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Beaver (2016) (2016)
by Zoologist Perfumes


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Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseZoologist Perfumes
PerfumerChris Bartlett

About Beaver (2016)

Beaver Eau de Parfum debuted in 2014. In 2016 we improved the formula by redesigning the linden-blossom top notes accord, removing the smoke and ash notes, and enhancing the base notes accord with even higher quality musks. We also introduced a light leather note, an attribute of the real castoreum musk.

Reviews of Beaver (2016)

Off all the Zoologist I've tried so far, this is the least loved by me. I still give it three out of five stars. It's a funky, flowery, outdoorsy scent. Watery flowers. I smell lotus and water lily here. Green water. Musky, a bit. Musty, indeed. A bit of animal on the end.
09th June, 2018
Like other Zoologist perfumes, this is complex. It opens with a floral,marine mix. I smell the flowers and white musk. I was hoping for a "dirtier" opening, but I just had to wait a bit. The castoreum and leather make an appearance soon after. It isn't too dirty, the floral and vanilla balances it. I am one who has never smelled a fragrance that is "too skanky" if castoreum, oud, leather, or civet are used. I'm sure they tamed this back from what what they could have made it. It is still a great fragrance.
22nd May, 2017
A super musky take on floral-woodsy resinous leather. Zoologist Beaver (the most recent 2016 "improved" formula) opens quite tart and surely fizzy. Opening is indeed quite floral, pungent (redolent) and apparently leafy-vegetal in a sort of "outdoorish, Dior J'adore-like" botanic explosion of blossoms, leaves, humid musks, grass, arid damp woodiness and " dawn's jade". I have to say that by soon I get on skin a sort of dissonant fecal note from the background (a sort of Czeck&Speak Cuba's simil vibe) tending to quickly disappear (or better to melt its substance in the body of the vegetal valzer). Vanilla starts rising as well from the basenotes but it hardly soothen the general floral-vegetal pungency in this phase. It seems to detect lilac, peony and may be magnolia in this dry phase but honestly I'm not quite able to discern the specific floral synth patterns. I get also woody (cedary) dustiness combined with a sort of plastic-medicinal-aldehydic-"electric" Andrea Maack-like vibe. Probably synth leather and hints of galbanum produce this kind of plastic damp vegetal vibe a la Testa Maura Carticasi. The aroma is still powerfully floral, mossy, woodsy resinous (mastic/fir resins) and sticky and the animalics enhance surely this redolent floral-resinous twist. The juice does not evolve utterly on skin, going on obsessively floral, sticky and vaguely dirty. Civet afford a sort of "stale/putrid flowerpot water-like vibe" while castoreum enhances the dominant stout leather effect on skin. I get also hints of earthiness and rootiness in this phase and till the end. Dry down is seriously leathery. An erotic piece of fragrance, something not for the faint of heart. Not my favorite from this great canadian line but surely a must try for the lovers of this powerfully floral-resinous-leathery-musky accords.
16th May, 2017
Those who have been out on the river and pulled out for a pause, and happen to find themselves in the vicinity of these roundish mud-pats that beavers make to mark their territory, will certainly find that same odor lurking here, even in the new formulation. A bit like damp cardboard in this frag, but restrained, unlike the overpowering smell you might find on the river should you happen to picnic too close.

Sweetish and unusual, and certainly wearable, if perhaps not an everyday thing. And no disappointment for those with some knowledge of beavers who may be curious as to what a so-named fragrance might be like.

Among the 5 samples from this line that I received, I found this and Bat to be the most interesting.
15th July, 2016 (last edited: 19th July, 2016)

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