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On The Road (2015)
by Edition Perfumes


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEdition Perfumes
PerfumerTimothy Han

About On The Road

The company say:

Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s 1951 novel of the same name, "On the Road" is a unisex perfume that polarises by telling a tale of restlessness and an unbridled desire to experience the beat counterculture of a Jazz fuelled post-war America. On The Road is itinerant in nature. It begins with smoky notes of benzoin and birch reminiscent of the hot asphalt and grittiness of New York City. Punctuated by forays into tobacco filled bars where a new era in music is being defined by the Jazz greats, our journey takes us through the openness of the dusty cornfields of a Mid-Western America and rises to the cedar forests of a Pacific Coast. The restlessness of the journey finally gives way to the optimism left by the fresh green fragrance of galbanum, citrus and bergamot.

On The Road fragrance notes

Reviews of On The Road

I ordered samples of On the Road and She Came to Stay with an order from Twisted Lily, knowing that She Came to Stay really put the Timothy Han Edition Perfumes on the map with a lot of critical acclaim, yet I was more intrigued by this second release, On the Road.

On the Road is a wintry mix of galbanum, benzoin, labdanum, birch, patchouli, and cedar. The overall experience is of a resinous woody fragrance, strong but not cloying, that I envision mainly as useful for fall and winter nights. It's not woody or oily in a pine tar sort of way, but much smoother, reminiscent of the smoothness of Tom Ford Italian Cypress while not having any cypress, and instead seeming like a less harsh version of D.S. & Durga Bowmakers.

On the Road doesn't have much evolution, which is fine, as the opening is not so overwhelming as to necessitate a diminution of intensity. Its longevity isn't spectacular but it's more than sufficient for an EDP, especially with a few healthy sprays as opposed to the dabs of a small sample.

Sold only at Luckyscent and Twisted Lily for $160-180 for 60ml, it's expensive enough that you'd really need to like it a lot in order to want to purchase it, and I believe I do.

8 out of 10
19th September, 2016
Although the scent wasn’t really my style, the first release from this aesthetically-discriminating brand (She Came to Stay) was an excellent spicy floral. This release, sadly, is a huge let-down.

It goes on as a dirty, thin patchouli punctured by a bitter bergamot. There’s a hint of something coniferous, but it’s buried under a murky cloud of smoke that, frankly, smells far more like an error than an intended effect. After 15 minutes, the scent becomes a vaguely musky, garden-refuse kind of smell — the kind of scent that might emit from someone lost in a forest for a week. Fans of Juniper Ridge might find some appeal here as the scent is extremely rough-hewn and rugged, although (to my nose), not in a good (or a particularly Kerouacian) way. You get 10 minutes of a ho-hum greenery/bergamot, another 10 minutes of a birch tar bomb, and the next 20 minutes are reserved for the accidental BO-type funk that ensues. There’s nothing endearing or even remotely pleasant about it.

On top of this, I couldn’t get the scent to last more than an hour. I wore it three times on both skin and fabric, and each time, it died at around the 45-minute point. I’m no stickler for longevity and I enjoy the engineered ephemerality of certain scents, but that’s not what’s going on here. The scent goes on very loud but starts losing volume immediately. All-natural perfumery is prone to poor performance, but the materials used in this are generally substantive, so something went wrong along the way with this one. Very disappointing from a line that has so much promise.
23rd December, 2015
The introduction is like passing near a street where the constructors are working on putting a new layer of asphalt and there is the smell of the burned materials they use. It smells like concrete, rubber, plastic and gasoline; pungent and bitter.
Thankfully, it changes after 30-40 minutes when most of the roughness tames and I get a softer burning wood backed up by some sweet notes. At this phase, the scent is airy and less in your face, retaining the burning birch and guaiac in the background; we have left behind the construction site, but the wind still brings whiffs of that freshly laid asphalt.
The part that I enjoy comes in the dry down, where the direction shifts again. There are resins and balsamic elements that make the scent fuller, rounder and sweeter, smoldering woods for that smoky aroma and a touch of patchouli.
After the loud opening, the projection drops dramatically before entering the second hour and by the third hour it's a skin scent for me. The longevity is good, though, over 10 hours.
I find it to be an artistic creation and I personally wouldn't find many occasions to wear it, especially that the perfume becomes more wearable when it's already a skin scent.
18th November, 2015

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