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L'Attesa (2016)
by Masque


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Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerLuca Maffei

About L'Attesa

The company say:

The soft lights seem to fondle the wrinkled sound of the old vinyl disc, and play hide-and-seek in the warm embrace of the jazz singer’s voice. The wide french-window is opened on the terrace. Outside, only the cicadas shrill drowning and the warm summer breeze. On the tea-table, a nosegay of freshly plucked flowers, flooding the room with a cocktail of smells and a bright colour palette. You uncork a champagne bottle and fill the two flutes. The unmistakable flavour of yeast hovers in the air. You settle into the couch, to enjoy this moment, and take a good look around – every single detail is simply perfect. You then close your eyes, breathe deeply, listen to the sound of her steps on the stairs. Can’t help smiling. You wish these moments would never end. There comes a knock on the door.

Reviews of L'Attesa

Masque Milano L’Attesa is the palpably iris/orris-dominant offering from the line that is Act 3, Perfume 1, as designated on the bottle and cap, as usual. It smelled oddly appropriate on paper when I first got a sense of what it was like at the introductory event at Perfumology in June, but as always, it needs to be tried on skin.

It starts out with mixed burst of bergamot, neroli, creamy orris, and powdery iris, and interestingly enough, it’s the creamier side that fades, giving way to a bit of a sharper, woody, borderline musky experience through the heart of the fragrance that’s technically dominated by the florals, not only the iris/orris but also tuberose and ylang ylang, giving way to a fairly stuble dry down of mysore sandalwood, oakmoss, and leather. It gives me a comfortably paper-like vibe, and even though the iris/orris and other florals lean a little sharp and powdery, it’s nonetheless unobtrusive and walks the line between fun and serious.

L’Attesa is not as boastful in terms of projection as some of the other options, but the care put into the fragrance is obvious. Just as Mandala is an exploration of incense, L’Attesa is an exploration of iris/orris, at least to me. At $158 for 35ml, L’Attesa is on the higher end the brand’s pricing (the lower end is $125), and like Mandala and Hemingway for incense and vetiver, L’Attesa is really a nod to lovers of orris/iris and it may seem odd to those less familiar and fond of those notes, but is really quite an agreeable composition, less boastful than Mandala and certainly less so than Hemingway.

This is certainly yet another interesting option from the line that I recommend everyone trying, as I see it as a versatile option with respect to season, occasion, and gender. Very pleasant and neat composition of orris/iris, predominantly.

7 out of 10
03rd October, 2019
L'Attesa reminds me of my grandmothers old gramophone, a 78 rpm with extremely fragile plates, which may have been celluloid, the opening took me right back to the smell of the records and the wooden case. The iris is so soft and smooth, very much like suede. Carrots notes ebb and flow in and the composite is a very earthy, rooty feel. I can't quite place my finger on a note that feels like older tablecloth linens that have been dried in the sun.

Ending of soft soft leather and a smack of tuberose. Decent longevity, enjoyed the scent to the end. I found a heavy hand when applying was better than going light.
16th August, 2019
Exquisite iris in the delicate, subdued way that only iris can be, as uplifting as a baby’s kiss and as tender.
That’s me done about L’Attesa, actually – I’ve succumbed totally, it’s a perfume that immediately belongs on me. But for those who like a little more detail, here goes:
Wearing L’Attesa is like being brushed by the finest of suedes, powders, and the gentlest lips. The aura of its iris is softly sweet, its butteriness just an indication of how smooth it is, never fatty. There’s a lifting effervescence within (perhaps the so-called champagne accord) and the airiest suggestion of floral notes which gain in body during the course of the wear. The introduction of complementary bitters is similarly restrained, suede, perhaps woods, but not the vegetal rootiness that pushes many an iris to the wrong side of odd.
L’Attesa’s main player, the iris, has a reputation for wan ethereality, its delicacy can easily be insubstantial. The perfume, subsequently, wears like a haze, but what an impressionist haze it is – full of soft colour gradations, slight changes in light and shade, and suffused by an almost ghostly tactile quality. L’Attesa gives the iris presence without forcing it to raise its voice.
Impressively tenacious, lasts a full 24 hours on me – possibly longer, but I can’t be certain as I shower every morning.
03rd November, 2017
Luca Turin thinks that L’Attesa, the newest fragrance from Masque, composed by Luca Maffei, is the best iris fragrance on the market today. It allows, he says, the normally ephemeral iris butter to shine without being bullied by other, stronger notes, but doesn’t denature it so totally as to render it pale and bloodless.

For what it's worth, I agree. L’Attesa pulls off a remarkable balancing act. The iris butter is fleetingly rooty at the top, reminiscent of the iris in Iris Silver Mist, but with a buttery, floral aspect that rids the iris of any raw potato alcohol facets that many people (myself included) find so challenging in the Serge Lutens.

It develops into a rounded, slightly powdery, slightly doughy iris note that denotes pure luxury. In terms of purity, I could mention Irisss by Xerjoff, but since L’Attesa lacks the moist carrot/violet nuance of Irisss, I don’t quite think that’s it. Irisss has a cool, creamy sweetness to it; L'Attesa is tart and almost beery.

The beery note would be the “champagne” listed in the notes, which comes off as both sour and strangely inviting, like yeasty gasses emanating from bread dough on its second proving.

It effervesces around the iris, making it as buoyant as a raspberry in a glass of bubbly. The lifting effect of the champagne accord would make me think there could also be aldehydes at work here but for the fact there is no hint of soapiness or anything metallic. Still, that tart, sour lift to the iris butter is amazing. It lends a sort of exuberance to the opening, a sense of excitement that recalls the “pulling the tab on a soda” effect of Iris Poudre, but without that scent’s slightly rough, chemical-woody undertow.

To my nose, though, the bergamot in L’Attesa plays almost as important a role as the iris and the yeast accord. The bergamot oil used here has a glossy, citric bitterness that cuts through the buttery texture of the iris and turns the dial on its color wheel from somber grey to a greenish-yellow. It sets the tone for the entire fragrance; bright, sharp, tart.

It also makes me think of the Chanel irises, notably 31 Rue Cambon, with its icy, bergamot-drenched iris, and No. 18, with its olive-green, Vermouth-like one. Additionally, the No. 18 has a distinct bread-like note, as does L’Attesa. Don’t take this to mean that they smell alike, because they don’t – just that there are parallels here between the classic Chanel treatment of iris and the Masque one.

The base - well, it's hardly the point of the fragrance. L'Attesa fades out in a genteel fashion, simply growing more ghostly as the day goes on. There is a vaguely woody-leathery feel to the bottom of this, but it's ephemeral and hazy, and I'm not really getting the full flavor of the oakmoss and the sandalwood that's listed. But I think that goes back to the dilemma that Luca Turin mentioned in relation to perfumers working with iris, in that it's difficult to choose notes to go with the iris that won't drown out its wispy delicacy. So L'Attesa bows out gracefully, like an actress who knows that two encores are more than enough; it would be greedy to ask for more.

All in all, I think L’Attesa is stunning, and if you’re an iris lover, you won’t want to miss out on it. It features a remarkably pure, buttery iris that leans more towards that luxurious, new-Bugatti leather smell than towards violets, lipstick, root vegetables, or face powder, but it’s also far from an iris soliflore, with a significant presence of bergamot, neroli, and that “champagne” accord. Refined and easy to wear, I think this is far less challenging to wear than my personal favorite from Masque, Romanza, and could be signature scent worthy for the avid iris lover.
28th October, 2016
Today's fragrance market seems splitted between brands creating new trends and others following them with way too often terrible results. Between blingy and vulgar luxury versus pretentious artsy characters with little substance. Between the so called insta-lines (brands launching 15, completely irrelevant, new fragrances at the same time) and mysterious people resurrecting mysterious brands from another era with *ancient* formulas found in lost apothecary shops around the globe. In this sad and pretty pathetic scenario, Masque is doing its own thing by simply delivering pieces of outstanding perfumery as opposed to ephemeral fashion items and shallowly consumerist luxury products.

I've been a huge fan of Masque since day #1 (make it actually day #2 because I've never had the chance to smell their original two launches from 2012 Dolceacqua and Petra) and I've to say they have never let me down.

This time it's the turn of L'Attesa. An iris-centered composition that despite sounding a bit trendy because of its main player (iris seems to get all the rage from quite some years now), it strikes as a timeless piece of classic perfumery. Whereas most iris fragrances feel either too thin by relying on a temporary green / carroty / leathery / rooty effect to then basically turn into cardboard or go totally lipstick / cosmetic, L'Attesa starts with a unique and yet familiar accord of rooty iris and something I would classify as green and kind of sour (the champagne accord?). The iris becomes more classically powdery while the introduction of an extra floral component preserves the fragrance from falling into the usual *woody* whisper we generally get from modern iris perfumes. it's a full bodied iris that keeps all of its iris-y aspects all the way through its evolution. It's powdery but also leathery, rooty and yet floral, buttery and decadent. A grown-up kind of approach to the main theme or something you would expect from the most classical french perfume brands such as Chanel or the likes. Something that won't make any pants drop or won't make you feel any cooler while wearing it. Something only people who actually like fragrances will probably appreciate in its complex sophistication.

L'Attesa is the proof that perfumery is still alive and that it can be something completely unrelated from fashion. Something that lasts over a single season until the next buzz is build around the next *product*. L'Attesa is perfumery. One of those fragrances that has all the characteristics to become a pillar and jump up there with the monsters of yore of this genre.

02nd June, 2016

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