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Broken Theories (2015)
by Kerosene


Broken Theories information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJohn Pegg

About Broken Theories

Broken Theories is a shared / unisex perfume by Kerosene. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer John Pegg

Broken Theories fragrance notes

Reviews of Broken Theories

Dries down to the same vanilla-spicy accord as Black Vines, but with incense instead of that scarey metallic-rubbery thing. It's luscious, but so is CdG Avignon, with no vanilla and more edge. I really want to like Kerosene.
06th August, 2019
After an opening that suggests a mildly spicy leather in a bracing ‘pour homme’ style, Broken Theories reveals its hand – a mature, vanilla-impregnated tobacco redolent of musty old school clubs (all burgundy leather upholstery, blue haze and pale yellow globe lighting), with spicing bordering on the fungicidal and the lingering blessing of smoke. The ripe, almost fermented, mild and deep sweetness of the tobacco is an acquired taste, like Marmite, but touches the wearer in ways that are difficult to describe – a bit like the foodie experience of umami flavours.
Another in a line of Kerosene fragrances that I find wholly admirable but nevertheless do not feel tempted to buy.
01st January, 2019
Kerosene Broken Theories is one of the houses newer releases from 2015, but I'm only finally testing it out today. It's mainly a mix of oud, incense, tobacco, vanilla, and vaguely, spices. I don't at all get the orange, but perhaps it's simply a fainter top note that would've faded for most, anyway. On me, it's a non-issue, and I'm pleased that it's not a distraction, at least.

It's not a surprise that it would seem to be more fitting to wear Broken Theories in cold weather than warm weather based on note breakdown alone, but admittedly the vanilla takes the edge off ever so slightly and keeps it from being overwhelmingly heavy and masculine, but it's still cold-weather-leaning and masculine, nonetheless.

I hold it in similar regard as I do Copper Skies--a "like" but not quite a "love," though right on the edge. Performance is very good in terms of both projection and especially longevity, so there's good value in the standard $140 for 100ml pricing for this cold weather, masculine EDP.

Partly, Broken Theories suffers from reminding me of Blackmail, my favorite fragrance from the house, in their common notes of vanilla and oud. However, whereas Broken Theories then adds on tobacco and incense, Blackmail instead adds berries, amber, and perhaps plum, fostering a sweet delight mixed with oud, and I confess I prefer it. So when I'm wearing Broken Theories, I end up of thinking of Blackmail and want that instead. Plus there's some inherent redundancy with Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, perhaps without the oud, so I feel I've Broken Theories covered via other fragrances that I prefer. Still, a very solid entry in the house that I might've otherwise jumped on in other circumstances.

***EDIT. I've definitely warmed up to this significant and enjoy it as a vanilla/oud alternative to Mancera Aoud Vanille. It's more or less on the list now, as a bottle to buy.

8 out of 10
06th September, 2017 (last edited: 05th March, 2019)
I've never been a big fan of "burnt" elements in a fragrance, and Broken Theories is one that is somewhat borderline for me. The opening is pretty agreeable with a very realistic blood orange and spice. It's sweet and somewhat boozy in tone and sets the stage for the incense and oud elements to warm their way forward. Unfortunately the expectation gets completely destroyed by a camp smoke note. The camp smoke is there from the beginning, but discreetly hidden behind the orange and spice. As the top dissipates, a fire starts. I would've perhaps liked this one if not for the awful burnt note. It arrives like a cop breaking up an excellent party right when the pretty girl wants to dance with you. No more than a neutral from me.
06th September, 2017
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United States
Smokey, incense firepit with a sweetish orange vanilla note. Fairly linear, but welcome since accord is so nice. Reminds me a bit of of Lonestar Memories by Tauer, but lighter, with more sweetness and more woods and oud.
20th December, 2015

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