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Incense Royale
by Sultan Pasha


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GenderShared / Unisex
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About Incense Royale

Incense Royale is a shared / unisex perfume by Sultan Pasha.

Reviews of Incense Royale

This is a wonderfully complete incense aroma. Well blended and smoothe with few inconsistencies. The Cambodian oud is warm, noticeable and delicately enhanced by cedar wood, copaibha, spikenard resins and warmed andnsolified with opoponax, vanilla, and labdanum an appropriate amber base to this warm incense blend. Overall the feel of Incense Royale is warm incense with surprising depth and presence. Very nice. As incense goes I rate this one 7/10.
21st July, 2018 (last edited: 11th September, 2018)
Opens with a tingly varnished wood sort of oud note...slight feel of a fur type animalic touch...resin and incense notes slowly unfold and drift around...smells deep and multi-layered...oriental woody incense...polite smooth barnyard or I find with all of SP attars , constantly changing and evolving....many fragrances in one...sweetens up could keep going on and on , but I think you get the drift...
12th December, 2017
Basically a very smoky, raspily woody vanilla, Bulgari Blackish, after a burning incense opening. It feels like it was massively pumped up with aldehydes (which are searing my sinuses) and like the other Sultan Pasha fragrances I've tried (Tabac Grande, Aurum d'Angkhor) it projects a hypermasculine aura I'm not too comfortable with. Quite a juggernaut, does not feel like a natural fragrance, more like perfumery on steroids. Not my cup of tea.
04th November, 2016
Another winner by Sultan Pasha!

The deceptive name hides a well blended vanilla and cedar accord with the former note taking precedence. It is very pleasant and thus quite wearable, without losing the complexity and balance that makes Pasha's work so enjoyable intellectually. The usual Pasha spices are not as present, nor is anything resembling incense (unless you associate cedar with incense). The oud is muted, even later, and certainly compared to others in the line such as Al Hareem or Aurum d'Angkor.

The drydown got a little dusty for me after a couple of months of the sample sitting at room temperature in the closet. Or it could be the dash of ethylvanillin which is confusing me, although it certainly makes the vanilla last longer and project further.
18th August, 2016

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