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Bat (2015)
by Zoologist Perfumes


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseZoologist Perfumes
PerfumerEllen Covey

About Bat

Zoologist Bat escorts you on an odyssey through the night. This unique olfactory experience carries you with the fruit bat to a sumptuous feast in a lush tropical jungle, before whisking you down to the recesses of its cavernous home. Sweet figs and soft fruits ensnare you with addictive notes, then beckon you deep with primordial mineral scents that evoke a rugged enclosure redolent with hints of damp soil and vegetal roots. Allow yourself to hang, draped in pitch black, as alluring musk wafts over you with every unfolding of the thousands of leathery wings that surround you.

Reviews of Bat

Designed by Ellen Covey, this scent's just remarkable. Truly, whenever I examine it I'm at a loss for words.

Initial smells of dark, damp earth mixed with overripe fruit, headlined by banana: it somehow manages to be stringent and demanding yet light. The tartness of the musk and fruit are mellowed by the faint smell of fig in the background. It's such a demanding scent, something modern and incredibly unique. Zoologist always attempts to capture the spirit of an animal in their scent, and nowhere is it done any better than with bat: an animal many fear, dark and elusive, musky yet delicate. The drydown takes the edge off the musk and brings to the forefront the smell of ripe fruits and vetiver. It goes from demanding to alluring in the space of several hours, and I like both stages equally.

Conventional fragrance abounds: it is rare that I get to smell something that stands apart so uniquely from its competitors that I am taken aback. This is truly the case with Bat: I have never smelled anything like it. It's a very modern, very strong scent that should be in anyone's wardrobe that is daring enough to try it. For a powerful man or woman.

Strong sillage and longevity. People can smell it on you, I had many people throughout my day asking what I was wearing. The longevity is in the realm of 8 hours, which is very long on my skin.

True excellence.

03rd March, 2019 (last edited: 06th March, 2019)
If you buy into the backstory, then this bat is doing some serious flitting, from dank and musty cave to the green canopied forest and back. But, in reality of course, the earthy aspect of this scent comes nowhere close to a bat cave rank with the creature’s droppings; it’s more like freshly turned earth rich in humus, a scent that catches a bit at the back of the throat, matched with a powerful humidity. This is Bat’s overriding theme – challenging for sure, but thrilling to see it so well captured; and its counterpoint is a singing crisp, vetiver, dressed in bright green notes.
For a large portion of its life on my skin Bat is a bit of a tropical rainstorm of a perfume, not one I’d wear for the usual pleasures of olfactory indulgence but because it takes me places. There’s a basketful of fruity notes mentioned in the declared list, but on my skin there’s really no trace – my bat’s got them safely trapped in its gut and ain’t about to burp.
But it’s after a good 6-plus hours that it really begins to take flight for me. The soil tincture effect dies down and a thrillingly sour vetiver-woody reveals itself. It’s a zinging tartness that the nose can’t quite place (it’s not really citric) that has me going ‘mmm’ with pleasure and wanting to zip about with renewed energy.

07th February, 2019
Challenging but wearable earthy fragrance

Bat has a challenging, kaleidoscopic opening that is dizzying. Sweet, tropical fruit; rich black topsoil; cold, wet, flinty stones; growling animal musks, these are all present from the beginning, vying for your attention. In rapid succession you find yourself with fleeting impressions of peeling open a ripe banana, peering into sunless caves with dripping water, thrusting your bare hands into moist earth, catching a whiff of rotting compost.

The scent settles down into a perfect balance between dank edges softened by fruity, musky sweetness that blend more and more harmoniously as time passes.

The dankness reminds me of another favourite, Dzongkha, as if you had fallen from the shadows of those airy, smoky, mountainous peaks, landed softly in clods of dirt and fallen fruit and slowly rolled into the wet mouth of a cave.
30th January, 2019
Opens musty, earthy, damp, mineralic - exact image of the interior of a cave, rocks dripping water onto an earthen floor, the atmosphere close and damp.
The fruit in the opening is over-ripe, sweaty and boozy - bananas and papaya spring to mind - with a note of sweet hay, too.
The mineralic notes vanish first but the heart retains an earthy note. The fermenting fruit sticks around for a while too, but as the transition to drydown continues, it dries out and becomes leathery.
The drydown is less challenging to wear - it says closer to the skin but is quite animalic. Oud, vetiver and a barnyard musk.
The tale of a journey into the depths of a cave on a hot day - leaving the dry grass for damp earth, moving through wet rock and rotting fruit into the depths of the cave where the furry creature hangs, warm body wrapped in leather wings.
Projection and longevity are both above average. Leans masculine imo - while I would enjoy the leather-musk smell of a man in a cave, I'm not sure I'd find it so alluring on a woman.
30th December, 2018
This one opens on me with a strong scent of fruit (mostly banana) and damp soil, i.e., potting soil. It sounds strange, but it actually smells okay to me. During the drydown I also get a little bit of smokiness from the resins along with a touch of leather, but to my nose, they aren't that prominent.

Therein lies the problem for me with Bat, while the soil + banana scent is initially novel and interesting, on me, the scent never really develops to anything beyond that and it becomes quite cloying.

As I mentioned previously, I do occasionally get a little whiff of smoke (and leather) and these two accords combined with the soil + banana actually smell quite nice, but they don't stick around long enough for the scent to remain interesting for me. I think if you are lucky enough to have skin that can really let the leather and smoke shine through along with the other accords, then this would probably be a solid summer night out scent. Unfortunately for me, it is just a bit too linear once the initial novelty wears off.

The performance on this one is solid. I get about 2 hours of average projection before it settles down to skin scent territory. After that the scent lasts on my skin for about 8-10 hours, give or take. In conclusion, I think this is one that is definitely worth testing, as you might be lucky enough to get the full package instead of just the banana + top soil scent that my skin brought out.

Edit: I wore this one again last night and the overripe banana + damn earth accords just become revolting after a while; it actually made me feel sick. I can handle that scent in small doses, but 10 hours of damp earth with a bit of banana is much too long. My conclusion is that this one is not only a bit simple/linear (after 30 minutes all I can smell are top soil and rotten banana, and who honestly wants to smell like that?), but it is also quite unpleasant. It's worth sampling I suppose if you are so desperate to be different that you don't mind smelling extremely unpleasant, otherwise, I prefer others from this house.
12th December, 2018 (last edited: 14th December, 2018)
My husband made fun of me, for wearing this. He said, "You smell like our old basement." Yes, this is true. This has a musty, damp accord. Slight licorice smell in the middle. I get a twilight vibe from this. Like I should be flying around the neighborhood, picking off bugs, one by one. This is not a bad thing, in my opinion.

On the top I get a yummy banana note, as well as other fruit and a huge soil smell. The middle I pick out fig, myrrh, resins, and some tropical fruit, punch mix. The base is faint for me. I detect some musk, soft leather, almost like kidskin gloves. A bit of Tonka bean, too.

Creative and oddball. Right up my alley. Or should I state, belfry.
01st May, 2018

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