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Gothic Angel (2016)
by O'Drił


Gothic Angel information

Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAngelo Orazio Pregoni

About Gothic Angel

Gothic Angel is a shared / unisex perfume by O'Drił. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Angelo Orazio Pregoni

Reviews of Gothic Angel

Rose, sandalwood, musk, incense, olibanum, and tobacco all rush to meet me straight away. It's an onslaught of smoke aroma. Quickly following are grapefruit, black current, and vanilla. It's almost too much, too soon. It all resembles a smoky-gourmand, as strange as that seems. It's all intense, aggressive, for some moments. Then, it suddenly falls away, like a spirit departing. Odd. The shadows of the previous notes still remain but, it's as though the floral notes are now taking over.

Lavender and jasmine seem to stand out more than the others so far. That woody-incense, smoked smell is always present even if only in shadow. It rises up to lurk and menace once again. The flower notes don't last long before They fly away. All that remains is the smokiness. Perhaps this would have represented better if I'd had a spray sample instead of a dabber vial. I just don't "get" this fragrance at all.

Intensity falls away again later, revealing amber, more vanilla, and a bit more "70's" musk. Hints of that smoke "stuff" are still at large, which eventually sweeten up, mellow out, and calm the f*ck down.
02nd May, 2019
The first impressions are not always the correct ones. Or when they are correct, they can not capture all aspects of a subject or person and thus lead to hasty conclusions. I realized that the quickly judgment of the work of Angelo Orazio Pregoni let myself take the exotic aesthetic and the provocations without realizing that they were only the surface of something more interesting, which is only revealed from the moment we accepted the challenge to let Angelo as a perfumer and artist takes us out of the comfort zone and make us to think about what is really happening. In this sense, it is worth visiting the Facebook page of Angelo and read the articles he published on site, which lead us to know a little more of his mind and his principles.

I do not intend here in a nutshell be able to pass things that the perfumer want to Gothic Angel, which is the second messenger in his line of angelic theme; this is more an invitation to know it. With Italian Angel in mind, the first thing I find myself thinking here is about the things they have in common and in which they differ. In common you can see some basic notes, especially a creamy and gustatory aspect, the fact that they are both scents larger than life, the kind that seems to fill an arena with its vibrant aroma and full of detail. But the impression I have is that while Italian Angel is an excellent caricature and a baroque exploration Italian aromatic culture Gothic Angel seems, like the artist makes clear, to look at the past in the Gothic art movemen but without one caricatured representation. It's like, with such move, Angelo explore the past aiming indeed an unknown future style and certainly longing for the divine as the very Gothic art.

I see in Gothic Angel one aromatically structured formula that makes me think more about the architectural style of that period and its stained glass than the painting itself. I have the impression that we are facing something that certainly sees the divine and the light, which already differs from the dark caricature I imagined. I see the use of ambery materials and in a rough form serving as the arches of the olfactory structure that develops. And the aldehydes with incense function as the glass on which the other notes of the art is painted, creating the effect of an intense and magnificent light to me.

The aspect from the past here makes me think, for some reason, the contrast between sensuality and temperance of Chanel No. 5, but played in a way that the structure becomes typically something of Angelo creations. There is to me a soapy appearance between the austere and luxurious, where aldehydes seem to raise the aroma of bitter herbs. There is a painted floral sensuality in vibrant hues and at the same time without a definite shape, but one you can feel her sensual, erotic and complex contour past the olfactory rays of light output, mixing the sacred aspect of incense. A powdery tone and between the iris and violets smell makes me again recall a similar dynamic that found in Chanel No. 5, which is repeated again at the base by the presence of a beautiful sacred and rich aroma of sandalwood. At this point the harmony allows you to realize once again the amber and dry materials of the opening, which bring the composition back to the present and future, and a creamy and vanilla scent that is very cozy.

Gothic Angel is interesting in what seems to be a kind of dichotomy in his scent. While it has a larger than life aura and worthy of an arena of performance there is something in its scent that brings me a feeling that I associate to Gothicism: the protection. The combination of warm materials such as frankincense, sandalwood, vanilla and powdery touches create the feeling that I am involved and secure under its aroma (and wouldn't this be one of the duties of an Angel?).
04th July, 2016

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