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Oudh Infini (2015)
by Parfums Dusita


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Year of Launch2015
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseParfums Dusita
PerfumerPissara Umavijani

About Oudh Infini

Oudh Infini is a shared / unisex perfume by Parfums Dusita. The scent was launched in 2015 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pissara Umavijani

Oudh Infini fragrance notes

Reviews of Oudh Infini

Wow, this is a statement fragrance! It's a reference oud rose for me, and one of the most interesting things I've tried so far. Recently I got to sample some real oud oils, and I would be very surprised if Oudh Infini doesn't contain some of the real deal.

Like others have noted, there's a serious barnyard note here straight off the bat. To me, it's a goat dung/skin/cheese type of a funk; deep and slightly strawlike and not for the faint of heart. The opening is really quite unique, and almost un-perfumelike. It takes at least an hour to settle, and during that hour the volume of the rose is turned up slowly. The rose is red and surprisingly fresh at the same time, but it never becomes dominant.

What surprised me about this fragrance is an intensely dry, woody/papery note. It's so parched that it reminds me of desserts and blistering sun, and it keeps the goat dung element just about wearable for me (wet dung would be too gross). This dry note reminds me of one of the Guerlain Les Deserts d'Orient scents, all 3 of which I once tried on blotters, which I then put in a notebook. That notebook now has this amazing dry smell, and I need to figure out at some point which of those 3 fragrances is responsible for it. But I digress.

I like to wear this fragrance as an experience, but I'm not sure I would feel comfortable wearing it around other people in the first few hours.
10th November, 2017
This is an amazing scent and one of those very rare ones that I admire enormously, but cannot wear with any consistency. I love it when I first put it on and then as the hours go by, I start to feel almost weighed down by its thick animalic potency. It smells like chugging melted ice cream feels--that's the only way I can describe it. The oud is thick and barnyard-y and the florals are deep and beautiful, and for the first half hour I am in love. Salome by Papillion strikes me similarly. These are complex, deeply sensual scents that take the musky and mammalian to a level that even I can hardly bear. I would love to meet the person who can wear these two scents with casualness and flair. Even more, I would love to BE this person. Very sadly, I am not.

Edit: Well, once again, I am forced to eat my own words, although this time, I am quite happy to be doing so. Lately I've been wearing Oudh Infini with the greatest of ease and appreciation. I have no idea how this transition came about, but what once smelled way too goat-cheese-y, now seems creamily rosey and dreamily, sexily, skin-scented. You might even say I am edging toward infatuation. A slightly horrifying thought at this particular price point.
03rd October, 2017 (last edited: 25th January, 2018)
This is my 1st post so I'll start with a quick disclaimer. I'm a novice and my posts will be nothing like the erudite commentaries of Colin Maillard, ClaireV, Darvant and the many other Basenoters whose comments I love to read. I'm just beginning to pick out notes and read the Holy Grail authors and figure out what I like. But I'm having a great time learning and I'm never at a loss for opinions, so when I see a forum devoted to something I love, I want to participate. A lot of my comments will be (hopefully) favorable because I'm not a critic who samples everything. Obviously I try only what I expect to like though it doesn't always work out that way. I do a lot of blind buys when some silver-tongued copywriter wins me over, because I love to try new things.

Dusita Oudh Infini is my 1st review. I don't smell the fecal odor a lot of people have described, but it does start out smelling like a barnyard. In my mind, there's a big difference. It's a dense, rich, walking around a farm on a warm summer day kind of smell. I like it a lot, but it's potent, just this side of overwhelming, to the point that I was relieved that my cab driver didn't roll down his window when I jumped in this morning. It's probably at the very top end of what I'd find enjoyable in a fragrance (meaning not quite over the top, but close) -- a wall of scent, not just something that my nose picks up every now and then.

The oud is very rich and doesn't smell medicinal in the slightest. The "urinous civet," as people on Basenotes say, is very much in evidence, and so is the May rose. There are lots of other things going on that I can't really distinguish at this stage of my fragrance education, and the Tunisian orange blossom is probably one of them. The scent is a steamroller that goes and goes and goes. Ten hours after spraying it on, it's still going strong. If there's a drawback, it's that I can't imagine people thinking, "Gosh, that guy just happens to smell really nice." It's more a fragrance that announces itself and makes the rather self-conscious statement, "I'm wearing THIS today." Rich, dense, strong, expensive, not for the faint-hearted aromatically or financially. 8 out of 10
28th June, 2017
My first reaction on spraying this on was pure horror. “I smell like a $hitty nappy!” was my first thought, but that didn’t seem right, then it hit me – I smelled like the cattle pavilion at the Ekka, but still with that pooey indolic note, and I desperately wanted to race straight back into the shower and scrub like hell. I almost did, almost, but I made myself wait. I’m so glad I did, because after a couple of minutes, it started to settle and the other notes started to peek out. And after three hours, I’m getting it all – rose and sandalwood and soft creamy vanilla, with a touch of earthy skank from the civet, and wafts of smoke and leather. The Oudh in this is amazing – rich, woody, sumptuous. There is something cosy and comforting about this, which isn’t something I’d associate with such a blatantly animalic scent, but there is. I keep burying my nose in my elbow to hoover up the scent – it’s lovely and quite addictive.

And it sure got the attention of my cat, who has a bit of a thing for the skanky animalic scents. I went to pat him and his head shot up and he started frantically sniffing my hands. I’d just washed them and thought it was the soap, then realized what must have caught his attention, so I let him smell my wrist, and it went something like this: sniff sniff sniff sniff, funny look up at me. Head down, more sniffing, then a deeply suspicious, slightly accusing look. Then he fell back asleep.

It’s not a scent for the faint-hearted, and given the price (somewhat hair -raising for a 50ml bottle) definitely try before you buy, because this is a scent that you will either love or loathe. I’m well on the way to falling in love with this one. A big thank you to purecaramel for the sample!
20th May, 2017
The Last Judgment by Hans Memling ( The sinner part )
07th April, 2017
The oud in the opening and the civet, presumably synthetic, in the dry down make Dusita Oudh Infini utterly animalic on my skin, and not in a good way.

I can't really enjoy or detect any other notes due to the overwhelming scent that is a combination of bad body odor and feces.

In fairness, I'm usually not a leather fan though there are many that I like, and animalic scents are a category that I find even more difficult to enjoy, and Oudh Infini is animalic in the extreme category of any that I've tried.

Certainly this is only for those lovers of animalic oud, and apply carefully, as this may be a scrubber for you like it is for me. Disappointed in how far they pushed the envelope here. Not for the faint of heart!

1 out of 10
07th March, 2017

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