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Myths Woman (2016)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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Creative DirectorChristopher Chong

About Myths Woman

Myths Woman is a feminine perfume by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2016

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Reviews of Myths Woman

Soily and slightly herbal fragrance that can be worn by man or woman. It actually smells more masculine than feminine. A light violet and patchouli note gives it the herbal accord. The leather and musk give this one the earthiness. Not bad, just not for me. 6.5/10
19th July, 2018
Edith Piaf having a solo smoke backstage after performing La Foule.

The opening is earthy and damp, if not chilly. The galbanum is not as ferocious and vegetal as Opus VII but it has some bite. The opening rapidly segues into the scent’s floral notes with the galbanum providing a subtle edge. It evokes the sense of flowers after it’s rained – there’s something cool and almost stony about them. It remains somewhat aloof, even as the scent then takes a turn into more musky, intimate territory. This more challenging stage eventually fades into a supple, floral leather.

Faded glamour is a great description. There is something sombre and guarded about it emotionally.

Outstanding longevity - the quality is fantastic. The majority of fragrances I've tried dry down to something very blurred and abstract, but after 9+ hours, even as a skin scent, Myths Woman's complexity holds. It still has a structure to it on my skin.

Myths Woman is stunningly beautiful and I love smelling it but ultimately, I must concede that I feel too young to wear it - for now.
01st June, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The florals in the opening are very evidently what it is all about in the top notes, with a pleasant narcissus exuding floral beauty, with a lilac counterpoint that veers towards the somber and slightly vegetal realm. Humid earth, a well-integrated galbanum, compost and herbal moments present themselves fleetingly at this stage. Carnation and whiffs of geraniums further strengthen the floral tones, but transforming the niceness of the blossoms into a darker and shadowy mix.

Then things get grittier, with the rather attenuated harshness of ambergris and a dark patchouli leads to the base, where a somewhat flat mossy undercurrent combines with a soft leather impression. A dark musky sideline combines with the ambergris to form a dark and morbid counterpoint to the pretty floral origins.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

An interesting autumnal creation, with notions of contradiction, beauty and decay, complex but well blended, yet losing structure at times. Overall a positive experience. 3.25/5.
05th July, 2017
The opening of this is interesting, a very nice green scent with violets and the smell of cut flower stems. However, it wore off into a musty scent of decomposition. This was good for a bit but ultimately, I did not enjoy this perfume.

29th March, 2017
Was dying to get my nose on this, after having read so many controversial and mostly negative things about it online. Moreover, I have been rocking Myths Man for the last few months, as virtually my "signature" scent, so I was keen to compare the two.

Right off the bat, I will say that Myths Man is the better fragrance, in my opinion, with its bright, bold, dramatic brush-strokes. Myths Woman also conveys drama, but it is of the faded Hollywood-actress kind. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the fragrance is its seemingly weak strength and sillage. It feels almost too soft and subtle (not what we tend to expect from Amouage).

The mossy overtones dominate, and there is definitely a moldy, rotting vegetal quality to this perfume (which I admittedly find quite fascinating). Floral notes struggle to break through the old dead and rotten leaves.

Amouage have absolutely nailed the idea of a sort of haughty, faded glamour and melancholy with this perfume (it is a sad, sad fragrance - much sadder than Myths Man in my book). Where it gains points for artistic creativity, it loses them in terms of wearability and wide appeal.

I can't easily imagine this fragrance appealing to a younger woman, unless she were consciously trying to evoke a persona of faded glamour and melancholy. However, I think most women want to convey a sense of ACTUAL glamour, vivacity, and life.

All in all though, another fascinating and addictive piece of art by Amouage.
15th November, 2016
Amouage jumped the shark when their shift from Eastern to Western style devolved into pandering to popular tastes. Myths Woman, however, is somewhat of a return to form in that the brand’s produced a scent that’s pensive, stony, and not stuffed with cookie dough / caramel. The opening is violet leaf — a material that, when untamed, smells metallic bordering on medicinal. Here it’s teamed with a great leathery ash accord and bulked up with vague fatty florals that read more as an oily, rapeseed than anything you’d stick in a vase. In time, the leather broadens and spreads, but it’s more car seat leather than biker jacket that’s cut with a touch of cardboardy iris, hinting at cosmetics without ever really going all the way. The result is a slithery, silvery-emerald kind of tone — one that’s scaled back and pleasingly subdued.

While I found Myths Man to be unspeakably bad (imagine how a snickers bar dipped in Aramis might taste and you’d be in the right ballpark), Myths Woman recalls the dark badassery of Memoir Man, softens it a touch via Opus VII (without the galbanum overdose), and ends in a great resting stare of indifference that’s in the same general vicinity as Narciso Rodriguez PH. And while this is one of the more gripping Amouages as of late, it doesn’t strike me as particularly lush nor is violet leaf a particularly spendy material as a little goes a long way (check out Masque’s L’Attesa if you want a richer, fuller scent with a similar feel). Therefore, I’d suggest that if this is your thing, give it six months and grab it at a fraction of the price when it inevitably ends up on fragrancenet. A solid release — at least for Amouage circa 2016.
20th September, 2016

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