Baccarat Rouge 540 (2014)
by Maison Francis Kurkdjian for Baccarat


Baccarat Rouge 540 information

Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 76 votes)

People and companies

HouseMaison Francis Kurkdjian
Created ForBaccarat
PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian

About Baccarat Rouge 540

Originally launched in 2014 for Bacarrat, the fragrance was relaunched in 2016 as part of the main Maison Françis Kurkdjian line.

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Reviews of Baccarat Rouge 540

This is a stuuning fragrance. It's almost as if you have this fruity smell that you can't quite get to because it is enclosed in a bubble of water. Sounds weird but if you have tried it you will know what I mean.

Very elegant, Very classy & Very sophisticated. Lasts forever!
20th December, 2017 (last edited: 09th January, 2018)
Mmm... Baccarat Rouge 540 is fabulous. It is crisp and clean and lasts longer than you do. The burnt sugar accord is very prominent and reminds me of Josh Meyer/Imaginary Authors Saint Julep without the mint, just a little in the opening. Baccarat Rouge however feels and smells nicer in my opinion. I'm also reminded of another fragrance as BR 540 dries down, and that's Slumberhouse's Sadanne. There's something that smells similar to me. Baccarat Rouge 540 is much more subtle than Sadanne, but there is something similar to my nose anyway. I believe it may be the coniferous Fir Balsam note, as Sadanne definitely has the sweet aspect like BR540, with a coniferous aspect as well in it's dry down. Baccarat Rouge is smooth and feels incredibly well blended. I'm thoroughly enjoying this in such a way that I know I'm going to want a full bottle. The burnt sugar is lightly tinged with a floral softness that never becomes overbearing. It's a perfect balance between the sugar, florals, citrus, aroma chemicals, cedar and fir balsam as far as I can tell. It is quite linear, but increases in conifer and decreases just a bit in sweetness as it lasts and lasts, causing you to smell like a much classier dude than you really are. This one hits all the marks for me. It will be in my wardrobe eventually.
17th December, 2017 (last edited: 02nd January, 2018)
Bit more of a personal perfume than a room-filling announcement.

I like it because it's smooth, simple, and sweet. It lasts a good long while. Is it worth $300? Eh, I dunno. But I love the cachet and the branding, so... sure!

I purchased the 10mlx5 travel vial set with the golden atomizer from the MFK site in France for $235 and am quite pleased with my good deal.

This is an excellent "I don't know what I want to wear, but I want to smell good" perfume. It's like a refined, crisp white shirt paired with a good pair of jeans.

It is linear, but it's more expensive than what the other girls are throwing on from Sephora, so while it may be basic, at least it isn't common.

I hope this will be my go-to "I don't know what to wear, so I'll wear this" perfume for quite some time. It's just... easy.
07th October, 2017
I was really surprised with this one. Before I visited MFK section for trying A la rose, I didn't imagine that I will bring Baccarat at the spot.

I think this one is very special... even the bottle has very special mood among MFK products. It smells like sugar, caramel and leather - very subtle and hard to explain its specialty. It is certainly sweet mood for the first time, but I can feel sophisticated layers in it.

I think this one is extremely good for cold seasons. Because of its longevity, I often feel good when taking my coat off after coming back home. Highly recommended.
09th September, 2017
Nope, not a fan. I can barely tolerate thorough sampling to give a fair review. I really like the idea of this scent. Saffron is a favorite note, and the listed base including fir and ambergris sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, what I get is a fizzy, super-synthetic spiced floral cola opening accord (not a bad thing in an of itself) backed by a nuclear burnt sugar, Windex and metal accord (which most definitely is a bad thing in and of itself).

I may be sensitive to an aromachemical in here somewhere, but I am not exaggerating when I say this is strongly unpleasant, and borderline revolting to my nose.

Strong thumbs down.
06th September, 2017
I do not really enjoy wearing this one. There something interesting in the smell that keeps me from giving it a thumbs down. I imagine I might like the smell coming from someone else. On me, it's too much, and not pleasant. It's sort of a slightly-burnt caramel smell, with something such as the listed balsam fir note mixed in.
15th August, 2017

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