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Boy Chanel (2016)
by Chanel


Boy Chanel information

Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerOlivier Polge
PerfumerChristopher Sheldrake
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Boy Chanel

Boy Chanel is a shared / unisex perfume by Chanel. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Christopher Sheldrake and Olivier Polge

Boy Chanel fragrance notes

Reviews of Boy Chanel

A surprising fougere.
My initial comprehension was Paco Rabanne Pour Homme in the green bottle but far more restrained and beautifully composed.

Geranium and lavandin seem to play central roles in the overall.

Expensive, but this is pure-er simpler perfumery and might be worth the ask for some.
09th September, 2018
First blast was fine until...the heart motes came on which concerned me a bit, smelling quite feminine on my skin. I thought I even detected a soupcon of No.5 but it finally settled down to a truly gender neutral scent. No regrets in getting this from the boutique. Oh, and longevity, at least on my skin, is not as bad as I would have thought.
27th August, 2018
The initial blast is cold and herbal, fuzzy; I get aldehydes and lavender. After 15 minutes a touch of freshness appears from the geranium. Some more time in and it begins to change and it's warmer and softer with a definite floral heart. Some of the flowers, the white musk together with the lavender give me a soapy clean feel. Towards the end goes powdery on me and in this phase it sweetens and there is a creamy blend where I pick up vanilla and tonka. Boy is a soft, never intrusive perfume and the softer it gets, more powdery becomes. Well executed, refined floral-creamy-soapy-clean, subtle, but it lacks a sparkle. I think it's the first gender neutral Les Exclusifs, but it leans more feminine than others in the line I've tried. It feels like a modernized version of a vintage perfume.
14th August, 2018
Genre: Fougère

To my nose, Chanel’s Boy lies very near to the center of the expansive territory occupied by the fougère genre, a place that once belonged to its great uncle, Chanel pour Monsieur, before the crippling multiple accidents of reformulation.

Like its predecessor, I find Boy to be very well-done, but not necessarily very interesting. On the one hand, it’s wonderful to smell a pure incarnation of the basic fougère idea. On the other hand, when wearing Boy, I find myself craving some extra degree of quirkiness to liven up its pristine olfactory countenance. After all, part of the beauty of the fougère, as with the chypre, is the ability of the basic structure to support an enormous range of variation, while the central character remains recognizable beneath. Boy can feel a little like a blank canvas or a dressmaker’s mannequin to me, waiting for the painter’s palette or the draped cloth to complete it.

Thumbs up by a very narrow margin, based on quality more than inherent interest.
30th June, 2018
Oh Boy, I don’t see anything particularly exciting about Boy Chanel, and that saddens me since my expectations were high considering the famed house, hype and pricing. I wanted to love this so much, but it just doesn’t love me back.

To be perfectly honest, I get a tad queasy on the dry-down from Boy Chanel, which is something I also get from only a few other fragrances (ie: Obsession for Men, Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme, Habit Rouge...)
All of these share something in one form or another, but Boy seems much more synthetic to me. Perhaps given the new era of shared status non-offensive skin-scents?

Having purchased a 200ml bottle from the 2016 launch at the Chicago Chanel Store, I’ve worn this but only a few times. It’s rather bland and a tad too sweet/powdery for my taste. This could have been so much better with less vanilla and a bigger citrus twist. I just expect more from the House of Chanel....
11th December, 2017
The lavender take a lead in the beginning, on a bed of ... muddy, oily heliotrope, and warm spices (anise?).

You sensed something sharp, something high pitched, waiting in the next corner. It settles in after a couple of minutes, smells like rusty geranium.

Then the sweetness come into play: the vanillas, the Tonka beans, you name it. For me, this is closing time.

Oh of course, don't forget that soapy aldehyde, lurking somewhere all the time. Sometimes I feel it's haunting in every chanel I've tried.
30th August, 2017

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