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East India / Vi Et Armis (2015)
by Beaufort London


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseBeaufort London

About East India / Vi Et Armis

Part of the 'Come Hell or High Water' collection.

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Reviews of East India / Vi Et Armis

The dregs of a smoky tea in a dark, cramped cabin.

Vi et Armis has a jarring and unpleasant opening of harsh wood varnish laid over smoked meat. After about an hour the notes settle down and learn how to cooperate with each other, making for a bold, evocative fragrance that's slightly sweet. Imagine water has leaked into a leather pouch packed with tobacco leaves and marinated for some time before being mixed into the silty dredges of a stained pot of black tea left out on the counter. The scent continues to improve as the meaty and wet notes fade, the cleanser note becomes tamed into a more fragrant cardamom and the smouldering smoke becomes smoother. Eventually, this fragrance becomes quite fantastic from a distance - but when you get right up to the skin, you'll still be treated to a whiff of barbecue. It takes forever to fade and blend into the rest of the notes.

Neutral suggests a scent that is middling and that one has not been moved, but this is definitely not the case with Vi et Armis. The opening is disastrous but the dry down is unexpected and interesting.
26th June, 2018
qwendy Show all reviews
United States
Easily my favorite perfume discovery of 2017 and one of my faves ever. I am not a guy, and I got this in London on a trip in June and happily wore it all through the Summer, so the usual categories don't apply here!

I do adore unusual scents, especially those which manage to be both rich and bright at the same time, no mean feat, and this is the star of my collection in that arena. This is also my husband's favorite perfume on me, not least because it contrasts wonderfully with my rather Femme style.
27th February, 2018
You gotta say yes to another excess. Vi et Armis is the kind of perfume that makes me want to stand up and applaud. It’s overloaded, butch, in your face, and just the thing that sorts out true believers from those who merely want a ‘nice scent’. This is what all those wimpy black tea creations wish they could be in their dreams – bursting with sensory impressions, smoky, brooding, so rich someone should make a fudge this flavour.
A perfect and full on union of tannic, tarry, smouldering notes, Vi et Armis combines gunpowder tea, burnt-out birch, peat-infused whisky, tobacco and ashtrays to such dramatic and startling effect that it took me a while to remember that I often don’t care for combinations of such traditionally ‘masculine’ notes. But the point is that there is nothing traditional about this perfume, it is a statement every bit as bold and uncompromising as Tauer’s Lonestar Memories and so is bound to evoke ‘Gah! Unwearable!’ responses from many.
The realization of the notes is something else, so vibrant and full of buzzing energy, with a bizarre but perfectly integrated squidgy core that smells like overripe plums, probably aspects of the whisky and cured tobacco giving that impression. This is the scent that should accompany darkened rooms of antique furniture draped in heavy velvets, rather than the usual dust and mould.
It moves to the gentleman’s club after about four hours when some of the dynamism subsides, turning into a more mature tobacco, tar and whisky affair. Less effusive yes, but still a damn fine thing.
05th October, 2017
This is real bold spices with a peppery piquant prickliness layered upon black tea and whiskey filtered tobacco. Lots of character is present in East India and thankfully these spices avoid the downfall of a sweet vanilla ending. Thank you for sparing us that. I can not imagine wearing this in warm weather. But, there is a ton of character in here with a smoldering tarry dark glow that will warm the darkest night. I would rate it 3.5, maybe 4 of 5 gold stars for this fine creation from the Beaufort London perfumery lab.
28th April, 2016
It smells like wood lacquer mixed in with peat from a compost heap, really horrid fragrance. One of the worst smelling scents I have ever smelled. They have also had to change the name of this one to "Vi et Armis".
26th April, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Now this opening blast has "oomph": a strong and spicy freshly ground black pepper explosion - move over, New York Pepper Steak! - with a boozy strong black tea - Ruhuna style; the opening of Bvlgari Black comes to mind but with lashings of the above mentioned pepper on top.

In the drydown the other star if this creation arises - a very nice birch tar impression; harsh, dark and grating - just delicious; and is it all enhanced my an underlying incense that brands in beautifully with the tar, the pepper and the tea. The tea notes grows weaker over time and is replaced by a cardamom; this overall softens it a bit and gradually.

After about five hours the tar and pepper diminish in strength, and I get a base where the incense move a into the foreground; much rounder and softer now. The end phase has shed the harshness nigh completely.

The performance displays strong sillage, brilliant projection and a respectable longevity of eight hours.

A delightful winter scent, made of top-notch ingredients and beautifully structured. Probably too strong for the office.

The name Beaufort is apparently derived from the scale to measure ocean winds, and the ingredients as well as the name of this fragrance conjure up images of tea clippers and spice merchants. Like an ocean voyage on a sailing ship, this is not for the faint-hearted. 3.75/5.
26th April, 2016

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