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Dark Rebel Rider (2016)
by John Varvatos


Dark Rebel Rider information

Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseJohn Varvatos
PerfumerRodrigo Flores-Roux
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc

About Dark Rebel Rider

Dark Rebel Rider is a masculine fragrance by John Varvatos. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Reviews of Dark Rebel Rider

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United States
I find the negative reviews to be amusing, sort of a version of the old story of the three blind men touching the elephant in different areas and coming to wildly different conclusions about what it is. Here, we have a scent with quite a bit of marjoram, as is listed in the notes, and I suspect that is what is confusing people. If you haven't smelled marjoram, I suggest you do before buying this fragrance. It's quite strong at first and then it balanced out with a "dirty" gourmand type base, very interesting and I can't think of anything remotely like this. I disagree that there is a lot of patchouli here, nor do I think it is anything like Dirty English (at least the vintage bottle I had). And I have no idea why someone would call it headache inducing, because it's not that strong - just use one spray to begin with! Also, how about looking at the bottle and the name, and asking yourself if this is the kind of scent you want. Don't assume it's some lame/generic/bland woody/oriental that you've smell a million times before. And why is someone saying they want a campfire type note? We've got that already in several other releases, but we don't have a dirty oriental with a clear marjoram note. This is a niche type scent which is selling for very little now - do you really want to look this gift horse in the mouth? And it's got decent longevity too!
30th June, 2018
Enjoyable when first sprayed on, drydown is headache inducing. Returned to store.

14th June, 2018
Still in the initial stages of wearing this one. The first hour and a half of the raging campfire smell is awesome. I would rather they did not put patchouli in DRR. There is enough incense vibe with the other notes. Unfortunately, because patchouli is so common it takes DRR into "hippie store" territory as some other reviewers mentioned and were turned off by. If DRR was more straight up campfire, gasoline, resin, smokey woods, leather and roasted marshmallow (vanilla) without the patchouli and the flowery notes I think it would be cleaner and evoke more of the camp/moto wanderer. Even an interesting forest or a beach note would have worked better. I would have preferred palo santo or sage or pinon or something else along those lines in the base. What about rushing wind? I'll update again after more wear time, but in general fragrance folks GO EASY ON PATCHOULI in your releases and/or don't use it - it's really not your friend or mine. :-(

Also, this fragrance has nothing to do with Dirty English, which I own. I wish DRR had been more dry or included vetiver, oak moss or cypress instead of patchouli.

UPDATE: Second act of this fragrance is a patchouli bomb. You will smell more like a Hippie Chick from the 60's instead of a Dark Rebel Rider of today.
02nd May, 2018 (last edited: 06th May, 2018)
wish it lasted longer and was stronger but love the darkness and the sexiness of the scent.Not for everyone. NOT GENERIC. Can be made stronger with fragrance booster or lotion/oil up skin before using..also apply around hairline.
25th January, 2018 (last edited: 14th April, 2018)
Good, but very similar to the original Dark Rebel. I wouldn't get both. I can't decide which one I like better.
05th December, 2017
gimpy Show all reviews
United States
Better than average scent. Picked this up at Marshall's for cheap. Starts off smelling of M7 (sweet oudness), turns a bit smokey/ashy, and dries down reminding me of the Castoreum from old Antaeus. Good scent. Certainly not bad.
31st July, 2017

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