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A*Men Pure Tonka (2016)
by Thierry Mugler


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerJacques Huclier
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About A*Men Pure Tonka

A*Men Pure Tonka is a masculine fragrance by Thierry Mugler. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Huclier

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United Kingdom
The label "Pure" with TM does not necessarily guarantee purity, and his holds true with this composition. Whilst the tonka is present pretty much right from the start, there is a herbal undertone present throughout the initial phase.

The tonka develops over time by becoming increasingly more toasted and less sweet - and whilst rich and intensive in the typical TM-A*Men-style, it manages to be never overly sickly sweet or intrusive. With time I get hints of cocoa too. The base adds a soft patchouli that provides some counterbalance to the heaviness of the core components.

I get strong sillage, truly excellent projection and gigantic longevity of fifteen hours in my skin.

This wintery scent lacks the creative brilliance of Pure Havane, but otherwise it constitutes a well-crafted execution of its concept as an A*Men flanker. 3.25/5. A*Men to that.
26th September, 2017
A really sweet rethink in the "Pure" scent series from Thierry Mugler.

The Tonka bean is clearly evident throughout the wear cycle of this fragrance; it's reminiscent of "m" by Perry Ellis, with the presence of a more powdery aura.

Acquired taste flanker that remotely resembles the original A*Men.
26th December, 2016
Not bad, it's enjoyable to wear and should get some compliments. Projects and has good longevity, lasts all day. The opening is very A*Men but the drydown reminds me more of B*Men with extra vanilla.
12th December, 2016
Really don't want to neutral ths but I have ahd it with the Mugler flankers. Really, how much of the vanilla/cocoa/caramel can we have? Ove rthe next 5 year there will be Pure (fill in the blank sweet confection).

That said, a surprise in this one is lavender. It plays a role not unlike the Ice Men and Sunessence releases from Mugler. It sits beside the 'tonka' note to continuously emphasize its presence but at the end of the day it's still just a A*Men with a new/different/highlighted notes. No more genius I say...just gimmick now.
29th September, 2016
It is a very good fragrance, the problem is that it isn't too different from Pure Malt, and Pure Malt is just better in all ways.

I was about to buy this, but then I opted to buy a backup bottle of Pure Malt instead.
27th September, 2016
As I explained in Amen Pure Wood review, the success of the flankers of this line have been based on the balance between being able to keep a clear link with the traditional at the same time it is possible to explore new aromatic textures within the formula, creating a fragrance that is worth having for those who already have the previous ones. Pure Tonka has a difficult task in my point of view: there is already a history of flankers that showed to be excellent and popular (Pure Coffee, Pure Malt, Pure Havane), good and little-known (Pure Wood), and which added nothing interesting (Taste Of Fragrance, Pure Leather). In a way this new family member falls into a middle ground between the most successful ones and the uninteresting others.

Conceptually exploring the extraction of roasted tonka bean aroma, this variation explores the nuances of tonka: its side that reminds you of cherries, its aromatic grass aspect (well explored in the classic fougeres) and more lactonic and burnt side. The Lavender is brought here to reinforce this more aromatic part and counteract the vanillic and sugary sweetness that is brought back. Finally, we have two ends giving a driest aroma to the composition: at the opening the smell of roasted coffee, a classic note of traditional Amen, and a patchouli and something kind of amber aroma in the base.

Describing the nuances of it you can see an interesting idea indeed, but one lacking a surprise factor in the composition, and in this point of game is essential for it to be part of the best of the line. The combination of coffee, lavender, vanilla and patchouli is crafted here in a very similar way of two Maurice Roucel creations: Rochas Man and Bond No 9 New Haarlem. Sometimes the cherry aroma and burnt tonka aspect is that it gives a distinction to idea, but in general it reminds you of these other perfumes. At other times, however, its just seems the traditional Amen a little sweeter.

Overall, the first impression of Pure Tonka as a flanker in the line leave you divided. There are some interesting nuances, but the execution seems derived from other creations and not distinguished enough from the traditional. For someone who already has all previous editions, it may not stand out as one of the best. But for someone who likes the traditional, like the idea of coffee with lavender and would like to see a hint of cherries or a more prominent tonka aroma, is a scent that has its charm and it's worth knowing.
06th July, 2016

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