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Wanted (2016)
by Azzaro


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerFabrice Pellegrin
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Wanted

Wanted is a masculine fragrance by Azzaro. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin

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Reviews of Wanted

I feel like Azzaro Wanted (2016) never really had a chance with the fragrance community, but then again, I also feel like it never really needed one. Like so many modern designers, this seems made without any regard to the tastes of legacy fans, which represent the bulk of core fragrance community members with the loudest voices in forums still wearing designers and not niche or ultra-luxe, so because this doesn't follow traditional lines a la something a vintage fan would appreciate, and certainly doesn't push much of an artistic envelope, Azzaro Wanted gets summarily judged as dreck without a sniff. Granted, the bottle shaped like the bullet chamber of a revolver doesn't help much, as it just looks like another gimmicky 2010's bottle a la what Paco Rabanne thrust on us with 2013's Invictus, and the instant more serious frag-heads see it they run screaming the other way, retreating back to their Guerlain bee bottles. However, I sometimes come down from my lofty pillar of vintage Avons (let that sink in real good) and take a sniff of what "the kids" are wearing these days, and I rather like what Azzaro has done with this. No, this Azzaro is almost nothing like any of the classic entries and shares zero DNA outside the brand name with anything before it, but such has been the 2010's for most designers in the wake of Bleu de Chanel (2010): jump on that ambroxan and build something sweet/fresh around it while the folks still think it's good! I wonder how folks will look back on this particular decade of fragrance? Most of these little numbers, Azzaro Wanted included, fuse innocuous 90's-like top notes with heinously-powerful synthetic base notes into a sort of "powerhouse beige" smell that has come to dominate the malls and department stores everywhere. I've picked out my fair share of the iconic ones, and quite enjoy them for their idiosyncrasies, then shot down the ones that are nearly exploitative in their unoriginal and banal designs. Azzaro Wanted avoids the latter fate, as Fabrice Pellegrin is no slouch perfumer, working well even within a narrow chemical palette and limited development budget. Like so many modern fresh warm citrus stews, Wanted isn't high art in a bottle, but it's more likeable than a lot of it's competitors.

The first distinguishable note of Azzaro Wanted is lemon and ginger, much like a nice soothing tea to calm a sore throat; it's not an ideal opening for a fragrance contained within part of a six-shooter, but it's calming balmy effect is welcome nonetheless. Mint and lavender follow this up, reminding me that some people still appreciate classic fougère tones this far into the 21st century, but the ginger keeps it "weird" enough that Wanted is no barbershop scent. Cade oil, honeysuckle, and cardamom come next, all three of which produce a more spicy and rounded floral juniper accord that flows well from the lemon and ginger. The mint balances this and it doesn't get very warm at this point, but Wanted does eventually heat up in the base when apple, tonka, ambroxan, and norlimbanol show up. Azzaro is more in the sweet side of this tandem than the scratchy side, feeling more like Bleu de Chanel's finish than that of it's major competitor, Dior Sauvage (2015), which is the reigning king of scratchy karmawood. There is a slight Haitian vetiver note here too, but it's a waxy kind, not smoky or grassy. The ginger stays with the dry down of Azzaro Wanted from start to finish, and the scent evolves from comfy lemon-oil and lavender to juniper and finally tonka, making this squarely a modern fougère sans oakmoss, but we can't really expect the latter from a designer of this level anymore, as the IFRA-safe denatured stuff is still too expensive to use. Silliage is moderate for something of this ilk, and Wanted doesn't have the best longevity either, with mostly office-safe accord it creates being better in temperature-controlled environments, as I see cold or extreme heat totally decimating the subtle trail this otherwise leaves. The spices drag this slightly towards scents like Dolce & Gabanna The One for Men (2008) or Penhaligon's Endymion (2003), but the lemony top prevents Wanted from being anything more than a flirt with oriental tones. I guess this qualifies as an oriental fougère, but it's certainly no Troisemme Homme de Caron (1985), that's for damned sure. Under the right weather conditions, I see this being a good dumb grab, which is a compliment for any scent from this generation.

Azzaro Wanted is definitely the best ambroxan freshie offering in the mid-tier designer range for the guy who can't splurge on Dior, Chanel, or YSL only because it's not 100% trying to be a marine-inspired "clean sheets smell" in a bottle with a trick-pony warm woodsy ambroxan base, but rather goes a little bit against the focus group design ethics which powers so much of the designer output by being just a tad floral and spicy. Put another way, Azzaro Wanted feels like the Yves Saint Laurent Jazz (1988) of it's generation, opting for spicy and slightly oriental fougère tones in an age when oceanic smells were coming in vogue, representing a bit less-edgy take on the theme of the day. Whereas YSL Jazz was up against calone shimmer, Azzaro Wanted is up against norlimbanol scratch, and with both fragrances, their lavender, spice, and fruit set them apart. Coincidentally, Jazz also was in a rather wacky bottle for being so sedate a scent, but history does repeat itself as they say. The guy who will like Wanted is a guy who either falls for the packaging, or likes the compromise of fresh and spicy this represents, as unlike Jazz, Wanted doesn't have nearly half the complexity so I won't say it's like a successor to it, just that it has the same vibe throughout it's wear time. Ultimately, Azzaro Wanted is still a modern middle-tier department store frag that's as safe as they come, with a deceptively campy presentation to tempt the blind buy, as is more and more common in this segment. I like Wanted enough to see myself wearing it, and for a daily grinder, you could do far worse, but you could also do a Hell of a lot better, but since there's nothing I particularly dislike about it either, I'll give this pistol Pete of a scent my thumbs up. You won't win a shootout at high noon wearing this, and I won't know if you'll truly feel wanted, but at least you won't blend in with the ocean of blue smells and nose-hair tickle that saturates the rank and file of which poor Azzaro must now share space. Best as a work or casual daytime scent in spring or fall, but not much else.
30th September, 2018
Says the sample card that came with Wanted:

"Lauding a new free and vibrant masculinity. A woody, fresh and spicy Eau de Toilette with an addictive trail. Lemon - Cardamom - Vetiver"

I love the inclusion of cade oil and its juniper-like quality. Reminiscent of Jako by Lagerfeld and Azzaro's Pure Cedrat, with a more aromatic quality.

Lemon oil lassos the scent in a citrus setting. Cardamom keeps things spicy, bright and uplifted. Vetiver warms the scent down with mossy greenness, with tonka bean adding roasted-sweetness.

The bottle is wild and cool looking. The juice has a classic fougere feel that tips a hat to spicy powerhouses of decades past. I like its drydown into a steady, masculine scent that can be worn for formal or casual occasions pretty much in any weather.

It's a decent fragrance from Azzaro, reflecting some of today's typical men's scents with the inclusion of tonka bean.
17th August, 2018 (last edited: 22nd August, 2018)
Pine-Sol tracked me down
Got a tip from lemon oil
Through some mall frag cop.

"Look at your finger,"
Talkin' 'bout the missin' one
"You and me go back."

"You was just a kid,"
He says into princess phone
"When you joined the gang."

Begging Sixties Mom
Around the grocery cart
"[Buy the holy grail!]".

"You got one more job."
One more promise. One more lie.
"Then you can retire."

Damn cleaning products.
Best part of one more shit job
When you're just a kid.

Easy stuff he says.
Try some juice until it clicks
Or maybe it don't.

So when it didn't
I thought I was free, but then
Av'rage Grl shows up.

Simulation face
Straight from Universe Central
Dam her Elan Musc.

The boy can't resist
The deep-data smooth-skin math
Of Future Girl-Face.

"It's my favorite"
She says truthfully to the
Human polygraph.

I knew it was crap
But she stabbed me with her truth
Sim-level venom

Average beauty
Dope to mainstreaming junkies
Who see the clear Curves

Of Plain Jane Goddess
Like some CGI dream girl
Perspective just right

Nobody sees it
Cursed to see Beauty with my
Glasses from "They Live"

Kinda like Zeus said
"Curse his ass!", so Athena
With resting bitch face

Smugly complied and
Bestowed upon acolyte
Her bash-box bargain

Hundred-eyed watchman
For the beauty of women
"Sufficiently cursed?"

She said with a smirk.
"Can you give him a pig's nose?"
"As you wish, my lord."

And so it was done.
Dropped into Beauty's home world
Forced to perceive it

Chemical gears whirled
And hit the damn jackpot of
Three Laughing Pine-Sols.

Remembering fresh
Back when it was an insult
To Argus-eyed men

"Oh, yes, it's quite fresh"
Pine-Sol laughed at the store clerk
Of my fresh kid dreams

Loving all women
Drawn like child-wonder magnet
"Why are they pretty?"

Piney grail brought home
In some fragrant fantasy
That never happened.

But patient Pine-Sol
In days of teenage error
Cut the kid a deal.

"Work some extra hours"
He said, counting his money
"And sniff ALL YOU WANT."

So there I was, mate,
Nose junkie freed by DARPA
Pine-Sol on the wire

Av'rage Grl morphing
Until she hit the jackpot
Just like they all do.

Az'zaro Frg morphing
Until it hit the jackpot
Just like they all do.

Athena laughing
Zeus pretending to be pissed
And there was Argus

B'logical machine
Trusting Simulation to
Deliver Beauty

One more 'mazin' time
Pine-Sol laughing whole timeless
Damn cleaning products.

Who the hell knew that
Lemon, cardamom and some
Cryptic vetiver

Were all working with
Pine-Sol to frame me as the
One-star scent loser?


Well, leave 'em for me.
Turn up your noses, and there's
More left for this one.

Riding off, laughing
One short day's ride ahead of
The frag-love posse

Another town of
Av'rage Grlz and Wanted Frgz
Lookin' for Lovin'

And gettin' some, too,
'Cause their Beauty cannot hide
From Argus the Kid.
30th June, 2018
Love the bottle. Nice materials. Glass and metal. No plastic. If it is plastic it is a realistic plastic. Don't take life so seriously, folks! Bottle is cool! I will say the bottle doesn't really match the scent though. You get a linear clean sweet scent with Wanted that will be pleasing to you and everyone around you. Hardly agressive or hard hitting as you would expect from a bottle that looks like a gun barrel, but it's still a cool bottle design and decent frag. Wanted seems best for summer/mild/warmer weather. Safe blind buy if you don't mind sweeter fragrances and need a playful/youthful easy reach for the summer.
07th June, 2018

I like the cologne but hate the bottle.
The only reason I didn't buy this cologne is because of the bottle because I wouldn't be able to put it in my pocket.

Sounds petty but, so...
03rd April, 2018
This is a lemon ginger bomb. It's youthfully bright, fresh, and sweet. There's a lot of musk in the background, with tonka bean that blends in well with the lemon and ginger. The tonka simply provides a sweet backbone, without changing the flavor very much.

It's a great wear for the under thirty crowd (like me) who want something with great performance in our collection. It works in any occasion where a strong fragrance is appropriate. I get about ten hours of longevity, and excellent projection for at least four hours, and this is despite having dry skin and living in a dry climate. I go two sprays only, and wouldn't recommend spraying any more than that; for work, apply just one spray on the back of the neck. This scent works in all seasons, and is ideal for students (college, high school, middle school, etc.). I'd estimate that a 100ml bottle of this would last 500 applications, with two sprays, so it'll last a long time.

The inexpensive price and cool bottle are bonuses. I give it 4/5. It loses a point for only being a young man's scent. Ignore the negative Ned's on this one, *if you're young*, this is a stellar option.
23rd March, 2018

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