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Derby Clubhouse Blanche
by Armaf


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About Derby Clubhouse Blanche

Derby Clubhouse Blanche is a masculine fragrance by Armaf.

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Reviews of Derby Clubhouse Blanche

Best clone of Creed Silver Mountain Water. I really like it quite a lot. You can get this for about $20 on ebay, well worth the money.
10th November, 2017
A very good clone of SMW, hard for my amateur nose to tell a difference, especially in passing. Lots of cool, metallic florals.

Very good projection and longevity.
07th August, 2017
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United States
First Impressions:

This reminded me of Silver Mountain Water for a few seconds after spraying it, but then that similarity started to fade to my nose.

This is what I expected Al-Rehab's Silver to smell like, which was actually much better than I expected. Silver Mountain Water has become one of my favorite fragrances, so I've been wanting to check out fragrances that are similar. I have found some gems that way like Rasasi Al-Wisam Day and Entebaa. Al-Wisam Day could be considered an alternative to SMW, Entebaa is not.

Anyway, Armaf Derby Club House Blanche is missing the magic of Silver Mountain Water. The most volatile top notes are similar. It doesn't have the inky note, which is something I love. Derby Club House Blanche also leans more masculine. I really like the unisex quality of SMW, so if I were looking for a SMW replacement (I'm not) I would miss that in this fragrance. It is different though, which is nice on it's own. As it starts to dry down (around the 30 minute mark) this stuff gets better smelling. I still find it the least similar of the SMW alternatives I have smelled.

I may still wear this, but I won't be buying a second bottle of this stuff. If you're looking for a Silver Mountain Water alternative, you will be much more satisfied with Al-Wisam Day.

Here's how I'd rate the alternatives or "clones" that I have tried from best to worst:

Silver Mountain Water
Al-Wisam Day (On some days, I would say that AWD is as good as SMW)
Al-Rehab Silver roll-on
Al-Rehab Spray
Armaf Derby Club House Blanche

Of the Armafs I have tried, here's how I would rank them by quality from best to worst:

Club de Nuit Intense for Women
Tres Nuit
Club de Nuit Intense for Men tied with Derby Club House Blanche

I've purchased all of my Armaf fragrances for $20 or less. For the price, you get great quality, much better than what you'd get for $20 from a western house. I definitely prefer Rasasi over Armaf from what I've smelled though.
23rd May, 2017

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