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Club de Nuit Intense for Men (2015)
by Armaf


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Year of Launch2015
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Club de Nuit Intense for Men

Club de Nuit Intense for Men is a masculine fragrance by Armaf. The scent was launched in 2015

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Reviews of Club de Nuit Intense for Men

Amazing longevity and projection. You are going to be getting 18 hours + with this beast. And projecting for at least 7 hours (my own experience). Mine was made in January 2017 with a silver nozzle on the sprayer. Can't vouch for newer formulations. The opening is pleasent enough to me, don't see what the huge fuss is about and it has an amazing smokey drydown.
07th May, 2018
Ignore the horrible looking bottle: this is one of the greatest fragrances I've ever tried. Apparently it's the best clone on the market of Creed's Aventus - which runs for $300 a bottle. Club de Nuit Intense Man starts off with a pretty fantastic green lemon accord. It smells very green and very lemony at the same time, and I'm a huge fan of the opening. This fragrance leans extremely masculine - it smells like a man, period. On drydown it becomes smoky green pineapple leaf (and not pineapple itself) with hints of birch tar and leather. It's very green smelling and I think this is due to it being the leaf of pineapple rather than pineapple itself. It sounds simple but it is quite complex and absolutely amazing smelling. I have never tried Creed Aventus (after which this is based on) but this smells absolutely amazing on its own. Sillage is moderate and kind of subtle (not huge) and longevity is strong going for more than 10 hours on me (especially if sprayed on clothes). Overall this is one of the greatest masculine colognes I've ever smelled as far as scent goes, with a really unique scent to it, and I think could be a signature scent.

03rd May, 2018
Club De Nuit intense man is special. I blind brought this to see what all the fuss was about. I got a 105ml bottle for £26. The first spray is absolutely savage. I don’t get lemon, I get this really sharp grapefruit piff smell which is extremely harsh. However when this drys down after half hour or so it transforms. No other fragrance I have owned performs like this. I’ve had some brutal fragrances over the years like the original Fahrenheit from the late 80’s which starts off with a top note of diesel. The most appropriate analogy I can come up with for this is that Club De Nuit starts off like a wild horse bucking furiously for half hour and then it calms down and turns into a beautiful Arabian show horse that pleases the crowds. Just wearing two sprays of this bad boy has enveloped my office and 5 women have walked over to my desk before lunchtime complimenting it. 10/10
19th January, 2018
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United Kingdom
I bought two bottles of this... One for the office and one for the house!
This for my skin is just amazing! Very strong, lasts for hours and although after a while I cannot smell it others do even at a distance!
In the last 3 months I have been stopped by strangers on the street, in the gym, in a party, on the train and was asked what I was wearing!!!
I lied on every occasion telling them that I am wearing Aventus by Creed (which by the way I do not own and I have not yet smelled!)
A must have!
05th January, 2018 (last edited: 06th January, 2018)
Initially a harsh lemony opening but settles after 10 minutes or so to a lighter citrus scent with a smoky drydown. While there are similarities with Aventus, it lacks the class of the original. The best Aventus clone I've experienced although it has a kind of cheap, synthetic vibe. If you don't get too close, it is reasonably enjoyable but unlikely to be mistaken for Aventus.
05th December, 2017 (last edited: 11th December, 2017)
Elsewhere on basenotes there are comments that this is very unlike Aventus, or fine distinctions that it is good on its own merits and shouldn't be compared, or that adding pineapple will make it close to Aventus. I don't know about all that. This is a straight clone and would be value at half the price of Aventus.

Compared side by side on each wrist the key difference as others have noted below is in the first minute or two: this isn't great and rather lemony. After that burns off, for me this is Aventus with the volume turned up a good notch.

Are there some nuanced differences? Mostly in stridency. At a tenth the price of the original I have no doubts which to choose. I certainly can't justify Creed when this exists.
01st December, 2017 (last edited: 10th March, 2018)

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