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Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme (2017)
by Gucci


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Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAlberto Morillas

About Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme

The company say: Born out of a special collaboration between creative director Alessandro Michele and master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Created using a particular blend with a structure that remains unchanged from the first time it is applied to the skin. Leather accord and goldenwood are custom-mixed with natural extract of the Nootka Cypress, selected especially for Gucci Guilty Absolute. The resulting scent features ultra-dry woody notes. The fragrance’s composition is intensified with three forms of patchouli oils and earthy vetiver.

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Reviews of Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme

Guilty Absolute is the first male fragrance made in 2017 as a result of collaboration between Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele and famous perfumer Alberto Morillas. The idea was to create a “new patchouli” that was very popular during the 1970s. Allessandro’s creative yearning is to give the old seventies chic a new, modern twist and Guilty Absolute is the scent equivalent to that fashion course. For this purpose, they used two synthetic leather-woody aroma chemicals called Woodleather and Goldenwood. Combined with extremely masculine vetiver and patchouli they made a perfume that according to them is an avant-garde creation for the men of the new era and a future classic.

The truth couldn’t be different. Guilty Absolute has nothing new to offer. It is not avant-garde. It is not modern. It is not revolutionary. It is not artistic. It is nothing. It doesn’t even smell nice, which is a perfume axiom. Basically, this is the case of classical perfume base, raw and plain. Perfumist layer perfume base with middle and upper notes, making scented harmony. In Gucci Guilty Absolute there is no harmony, just plain, unsullied perfume base that someone tried to sell as a perfume, something like Geza Schoen and Molecule 01. The only difference is that Geza watered down the essence of Iso e Super to the point it smells nice and pleasant. That is something people from Gucci did not dignify us with.

Gucci Guilty Absolute is a perfume equivalent to modern artistic gibberish when a painter instead of painting throws colors, brushes, and water together on the canvas and calls it art. It could be an end of an untalented artist but then critics appear, those that have art in their blood in the same amount as the anemic person has iron and who call this meaningless, pointless piece as avant-garde and revolutionary. The only revolution here is the evolution of stupidity beyond any measure. I’m just waiting for some perfume house to present something like Merda d’Artista by Piero Manzoni. I’d like to finish my review with two words: missed platform.
04th November, 2017
If you've been looking forward to the day a designer brand will launch a truly unapologetic masculine jus, then you are in luck: GGA is it.

This is what Fahrenheit was back when it was launched. Crude, rude and in your face but oh so manly, Guilty Absolute is absolutely guilty of being rough around the edges yet desirable at the same time. You know, like that guy you love to hate but wish you had his aura? Yeah, him.

Love it.
29th October, 2017
Brilliant release from Gucci, the notes combine to create a very authentic scorched leather accord from beginning to end. There’s medicinal aspects that my wife compares to a dentist’s consulting room, which I can understand. Not as difficult to wear as you may think. Skin heat brings out the lusher notes, so the whole thing smooths out enough to be friendlier than what it is on paper.
04th October, 2017
Gucci Guilty Absolute is very niche-like - one of the more surprising and daring major designer releases in years. The average mall shopper will likely recoil in horror.

It attacks out of the bottle with an intensely bitter leather/tar/pine accord, which quickly evolves into a dry, woody patchouli, still with a bitterly astringent leather backdrop. Very earthy and austere, and not at all what I expected from Gucci. A dusty vetiver creeps in and softens things ever so slightly, but for the most part, as promised, this is a linear scent after the first 5 minutes. Powerful stuff.

I personally find this more challenging than Pour Homme, Gucci's last dry, woody, uncompromising release.

Kudos to Gucci for throwing a well-made curve ball at the perfume industry. I hope Guilty Absolute does well, but frankly, I'd be surprised.
20th September, 2017
Opens as a dry subdued, mastic labdanum leather type scent that is strengthened by a mild evergreen blend of cedar, cypress, patchouli and vetiver adding a natural outdoor pine bathroom cleaner feel. A warm musk woods base establishes a final note - Goldenwood - which softens the woody suede with a pleasant conservative, some might think bland, but outdoorsy amber type scent. There is not much variation in this medium toned warm scent from top to bottom. Is this an attempt to replace what was lost when gucci threw out all the Tom Ford scents in '05 losing classic Gucci Pour Homme? No, not quite the same - no incense or danger here. But Absolute is decent and rates a thumbs up, almost.
07th August, 2017 (last edited: 07th September, 2017)
Oil, bandaids & spiced leather... and that's a good thing. It would be hard for me to describe this fragrance without making it sound terrible, but it is most certainly outstanding. Niche quality & a bit of a powerhouse, so this won't be your everyday fragrance wearer's cup of tea.

When I received my bottle in the mail, I sprayed a little on the back of my hand and immediately said, "I've got to purchase a back-up bottle." All I can really say is go sniff this one out and decide for yourself, but for me it's a huge thumbs up.
04th August, 2017

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