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Notting Hill for Her (2013)
by English Laundry


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseEnglish Laundry
PerfumerChristopher Wicks

About Notting Hill for Her

Notting Hill for Her is a feminine perfume by English Laundry. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christopher Wicks

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Reviews of Notting Hill for Her

There is one review of Notting Hill for Her.
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United States
It's . . . nice. Like something a nice person would wear in nice company while having a nice conversation over a nice cup of tea.

I get zero citrus off of it, nor peppercorn. It's pretty much just flowers, sweet and inoffensive and bland. It's got a smiling-and-nodding vibe.

But I can't hate it, though. I just can't! Despite being a sarcastic grump about everything, and a pretty big hater of floral notes that rub me the wrong way. It's just too gosh-darned gentle and mild-mannered to hate.

And I also have to give it props (and ultimately the thumbs up rating) because--despite being insufferably bland to my nose--it sparked my interest in fragrances.

I've spent most of my life sniffing toiletries and going "eeeeewwwwwwww," recoiling when people near me whip out bottles of lotion, being miserable when I have to visit the laundry soap aisle, and generally seeking out products that are unscented or have minimal smells. I was sure I hated basically all fragrances and scented things (candles, lotion, whatever), simply because I'd mostly only noticed ones I found hateful.

Then along came a Notting Hill sample in a subscription box. I gave it a chance just for laughs, because that was the point of getting the box, and what else was I going to do with it?

I didn't like it at first.

But it grew on me over the next hour or so. And then I wore it a few days later. And then I wore it again. Before this I would have told you I flat-out hated conventional smelling flowery perfumes, all of them, full stop. And this really does fall into my brain's "conventional smelling flowery perfume" category, even after some more experience.

. . . But it's just so insufferably nice, that after a few wears I decided to go take some chances sampling other things too. And soon I was finding other things that I found wearable, even things I actively enjoyed (much more than Notting Hill). And I realized that fragrance is actually a pretty interesting thing, even if I don't enjoy everything ever.

So, good job Notting Hill, you sweet little goody two-shoes, you. Could you pass the scones, dear?
19th May, 2017

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