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Bat (2015)
by Zoologist Perfumes


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseZoologist Perfumes
PerfumerEllen Covey

About Bat

Zoologist Bat escorts you on an odyssey through the night. This unique olfactory experience carries you with the fruit bat to a sumptuous feast in a lush tropical jungle, before whisking you down to the recesses of its cavernous home. Sweet figs and soft fruits ensnare you with addictive notes, then beckon you deep with primordial mineral scents that evoke a rugged enclosure redolent with hints of damp soil and vegetal roots. Allow yourself to hang, draped in pitch black, as alluring musk wafts over you with every unfolding of the thousands of leathery wings that surround you.

Reviews of Bat

My husband made fun of me, for wearing this. He said, "You smell like our old basement." Yes, this is true. This has a musty, damp accord. Slight licorice smell in the middle. I get a twilight vibe from this. Like I should be flying around the neighborhood, picking off bugs, one by one. This is not a bad thing, in my opinion.

On the top I get a yummy banana note, as well as other fruit and a huge soil smell. The middle I pick out fig, myrrh, resins, and some tropical fruit, punch mix. The base is faint for me. I detect some musk, soft leather, almost like kidskin gloves. A bit of Tonka bean, too.

Creative and oddball. Right up my alley. Or should I state, belfry.
01st May, 2018
N0tlee Show all reviews
United States
Really like this scent. It's new and wearable. The smell is exactly like that of a damp mossy cave. You do get the fruits a little bit in the beginning but they go away after about an hour.
Projection is solid as well as longevity. I got a good 8 hours before it came a skin scent. Now I'm trying to decide if I'll put it on my buy list.

17th July, 2017
Over the years of trying fragrances I've run across a few that did "Rocks and minerals" well. Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano comes to mind. This fragrance does it to perfection. It dries down to a wet stone ancient cave smell. Someone said "musty" but this isn't musty in a bad way, only dark wet caves where bats roost during the day. It opens with a bit of fruit, bananas, but the stone and minerals are there also. A bit of oud and myrrh adds an earthy damp ground note. There is a slight 'green' smell also like tall grass growing outside the cave entrance. This has become my favorite Zoologist fragrance so far.
23rd May, 2017
Woahhhhh, God, let me exaggerating with the adjectives,... whatta genial earthy-acid "magically dissonant" (salty-sweet/tart/mellow) serum for "human-bats" of the metropolitan sultry "down town night" (southern tropical "seaside summer nights" jump on mind as well)!!!! Kinky. I'm realizing to be "on a rave" for this impressive new canadian creative house (a "creative workshop" with a seriously original - "animalic/actually no animal"- concept behind) managing to create the most illusorially animalic fragrances (Bat, Civet, Beaver) actually with no trace of real animal notes. Bat is one of the "naughtiest" scents I've ever tested on skin, pure hardcore "porno-oriented" olfactory eroticism, something at same time arcane (wild, caves' mustiness eliciting) and super modern (glamour). Bat is definitely one the most original "salty-fiery" hair-chested leathers I've had the pleasure to test. Pure genius. Unique, a one of a kind blend of leather, resins, fizzy mineral notes and captivating tropical fruits. An hypnotic fragrance based on a game of unexpected contrasts. In the same league (at least conceptually) as bizarre-irreverent olfactory twists a la Escentric Molecules Kinski, Zoologist Bat possesses an amazing "fizzy-molecular-swarming" salty-mineral (all at once rooty/woody and aromatic) accord of vetiver, salty/woody sandalwood, mineral elements, leafy vegetal patterns, dodgy ozonic patterns, damp earthiness, dry roots and tropical dry (tart-salty "red") or mellow fruits. The main bitter (citric)-sweet acid/salty (humid-camphoraceous) testosteronic accord masters this olfactory masterwork of synth creativity, being however finally counteracted by a sweeter/softer chord of sultry balsams, tropical fruits, visceral resins and sweated musks. The outcome is "arresting" and purely provocative in all its peculiar glory. The camphoraceous presence is "appalling", humid, rocky, mouldy, earthy, vegetal and mossy.
The contrast between rooty/mineral camphor and yummy figgy-tropical resins is simply superb. Vetiver, sandalwood and leather provide an high level of saltiness. Amazing, a sultry dark accord for a "sweated" sinny journey through the most tropical and chaotic rave party ever. Finally a more than vague "smoother" figgy (a la Ferragamo Pour Homme/ Diptyque Philosykos) creamy note (figs, banana, baksams, tonka) pops up on the scene providing a twist of fruity exotic smoothness. Addictive as few scents in this universe with its spark of musky virile fizzy/acid (balsamic) piquancy, Bat makes an "unbuttoned shirt" virile sweated man in a chaotic beach-party ideally jumping on mind. There is this salty-acid mineral rugged presence (a tart fruity grapes/pomegranate-like presence as well) conjuring me incredibly an urban juice which I love, namely the salty (and more than vaguely leathery) Bond N. 9 New York Oud, the juice I know which mostly Bat resembles at. Finally you will enjoy an immensely sexy and provocative metropolitan "clubbing-leather-salty-fragrance" which will manage to lord over all the most straightforward sexy accords of the night clubs' playground. Simply amazing.

P.S: I surely see how "Bat pays tribute to the biological characteristics of the bat—its diet and habitat—as well as the myths and legends surrounding these furry, mysterious creatures of the night". I have to say that anyway this is a surprisingly modern and "urban" leather-juice (at least in my perception) which nails down a new particularly modern concept of "glamour" in to a powerfully exotic, virile and trendy/fashionable way (not properly a caves-conjuring scenario on my mind).
11th April, 2017 (last edited: 10th May, 2018)
Very nice. Smells similar to Dark earth by Neil Morris. Rich earthiness coupled with overripe fruits.
08th February, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening's assortmentp of dried written fruit with a good lashing of overripe bananas, the blackish and rotten sort. Soon the aroma of a damp forest ground, the earth of a meadow, develops, but without and of the wood and forest notes that a so incomparably beautifully captured in dunhill's Blend 30. It a dark, skanky and threatening moist environment, and a world apart from the gently moist atmosphere in Apres l'Ondee.

The base adds more musky notes, a bit brightened by whiffs of a light vetiver in the backgound, and gradually the rotten and skanky side recedes to give ways for a touch of vanilla to restrainedly sweeten the end phase a bit.

I get strong sillage, excellent projection and a great longevity of ten hours in my skin.

A beastly and skanky composition, with huge lashings of geosmin that, whilst being a very nice representation of the damp earth, lacks the depth, richness and nuances of the other scents mentioned above. Still, it is original and good fun. Great for an afternoon crawling in caves. You don't have to be batty to like this one - just maybe a bit fruity. 3.25/5

Monty P., where is Eric the fruit-bat?
11th October, 2016

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