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An Air of Despair (2015)
by Imaginary Authors


An Air of Despair information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

HouseImaginary Authors
PerfumerJosh Meyer

About An Air of Despair

A limited edition fragrance from Imaginary Authors. The company say:

Embrace your summertime sadness. An Air of Despair will lift you up inside while keeping the outward despondency that makes you so desirable in tact. @allbaddays #eternallybummed

Notes include Cedar, Saffron, Musk and Sadness


The fragrance is available in the Summer and Fall of 2015.

An Air of Despair fragrance notes

Reviews of An Air of Despair

An Air of Despair was the perfect fragrance to wear today. This is an excellent fragrance, filled with cedar and saffron. The saffron is quite noticeable in the dry down, but it also has a bit of sweetness that reminds me of a brown sugary glaze with saffron. Quite delectable. Remarkable sillage and longevity on my skin. Super enjoyable wear, and fit my mood today as I had to do some heavy things at work. The "sadness accord" seemed to do it's work well. Seriously though, this is a winner in my book!
20th April, 2018
This is a comfort smell for me, in the short time I have experienced it. I am in the UK and obtained a sample and managed to find a retailer over here selling it, and ordered a 30ml bottle within the day.

At the moment, even when I am wearing other fragrances at home, I'll spray some on to the back of my right hand, so that I can sniff it at my leisure, like a freak.

It reminds me of childhood scenarios, one being travelling in the back of a relative's rickity Morris Minor Traveller, through the country lanes of Co.Offaly, Ireland. Another, wooden furniture in junior schools and youth establishments. All circa late seventies, early eighties.

It's simple, but I likes it, soft brown leatherwood, or something. Shame it is a limited edition.

27th April, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A brief fresh citric acid second, before it blends with light, not white, musk. This freshened-up musk is the main determinant on my skin for virtually the whole of its duration.

The whole affair sound rather two-tone, but at times the saffron breaks through, but on me it played the third fiddle so to speak. It is faint, not at all a convincing full-blooded saffron as, for instance, found in Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Sultan Safran.

The performance is actually very good, with moderate sillage, decent projection and mine hours of longevity on my skin.

Maybe the despair is expressed by the use of musk, often a darker note in a scent. It is a comparatively minimalist creation, but well executed well blended and not too synthetic, but it is the solid performance that pushes it across the line into positive territory. 3/5.
26th August, 2015
I have been braking my head trying to write a good review for An Air of Despair by Imaginary Authors. At first spray I can most definitely smell smoky Cedar. The musk is there but does not dominate the fragrance. To me it is a sweet musk. Saffron makes it's appearance in the dry down to even out this beautiful composition.
Like all the Imaginary Author fragrances, this one is mysterious and complex. I don't know if I will wear it again in the summer but definitely for Fall/Winter.
25th August, 2015
This one had a mineralic note in the initial spray that I didn't agree with. Started out kind of transparent. I did get the light saffron and cedarwood notes in the fragrance. Don't know what the hec sadness accord is though. 6/10
05th August, 2015
An Air of Despair is definitely a departure from most of the Imaginary Authors line, neither leaning toward a powerhouse winter fragrance (i.e. Memoirs of a Trespasser, Cape Heartache, A City on Fire) or something deliberately light (i.e. Falling Into the Sea, the Soft Lawn). The character of AAOD is a mildly fresh woody with a slightly leather element, though far more of a vegetable leather (saffron) than an animalic leather (as in Bull's Blood). The musk provides a mellow neutrality, while the cedar adds the sweet woodsy character that it always tends to, and does a good job of it here.

Fittingly, AAOD's projection and longevity are somewhat less than the abovementioned winter scents from the line, and somewhat greater than the lighter scents, so it works with a few sprays but not too many.

This was my first "blind buy" of a bottle as I did not initially locate a source that had samples for sale (I since found that Twisted Lily sells .7ml vials for $4 each), and given the note breakdown, it seemed like a relatively safe bet, but I'd always recommend sampling beforehand, but soon, since this is a limited edition for Summer 2015.

Another great creation from Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors, and looking forward to the next.

7 out of 10
04th August, 2015

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