaser. It isn't mind blowing and it doesn't evolve that much to my nose, but it is a safe working scent like BdC EDT. It may be a little synthetic but the dry down is pretty nice.

Scent: 8/10

I use 4 sprays (overkill) and can fill up a room with it. It has a monster projection for the first 2 hours then it settles down to arm length for the next hour. The sillage is really good. After that you will have a nice small bubble around your neck (if you spray there).

Projection/sillage: 9/10

The only downside is the longevity in my opinion. I usually get around 8 hours with it. With BdC EDT (new batch) I get around 13 hours.

Longevity: 8/10

Crowdpleaser, anywhere, anytime, but ONLY for spring/summer IMO!

Versatile 9/10

Total score: 85/100.

Get the juice before they reformulate this one too.
12th April, 2017
Hard scent to judge. It is effected by the perception one puts to it. If one thinks of it as an "outdoorsy, in the sunlight" then it can look that way. There's a Green Irish Tweed quality and a Chevrefeuille/Fahrenheit quality in it. Though if one wants to look at this as a clean bathroom scent then that perception would be disappointing. For now with this tester I'll say it's the former more than the later. I like the Geranium and Ambroxan. Mixing a form of Ambergris with a flower will give that GIT outdoorsy scent people want. The vetiver and patchouli are a good tagteam, keeping the fragrance going. The sillage and projection are good enough but not spectacular. The lavender is a little iffy, but not disastrous, due to the pepper. The Ambroxan is different than Ambergris in that it gives you that hot sun ozone quality.
08th April, 2017 (last edited: 09th April, 2017)
I want to like it, I really do. I think that the idea behind it is great and the note description definitely peaked my interest. The first few times I smelled it, I loved it, but after wearing it on my skin I definitely cannot give this a thumbs up. It lasts well and has decent sillage, but the only way I know how to describe it is that it smells like sweaty armpits mixed with hot sand on me. I suspect that this is just the chemistry of my skin, so definitely try before you buy.
08th April, 2017

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