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Grev Limited Cask (2015)
by Slumberhouse


Grev Limited Cask information

Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityDiscontinued / Limited Edition
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerJosh Lobb

About Grev Limited Cask

This limited run extrait version of the original, long-ago discontinued EDP is smoothed by sandalwood, and the featured clove note is dialed back a bit, by comparison to the original.

Reviews of Grev Limited Cask

A departure from from all other Slumberhouse fragrances I've tried. Grev is much more transparent in nature than the thickness of scent that resides in Josh Lobbs other amazing olfactory concoctions. This review is for the Grev limited Cask version, which by all reports pulls the clove way down from the original. I believe this, as the clove in this version doesn't sit far out in front at all. This opened with a brightness that was very fleeting. It almost felt citrus, like a bit of bergamot in the opening although nothing like that is listed in the notes at all. As I said, it was VERY fleeting, and almost immediately changes to a minty vibe that has some of the Cartier Roadster feel. This mintiness stayed throughout the wear for me although it becomes more a part of the overall scent as time passes. I read from some other reviews of Grev that there is a "wet plaster" smell that develops. For me, the other powerful note I got was the atmospheric smell that is prevalent in Imaginary Authors Every Storm a Serenade. Grev has that same vibe in a major way. The first time I wore Grev, I was hoping for the pine note mentioned in the original EDP. I found zero pine in the limited cask version. So, on my second wear, I put some fir essential oil on as a base and then sprayed the Grev on top of that. Mmmm...that hit the mark and took Grev in the direction I was originally hoping for. The added coniferous note lasted and mingled with the mintiness and atmospheric notes of the Grev in a very enjoyable way! I'm excited to add Grev to my collection and will enjoy it for a long time to come...
24th March, 2017
This review is for the 2015 Limited cask edition

Grev presents mint, clove, sandalwood, green leaf, suede, and a soapy touch in a rather low key package. Quite minty to start, this quickly gives way to the clove and a leaf and stem combo (birch leaf), mingling with sandalwood. The sandalwood was unexpected from reviews of the prior iterations, and it works beautifully to smooth things and to provide a woody framework. While the clove here is prominent, as every review notes, it does not dominate this 2015 scent.

A couple of hours in, the mint and anise are mostly gone, and the clove and leaf are settling down. At this point, the scent has subtly morphed into a wood-suede-herbs combo, set in damp plaster. There is also a clear, but subtle resin. Is that the copaiba balsam? No experience with that material. There is not a trace of either flowers or fruit, and nothing discernibly citric—although the clear suede note could well be the bergamot listed in the ‘house notes for the Ltd Cask edition.

Projection is rather modest, in stark contrast to the reviews of the prior versions. The scent stays close, even with 3 sprays, but it ran all day.

I see Grev as the summer and early autumn sibling to the house's green spring scent, Mare; and an interesting counterpoint to the other SH fragrance occupying the summer/autumn slot in the line-up: Kiste.

Sidenote: the presentation is terrific—pale lime green juice in the new eliptical bottle with gun metal grey hardware. And the price is right--25% less than the rest of the line.

I’ve been looking for Grev for 2 years. Its worth the wait. Grev 2015 Ltd. is recommended to fans of minty and green-leafy fragrances, and should be sampled by folks open to unusual treatments of sandalwood and of woody aromatics generally. 4.5 stars
11th October, 2016

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