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Sunshine Man (2015)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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Creative DirectorChristopher Chong

About Sunshine Man

Sunshine Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2015

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Reviews of Sunshine Man

Not too keen on this one. Not sure what Amouage are actually trying to achieve here?? It is neither musky/incensey enough to be classed as a middle eastern scent nor fresh enough to be classed as a fresh/citrus scent. Sort of falls into no mans land. I love Amouage but to me this is their worst offering.
19th October, 2017
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United Kingdom
A nice, bright orangey opening that has a touch of a boozy undertone on my skin. Fresh bergamot in the drydown is enriched by a pleasant lavender and a floral core, which leads to a vanilla base at a later stage.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity amounts to six hours.

Summery, especially in the first half, and crafted well enough to please. 3.25/5.
01st July, 2017
Smells like Orange cream biscuits. I do not get any sunshine vibe from this. It is suitable for cold weather conditions. A must try for gourmand lovers.
I personally cannot imagine wearing this one. Feels juvenile.
But I like the way the house of Amouage is trying to hit all genres instead of just focusing on Incense.

Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 12+ hrs.

17th June, 2017
Ratings are all at the end if you wanna skip the hoopla, but:

Tellin' it like I'm Smellin' it:

I love the words "holy grail." I mean it can mean anything. To me, the holy grail fragrance is nonexistent despite what anyone says - but only in the common definition.

To ME, this is the holy grail because a holy grail fragrance to me is one that defies artistic boundaries yet qualifies to be an everyday signature scent that can be enjoyed by even the layest of noses.

This a beautiful scent. Irrespective of what one looks for in a scent, everyone should smell this.

I just got a decant in the mail today and this is my first review on basenotes under a new name after a 7 year hiatus. Yet I never took a break from enhancing man's greatest sense and have amounted plenty of fragrances in that time and had the opportunity to create, test, and learn more about fragrances.

Anyhow, this is a disturbingly beautiful scent. Whilst true that it is a deviation from the middle eastern vibes of the Omani factory of olfactory magic, I still think they kept it to ethnic tunes.

At first blast I get cumin and cardamom. Lots of it but not in a disturbing way because the lavender, Tonka smooth it out and it is gorgeous. I can see many people being put off from the initial smell...but one must wait for all good things shall then come.

Holy $H!T did this scent take a wild turn for the middle and drydown are absolutely breathtaking. I sprayed one to my bare neck, two on my wrists and one on my blazer to see how the smell differs on skin vs clothing and the whiffs I am taking now are just breathtaking.

Think smooth and creamy lavender, citruses on a very almondy vanilla-esque backdrop laced with mild indian spices like cardamom and cumin. Cardamom, if done right, is not just a staple in my cooking but also a note that is genius. However, no cumin or cardamom are listed here and I think this happens due to the clary sage fighting with the sourness of the citruses.

Overall, this is a gorgeous scent. Now, for an olfactory journey, this is perfect for the artiste finding his or her role in the fragrance world. For those looking for a wonderful scent granting the opportunity to reservoir an multitude of compliments, then again Sunshine Man is Perfect.

Scent: 10/10

Longevity: 10/10 (8 hours is my mark and it's still here but as a skin scent)

Sillage: 10/10 mesmerizing sillage, the balance of spices, citrus, florals is just hypnotizing. Trust me.

Projection: 5/10..ahh, here's the problem. Too good to be true right? Yep. It's a skin scent and literally most people today at work know me for my scents (in addition to my medical skills, I hope lol) and today they literally had to come up close to smell this beaut from 2 hours in. Good projection for 3 hours.

Compliments: 5 in one day. Today was that day. Record for my first time ever wearing a scent. Everyone from nurses, fellow doctors, and even some patients. I wear scents to my clinic because I rarely have to worry about people being "allergic" or "sensitive" to scents in my clinic. Usually I will wear lighter ones.

Veratility: 10/10. Despite the name this can be worn year around. There are enough spices ever so lightly done that would shine in the cold but such an intricate balance with citruses and lavender that the "sunrays" really do justice in the heat. Now, just don't go overboard, because that initial spice blast I get can really be off putting in the warmer months. Overall, very versatile, use for work, dates, casual roles, and beyond.

I think this is up there with Jubilation XXV.
13th April, 2017
You gotta hand it to Amouage, you'd think that with a name like Sunshine Man that they would go the same old route and go heavy with citrus/ginger/light floral notes or go aquatic/calone. Sure, there's bergamot and supposedly orange in there but it seems muted.

If you're looking for a warm weather scent that is "sparkling", bright or sharp then you might be disappointed.
Sunshine is going with Tonka beans and rather toned down florals like immortelle and a dry lavender.

I think the brandy gives it a syrupy sweet side that may turn off some folks. Also, because of the immortelle it might even come across as rather medicinal so keep that in mind.

For what Amouage costs the projection off of my skin falls way too short and so does the life of this juice. I'm glad I only got myself a decant, I suggest the same for you unless you're an Amouage fan club member.
27th March, 2017

I love that this is a fragrance that pulls the ladies or at least make them turn around and look at u in ur face and smile at u, not to mention I'm the only one wearing this. The lavender and sweet vanilla kick it off strong followed by the lovely orange about 10 minutes later accompanied by the next layer of sweetnes that just says summer in the sun for sure and it stays that way for some 3 hours at very good strength. Makes me feel like I know I'm smelling right and that adds this extra layer of confidence to any nice outfit on the right occasion.
22nd February, 2017

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