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Equipage Géranium (2015)
by Hermès


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Equipage Géranium

Equipage Géranium is a masculine fragrance by Hermès. The scent was launched in 2015

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Reviews of Equipage Géranium

Thumbs up on its own merits, but I'll take the original.

Equipage Geranium is quite similar to the outstanding Equipage, but a sparkling green top of mint and I guess geranium replaces the spicy/smooth citrus and floral burst of the original. My nose simply interprets it as a refreshing and well done green accord.

The underlying structure heading into the heart and base smells extremely similar to the original, but takes a lighter, woodier, and somewhat soapier tone, compared to the rather rich and spicy warmth of its big brother. More versatile. A bit less interesting.

The thing is, one of the most attractive aspects of the original is the light, sparking nature it maintains despite its strength and spicy floral nature. It doesn't feel heavy at all, despite impressive strength. So I'm not sure a lighter/soapy flanker was needed in this case.

Sillage is rather muted, but longevity is an adequate 6 hours or so.
01st December, 2017
Equipage Geranium is good stuff. Considering the quality of releases in recent years, it is excellent stuff.

It retains the basic structure of Equipage, which was all about resplendent woods, sparkling spices, a dash of carnation and a touch of herbs. However, it's been masterfully altered by slimming and trimming it to make it more modern, but without sacrificing quality. Gone are the herbs, the florals, and the spices. Instead, there's a soothing, balmy mint at first, followed by sparse geranium and the original woody structure, but without the rosewood, and a distinct focus on the sandalwood. The mint-geranium-sandalwood accord with a touch of mild spices is at once intelligent and legible. There's a wonderful lemony aspect to the sandalwood. The whole accord presents an abstraction of a high quality soap, and at times hints of leather - the soft supple leather of Hermes bags. The dry down is mostly the sandalwood, with traces of the other compositional elements. Sillage is close and intermittent - one keeps getting lovely wafts throughout its duration on skin, which is a good seven hours based on a liberal application.

Equipage Geranium is sleek, modern, polished but also with an obvious nod to tradition. Its eau de toilette formulation is adequate, and never intrusive - it possesses a subtlety, but without sacrificing depth. I have worn it quite a bit this summer, but imagine it to be even better in slightly cooler weather. Released in 2015, Equipage Geranium almost puts to shame most other modern designer and 'niche' releases that are hackneyed, derivative, harsh, cheap, unpolished or unwearable.

A big thumbs up.

02nd October, 2017
Love it! It starts with a nice blend of aromatic herbs and fresh spiciness and dries down to an aromatic floral-spicy-moss like base. It is so well blended that it can be difficult to separate the notes. Not that I mind, since well blended is a positive feature in my book.

The dry down seems to contain a dose of oakmoss and perhaps a dash of civet. It is unapologetic masculine - make no mistake about it as this is no unisex fragrance. I find it rather sexy - for the grown up man.

I cannot compare it with the regular Equipage since I don't know that fragrance well enough, though this fragrance is excellent and one of Hermes' best, in my opinion. It projects quite well and has a rather good duration, perhaps 6-7 hours on my skin.

01st December, 2016
I tremendously enjoy Equipage, so I was interested to see how this flanker would perform. I think it is a fine scent, but in my opinion it is so similar to the regular Equipage that I don't really see the point. Basically (as with Equipage) you get a lovely sandalwood with hints of leather and spice. Is Equipage Geranium a bit lighter and brighter than its older sibling? Perhaps, but only slightly. Are there rose notes? Yes, but on my skin they are so fleeting that they are of 2-3 second duration. The scent develops a slightly smoky, "dirty" spice note in the dry-down which is attractive, and marries well with the creamy sandalwood. But in all that, it does not exceed what we have already seen in Equipage. I like it, it is a good scent in itself, but as a flanker it doesn't really bring much new to the table.
07th August, 2016
A Facsimile of the original Equipage. It uses a lesser quality Citrus, addition of a Minty Geranium and presents an inferior Landscape to the original. While certainly not of poor Quality, it has been generically altered and presents an JCE watercolour image that appeals to Contemporary tastes, however this old palette gives it a pass.
29th February, 2016 (last edited: 17th March, 2017)
Soapy, minty geranium opens this new twist on a classic. I am fortunate enough to own a vintage bottle of Equipage, and I like how this modernizes and freshens the original, without losing it’s class. My mother always had my old man plant geranium baskets for the house, and I liken this opening to more of the leaves of the plant. This then evolves to show light rose, rosewood, a soft sandalwood, and I even get powdered leather late in the wearing. I still like the vintage original more…for now. This is a well made addition to the name. Thumbs up!
30th December, 2015

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