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Al Wisam Day
by Rasasi


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About Al Wisam Day

Al Wisam Day is a masculine fragrance by Rasasi.

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Reviews of Al Wisam Day

95% Silver Mountain Water and 5% a dirtier, earthier edge and a little bit of natural woods. Doesn't smell as over-clean and uber-polished like SMW does so it gains versatility and for that reason I prefer it. Great performance and 1/8 the price doesn't hurt either... awesome release.
12th May, 2018
I'm not a big fan of SMW but this is so close and so much less that I have to give a thumbs up because I would recommend it. The opening is very close to SMW. The drydown is where I prefer Al Wisam Day as it goes into a sweet, soft woody note that I do like.

Projection and longevity are both very good.
20th January, 2018
I've really come to love this stuff. It's similar to Bond Hamptons.

After using Al Wisam Day, I'd have a hard time justifying the greater expense of the Bond or Creed's SMW.

One thing I've learned: take it easy with the sprays with this one. Sometimes, I might not detect it too strongly, but this baby projects... and, it lasts!

4/14/2017: I bought the Bond anyway. It's slightly different, and I also like it a lot.

Still love Al Wisam Day. Great stuff!

6/19/2017: After spending more time with this, I can say it's actually quite different from Hamptons.

It took me some time to understand these scents.

I like them both quite a lot.

1/5/2018 Update: I've been meaning to say that after spending time with all of the above (plus Mancera Wild Fruits), my favorite is Silver Mountain Water, and I do feel it's worth the extra expense.
29th December, 2016 (last edited: 06th January, 2018)
Definitely similar to Silver Mountain Water...Which is why I can't stand it. A bar of soap and some vinegar That is exactly the same smell in Silver Mountain Water. Sort of a Creed Himalaya mixed with apple cider vinegar.
18th November, 2016
Definitely the best Creed Silver Mountain Water clone, or even better! specially in terms of projection/longevity.
Very high quality and soooo affordable!
25th May, 2016

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