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Aurum d'Angkhor
by Sultan Pasha


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GenderShared / Unisex
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About Aurum d'Angkhor

Aurum d'Angkhor is a shared / unisex perfume by Sultan Pasha.

Reviews of Aurum d'Angkhor

double thumbs and toes up...this is a bona fide masterpiece...yes, i do get individual notes , but they are so expertly and exquisitely blended , that this comes across to me as one constantly mutating and evolving accord...i'm mostly focusing on and catching hints of tobacco, saffron , rose and some of the smoothest ouds completely devoid of any barnyard or cheese flavors...honey/beeswax adds a nice feel and semi-sweetness...again, i give up on talking about notes...suffice to say this is a multitasking fragrance that encompasses the best of a large variety of notes and crosses lines to touch on everything from an Oriental to a chypre...well done Sultan....hope to smell you for a long time...
06th March, 2019
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United States
This is pure concentrated joy. Perhaps the nectar of the gods. I've generally reserved such praise for genuine pure oud oils. This blend is nothing short of spectacular.

It starts with a juicy rose that just radiates, quickly the superstar of the show, the rare jasmin auriculatum, joins the rose. I have both the absolute and the ruh of this jasmine variety, which I find a bit more green and fruity than grandiflorum. Regardless it's stunning and when the rose and jasmin combo are joined by a most scrumptious sweet-and-sour orange blossom, it forms a trifecta birthed in heaven.

The whole thing is balanced with one of Ensar Oud's special ouds. Encens d'Angkhor. An "atypical" Thai oud. For those of you unfamiliar with Ensar Oud, you may want to familiarize yourself. These pure ouds, artisan ouds, are out of this world. I find them good for the soul and truly therapeutic. Many feel like complete "perfumes" on their own.

Back to Aurum. The trifecta (jasmin, rose, orange blossom) is so perfectly balanced, it really does blow my mind. I can't get enough of it. The ingredients used here (and really all/most of Sultan's creations) are second to none. This thing feels like luxury while wearing it.

The base is the oud, plus a whole bunch of stuff. Honey, beeswax, benzoin, tobacco, opoponax, real-deal sandalwood, ambergris, saffron, aged patchouli, labdanum, oakmoss, musk, etc, etc. Basically it's amazing as well. The transition from the top to this is flawless, which I suspect is aided in part by the oud.

Guys and gals. This stuff is just to die for! As are many, most, really all of dear Sultans creations. But this one is the pinnacle IMO. Even those that don't personally work for me, it is clear the creativity and materials that go into his attars.

10/10, A+++++++, full thumbs up, my holy grail..etc, etc
02nd June, 2017 (last edited: 03rd June, 2017)
I'm fairly new to attars beyond my trusty amouage tribute but i scored a few of Sultan's at the behest of trusted friends and man it was impressive brace of blind buys! the pick of the lot, by far, was aurum. the complexity, richness, vivacity and utter quality is virtually beyond words. i have to agree with some hi-profile blogs that contend that this stuff is holy grail-superlative-best grade liquid. whether you dig bright florals, orientals, chypres or even colognes, aurum gives you a little (or a LOT) of something throughout its long, LONG, twisted journey to nirvana. i'll dispense with the notes, as i'd probably exceed the BN word limit and others have done it exhaustively already. it's very expensive per ml but if you want a sense of the history AND the future of perfumery in a wee lil bottle, give Sultan's magnum opus (his designation!) a try. masterpiece 10/10
10th April, 2016
Simply put: sublime. Anything other words wouldn't do it justice, especially in an attempt to compare/contrast it with something else. Ah, what the hell, I'll give it a shot anyway: it's the scent Creed's Royal Mayfair wants to be when it grows up, removing the annoying eucalyptus and replacing it with incense. That's just for the first couple of hours as I know there's a lot more going on, and to come yet.

This one ultimately lasted quite a while, though it wore more closer to the skin. One thing I've noticed with Sutlan Pasha's scents is that the development is deceptive in that they gradually change over the course of hours. The rose stuck out here first and foremost, but as the day grew on I would catch whispers of the oud as I'm familiar with its slightly fruity accords from Al Haramain's Sheik. I didn't get any barnyard or funky bleu cheese like I do in the opening of Al Haramain's Obsessive Oudh, but that's not to say it won't wear differently another time (as OO does). What I got was a warm, woody rose-incense that gradually got a little darker, perhaps from the aged patchouli and tobacco, neither of which were overtly noticeable as there's many ingredients here that are so well blended together and play off and against one another in a such a harmonious way.
05th April, 2016

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