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L'Envol (2016)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerMathilde Laurent

About L'Envol

L'Envol is a masculine fragrance by Cartier. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent

L'Envol fragrance notes

Reviews of L'Envol

Having used various Declarations, Pasha, and Santos from Cartier, I thought at first that L'Envol would be much too sweet for my tastes. However, the more and more that I wear it, I very much like the combination of notes. The lavender and honey make a great pair and the multiple woods and vetiver that are in the dry down does keep this a masculine scent. Great wearability year long and this could be a keeper...maybe not a "signature" since I'm a Guerlain fanboy but Cartier has done exceptional on this one.
28th August, 2018
Beauty symphonic
Harmonic, melodious
Don't tell me your notes

I don't want to know.
Treat kind bliss, ignorance and
Their conspiracy

Longing to teach me
To enjoy the damn show. Send
My regards to where

Ever you came from
Whoever did make you, and
All of the rest. Let

Me sense you as I
Perceive you, free from what's less
And less than your best.
17th August, 2018
A simple, well blended piece of refinement from the venerable house of Cartier. L'Envol is a dry modern honeyed masculine chypre with a neutral, mild (but at same time kind of vaguely salty/incensey), moderately resinous, musky, woody poudree consistency. Clean but shadowy (somewhat in chiaroscuro). Musk (probably dominant) is kind of talky, green, woody, vaguely floral (iris and geranium?), all in one quite sophisticated close to skin concoction. I suppose hints of fresh vetiver and patchouli provide masculine dry balance and aromatic "neutrality" counteracting mild resins and central honey. Guaiac wood as usual smells mild, "perfumed", well rounded. The juice smells finally talky/airy and really subtle in its more complex final musky spark (the more articulated lingering ghostly background).
04th June, 2018
Dry, woody and salty with a honey and musk mix that is stellar IMO. This is a nice offering from Cartier and a winner across the board. It has good longevity on my skin and I consider it a year round juice as long as you don't wear it during a 90+ degree day in the summer... Summer nights on the other hand would be ok. The start does have a very slight feminine vibe to my nose. In less than 20 minutes the feminine quality is gone and I have a woody honeyed musk that is amazing to my nose. I really like it and if you can find it for a price you are happy with a would say this is a safe blind buy... Enjoy!
09th May, 2018
I really dislike it. It smells like a nose. Like someone just sneezed into your face. Then it settles to a very generic male fragrance. Good sillage and longevity, unfortunately.
19th March, 2018
A really classy, distinctive offering from the house of Cartier. At first, I was quite confused and even a bit turned off by L'Envol EdP; it seemed too simple and unpleasantly sweet and animalic a fragrance to appreciate. But I continued to sniff the sample that I had sprayed on my wrist throughout the day, and it grew on me greatly. Suddenly, I started to appreciate the understated, sophisticated simplicity of L'Envol as another worthy carrier of the Cartier name: It is a formal scent that exudes dignity and carries itself in a staid manner, reflecting the simple but ultimately effective mix of honey, musk, and guaic wood.

I would recommend testing before buying this exotic offering, as a blind buy may catch you off guard esp. if the notes don't quite "click" with you.
06th February, 2018

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