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New Sibet (2016)
by Slumberhouse


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Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJosh Lobb

About New Sibet

New Sibet is a shared / unisex perfume by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josh Lobb

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Reviews of New Sibet

I'm giving this one a neutral strictly because it's a clone of Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens. If you haven't smelled it I'll describe it like this.... it smells like carrots, lipstick, a women's makeup case or just plain 'old' Iris... this isn't a unisex fragrance. This is a women's fragrance. Why do these perfumers continue listing these fragrances as unisex? (possibly because they like to wear women's fragrances) It's mind boggling to me... I'm convinced that Slumberhouse's darker colored fragrances are truly male frags and the lighter colored frags are definitely for women.

No originality in this one, sorry. Iris Silver mist clone. It's expensive either way. I'd go with a cheaper Iris scent if you like Iris.

If you want a nice male frag from Slumberhouse try Jeke, Norne or Sova... Ore is probably the only true two way frag.
07th October, 2017
One of the stranger scents I've had the pleasure of wearing. In a way, it reminds me quite a bit of a somewhat medicated Cuir Cannage. There are definite connections between the two and their overall texture seem similar, although New Sibet is even more odd and striking in its fuzzy ashiness. It fairly buzzes with a leathery iris and slightly animalic spices. Everything hums and practically radiates off the skin. It is slightly metallic, but not in a way that annoys or is cold. Instead it is a scent that feels heated and dusty, as if a soldering iron had been taken to it. Fascinating!
25th September, 2017 (last edited: 10th May, 2018)
I’m a bit of a weenie when it comes to leathers. Although I can appreciate hot, meaty, and saddle skanky, I much prefer to wear the ones that smell like a softly suede-ed handbag interior, complete with a little bit of powder and some florals.

Sibet sits somewhere in the middle. I’ve read here and elsewhere that the perfumer behind Slumberhouse doesn’t use top, bottom, and end notes, and I can see that. Still, there is a kind of evolution to this particular linearity. Sibet gets off to a bit of a brusque start, but then after about 30 minutes a gorgeous metallic iris and some spices come to the fore, and the whole thing becomes incredibly elegant, not necessarily a makeover of its initial self but a careful fine tuning, similar to how a subject’s beauty often isn’t fully revealed until pulled into focus through the lens of a camera.

Really well done.
31st May, 2017
Updated Review:

Okay, I've now worn New Sibet several more times and have additional thoughts about it. One of the first thoughts is that I'm hopefully maturing in my olfactory opinions. While I still don't love the goat fur note, I do appreciate the overall fragrance much more. This wears something like Serge Lutens Arabie, but with the animalic goat fur presence. I actually enjoyed the full day wearing New Sibet after letting myself get to know it better and give it a chance. I may go "fur" a full bottle at some point.

I love many of Josh Lobb's fragrances. Norne is one of my top three favorite fragrances of all time, so I'm definitely fond of his work.

I'm giving New Sibet a thumbs up, but I would definitely recommend sampling this one before investing in a full bottle. It's a strange frag. But I applaud Josh's unique creative sense once again!
27th January, 2017 (last edited: 22nd September, 2017)
Like other Slumberhouse perfumes, New Sibet feels deliberate. As if the perfume I'm smelling is the thousandth mod. The one that got the dynamics, tones and balances just the way the perfumer intended. The attention to detail is apparent, but most Slumberhouse perfumes favor ecstatic imbalance over caution. New Sibet is focussed and edited differently, though, and it's quite a change from the recent sweet, syrupy directness of Kiste and Sadanne.

Still, it's not a return to the good-old/bad-old viscous Slumber-style that many have been publicly hankering for. Better yet, it's something new. New Sibet is an unexpected iris. It balances the notoriously finicky note and succeeds in creating a distinctive, durable iris root. It turns iris root's signature powder to dust and ash, keeping the focus on a grey horizon. Iris's leathery/paper side gives the perfume a stiff, upright posture.

Independent and artisanal perfumers have been re-examining traditional forms. Chypres, animalics, fougères. If Lobb has been deciphering vintage genres, his approach is the furthest thing from recreating an old-school sensibility. New Sibet doesn't reach for a vintage, nostalgic vibe but it does have the tailored rigidity of the classic floral/animalic chypres and the snubbed-cigarette severity of the old leather chypres. The olfactory qualities are there, but the haughtiness, the 'grand-dame' character of those retired chypres don't apply.

Lobb famously doesn't work with topnotes, but with New Sibet he plays with the evolution of the perfume and materials in a new way. The opening set of notes reduces over the course of an hour or so--like a striptease--revealing the core of the perfume. The notes then continue to rotate through different configurations through the drydown. Different facets appear and recede, emphasizing different angles of the central woody floral. Spice, resin, animalic tones, sweetness. This changing geometry of notes is a style Lobb has explored over the course of his career but in New Sibet he polishes the technique even further.

24th January, 2017
Josh Lobb has been on one heck of a roll in the last couple of years, releasing Kiste, the two Limited Cask treatments of Rume and Grev, and now New Sibet. This one defies classification, but I get a wonderful mix of cold iris, leather, a clove-carnation-cinnamon accord, green oakmoss, aldehydes, animalic musk and a light touch of resin, all on a beautiful buttery sandalwood base.

Deadidol identified a pair of reference points--Une Fleur de Cassie and the under appreciated Mare--to which I'll add a third: last year's Grev Limited Cask, which served up an interesting mix of clove and sandalwood. New Sibet is going to join those 3 in my regular rotation. Now to find a bottle.

Big thumbs up.
05th November, 2016 (last edited: 11th February, 2017)

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