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Seyrig (2015)
by Bruno Fazzolari


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseBruno Fazzolari
PerfumerBruno Fazzolari

About Seyrig

Bruno Fazzolari says:

Inspired by the aldehydic motifs of late ‘60s and early ‘70s perfume, Seyrig centers on an artistic interpretation of the Syringa flower, a relative of lilac that resists olfactory extraction. Crisp aldehydes are draped over rich rose de mai and ylang ylang absolutes with a foundation of oakmoss, resins, and musks providing a spicy finish. This is a bold, statement scent that bridges perfume’s past with the present.

Reviews of Seyrig

The aldehydes here remind me of a blanket, in winter. A warm and fuzzy blanket pulled fresh from a clothes dryer. A cotton blanket. Why? Don't know. Perhaps the combo of aldehydes, rose, and ylang ylang do this. I get no mandarin at all unless it is part of the whole. I begin to smell lilac, faint lily of the valley. The latter of which is rather green. Perhaps too, the "blanket" smell comes from the lilac - syringe. (I'm over-analyzing.)

Then, I get strong iris; both the petal and the rooty types. Musk appears, clear and clean. Mossiness is slight. Seyrig is creative. It is sublime.

Iris and musk notes seem to last the longest, with hints of lilac.
23rd March, 2019
An edgy aldehyde, with a very very sharp citrus note. Not like bergamot, but like an unripe grapefruit rind. Sharp and piercing. There is a note of waxy iris, and oris root, but nothing that makes it stand out. More of a feminine than a unisex.
14th September, 2017
Aldehydes, florals, musk.

Seyrig starts with a heady blast of aldehydes that is at once soapy and refined. There soon comes to the fore an assorted bouquet of flowers where it is difficult to discern individual contributors, though there is a hint of rose. This floral accord persists for a significant period, with a soapy, clean, green temperament, and an attractive cool elegance. The late dry down reveals a slight warmth, and is soft, musky, and slightly mossy.

While Seyrig is undoubtedly well crafted, it seems to replicate a common style of perfumes - notably vintage aldehydic soapy florals. This is a modern take characterised by lack of animalics, absence of spices, and a typical refinement that one experiences in Fazzolari's creations. However, Seyrig is also somewhat straightforward and not as innovative or compelling as the majority of Fazzolari's range. The end result comes across as a simple makeover of a pretty, but a little tired (and, sadly, somewhat forgotten) genre.

Recommended for lovers of aldehydic florals.

28th June, 2017
Dear Mr. Fazzolari--

I'm writing this review to beg you: please bring back Seyrig. I foolishly waited until today, April 26 2017, to finally get around to my sample. Then I fell head over heels in love with it. And then I discovered that Seyrig was a limited-quantity only production, and that there is no more to be had for love nor money. I shed actual tears over this--something that I have never done over a perfume before.

I love aldehydes, and I love ylang-ylang, and the combination of these in Seyrig is transcendent, somehow rich and buttery and light and fizzy all at the same time. Wearing Seyrig feels like being enveloped in a delicate mousse. There are only two other perfumes I know of that communicate a similar sensation--Chanel No 5 and Chanel No. 22, both famous perfumes known for their masterful treatment of aldehydes. Seyrig belongs in their company; it's that gorgeous.

Having experienced Seyrig, and having been left bereft and sleepless by the discovery that it's all gone, all I can do is write this passionate declaration of love, and beg for its return. (Well, that, and explore your other perfumes, of course, which I will be doing toute suite). I have sent you a message through your website, but I feel like going public might increase the chances that somehow, someway, I won't have to go through life without a substantial quantity of this gorgeous perfume. Please consider taking pity on an abject lady in Texas.

With my most sincere thanks,


P.S. If there is anyone out there in the perfume universe who can bear to part with some of their Seyrig, please consider helping a sister in her time of need.

P.P.S. 5.12.2017
This review worked.

Mr. Fazzolari did, indeed find a bit more Seyrig in his vault, so I will now have one precious bottle in my possession--but I doubt that will be enough to see me through the end of my life, so I'll be happy to take more. And a couple of very nice people reached out to help. Thank you and much love to everyone who did! XxOo.
27th April, 2017 (last edited: 12th May, 2017)
First wearing I thought, here's another scrubber.
Second wearing feel the music.
This is a piece of art!! Think my reaction, to this is because Bruno is inspired by natural beauty, rather than dark, depressive and plastic beauty.
Entrancing is the sharp and dimensional citrus set against a textural Moss and Narcisse bitterness. A drydown to a buttery savon.
Unlike others I find this, totally wearable.
Like Jimmy this is bottleworthy.
Bruno is such a gentleman. He sent a handwritten note, thanking me for the order, with a hope that I would love the scents.
Well Bruno. I love Seyrig and Jimmy. The Narcisse, well, it's a dream!!
A very nice showing of buttery Oakmoss.
26th February, 2016 (last edited: 06th July, 2017)
All of Bruno Fazzolari’s perfumes are interesting. Some are interesting and beautiful (Au Dela) and some are interesting and edgy (Room 237). Seyrig is interesting and repellent.

It’s a total head trip, this perfume. It transports me on a whoosh of hairspray aldehydes to a bathroom in the 1970’s, where a man in Stetsons is combing his sideburns and sweet talking his own reflection, the bathroom mirror fogging up with the soapy fumes of his bath water and the copious amounts of Aqua Velva he’s just emptied onto himself.

There are other smells in this bathroom too. His wife has been in recently, the memory of a violent application of hairspray lingering with its chemical aftertaste, and his daughter with her precious lilac soaps taken out, used, and then carefully reinserted in their plastic wrapping, the gentle floral aroma floating through the bathroom fog and bringing a maudlin smile to Daddy’s face.

Under that, the clean-dirty stink that Luca Turin called “other people’s bathrooms”, this one’s aggressively sanitized atmosphere not only failing to eliminate the odors of the man’s morning ablutions but serving to accentuate them, the way that a can of air freshener will always make a stink worse. The chemically clean fizz of the bright blue urinal cake dropped hurriedly down the bog offends in its hyper-cleanliness, smelled as it must be against the gloomy backdrop of human waste.

Seyrig is a huge aldehydic floral. But these are not the creamy, pretty aldehydes of the old Chanels. Seyrig’s aldehydes – deliberately chemical, astringent, fused with herbs and flowers – mirror the style of certain Italian perfumers such as Angelo Pregoni (O’Driu) and Antonio Gardoni (Bogue) who use aldehydes in a knowing, ironic kind of way, as a sort of inverted commas on a trip down memory lane peopled by fantastic Big Bitch aldehydes from Arpege all the way to No. 22. These guys make aldehydes butch, not bitch. Subversive and ugly, they come out of the bottle swinging at you with all the pent-up fury of a Travis Bickle.

With Seyrig, Bruno Fazzolari layers these hostile aldehydes over a pretty red mandarin, some fey rose de mai, and a soapy syringa note, hardly notes possessed of the strength of character needed to stand up to the assault. A musky base brings up the rear, in every sense of the word. It’s not dirty per se, but it does bring a feeling of something unclean. The florals are besides the point here – they float prettily through the perfume – but do little else. The main impression is of a bathroom aggressively cleaned with Cillit Bang and Toilet Duck but with the lingering undertow of the collected smells – pleasant and unpleasant – that we humans leave behind.

I absolutely hate it. Every minute it was on my skin was a trial. But I have to hand it to the perfumer – it’s a perfume that painted a crystal clear image in my head, and given that most perfumes leave only a blurred, vague impression, that’s really saying something. In fact, in terms of transportative immediacy, its power is matched only by something like L’Air du Desert Marocain. Just don’t make me wear it, please.
03rd November, 2015

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