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Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme (2017)
by Gucci


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Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAlberto Morillas

About Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme

The company say: Born out of a special collaboration between creative director Alessandro Michele and master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Created using a particular blend with a structure that remains unchanged from the first time it is applied to the skin. Leather accord and goldenwood are custom-mixed with natural extract of the Nootka Cypress, selected especially for Gucci Guilty Absolute. The resulting scent features ultra-dry woody notes. The fragrance’s composition is intensified with three forms of patchouli oils and earthy vetiver.

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Reviews of Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme

A niche-like fragrance from a designer house? I am loving this!

For the longest time I have been tired of designer perfume houses playing it safe with the same old fresh and bland crap fragrances that they have been inundating consumers with. Gucci's new director is like a breath of fresh air for the designer fragrance industry.

Guilty Absolute is a wonderful and satisfying linear masculine leather fragrance that will last all day on your skin and at least a week on your clothes!

If you like fresh and safe fragrances, go elsewhere. If you like a different or avant garde leather fragrance, this is for you.

A solid 10/10
04th January, 2018
A leather/patchouli's silvan affair. A damp-resinous take on the former uncompromising accord. One of the rare interesting contemporary Gucci's releases in perfumery and definitely a good work from the talented performer Alberto Morillas. Yes, bold, minimalistic and unapologetic, either urban and rustic/outdoorsy juice (great review by Alfarom as usual). Guilty Absolute Pour Homme is a damp/earthy (vaguely gasolinic and barely hesperidic/medicinal) accord of leather, patchouli, wet resins and dry-smoky woods. A sort of lingering woodsy coniferous dampness is along the way counteracted by dry (cedary, somewhat harsh and definitely rooty/earthy) dark woodiness. I detect all around a sort of crude woodsy dampness (yes a la Terre d'Hermes or Rouge Bunny Rouge Tundra) which is slightly tamed by a dominant soothing dry leather's touch. It's like ideally combining all in a single (more linear) solution scents a la Terre d'Hermes (the damp woodsy/liquid earthiness), SoCal Cologne Hollister (the humid, "countryside" leather vibe), Goodsir Bois d'Ascese (smoky woods and burnt resins), Profumum Arso (the leathery-resinous woodsy smoky accord), Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia (the gasolinic leather-chord) and Complex by Boadicea the Victorious (the kind of abstract rubbery-leafy-damp vibe). Cypress provides a general sense of wide/appaling rough mountain (rocky, airy and spacious) a la House of Matriarch Blackbird (which is a basically a different beast connecting coniferous and salty/mineral elements). Frankly I don't get any Fahrenheit's conjuration in the air while I pick up the wet mastic/labdanum-vibe a la Testa Maura Carticasi. A flashback about the Tom Fort's left back Gucci-era? Yes, more than vaguely. On its complex I find Guilty Absolute Pour Homme a solid niche-like (kind of indie/agricole but with a more metropolitan cleaner twist) new designer release due to uplift a lately tarnished house of Gucci's reputation.
21st December, 2017 (last edited: 22nd December, 2017)
Gucci Guilty Absolute is probably nothing new to those who have familiarity with niche perfumes themed around smoke, woods and leather but I really believe it represents a daring move from Gucci, to propose this in a more mainstream-oriented section of the market where people either look for sweet-woodyambers or fresh and clean type of fragrances.

A simple and yet striking combo of smoky leather, dry patchouli and woody notes that feels pleasantly unpolished and halfway between industrial / urban and earthy / outdoorsy. It shares a certain kinship with stuff such as Terre D'Hermes but it smells overall more straight-forward and even unapologetic. If you can get past how ugly the presentation is, Gucci Gulty Absolute is probably the only decent fragrance released by this brand since the Tom Ford era.

Rating: 7/10
18th December, 2017
Amazing, raw, in your face, and so what!!??? This is how this marvel smells. Chemical? Yes, but old school fans love this bold release. When we thought Gucci was six feet under, Morillas did the trick.Two thumbs up. The only contra: low, very low sillage. Mandatory, anyway.
28th November, 2017 (last edited: 05th December, 2017)
On a fruitless quest for a whiff of Gucci Oud, I was testing the Gucci line in Debenhams last week. It was all 'so far, so boring' until I happened upon a tester of Guilty Absolute. I inhaled this, and the scent surprised me so much that I stepped right back (in amazement) onto the toes of the plain clothed store detective following me.

Guilty Absolute does, indeed, open with a strong and somewhat disagreeable medicinal smell. In that sense, it reminded me of both Reminiscence's Patchouli fragrance and Aigner No.1 Intense. But seconds later, I was struck as if by a bolt from above. This sensation was not from the heartless hand of my shadowing sleuth. Rather, it came from the striking experience that followed my own detection of a startling dry/dusty leather smell, and an austere patchouli; all perfectly harmonizing with a punchy vetiver--in a thunderous 70s-style 'beast mode' perfume potion.

I own around 150 fragrances. My personal preference is for leather scents; this (for me) now vies with Davidoff's more conventional Leather Blend as the gold standard of the type. Nevertheless, the abundant darkness (its very, very smokey) strength and density means Guilty Absolute seems like a straight-up formal night-time perfume, only for an older more confident or self-indulgent gentleman: even Amouage Journey would offer a more versatile evening odour, and that is a concrete overcoat of a fragrance.

I still feel dizzy from my department store encounter with Gucci Guilty Absolute, but it appears to me that this is a nailed on classic in the making (providing they keep making it).
21st November, 2017
I had some time to kill in town the other day and was sniffing my way around the fragrance department of Debenhams. I eventually got to the Gucci section and just for a laugh i thought i'd see if the Guilty line was still as dreadful as i remember whilst still harboring my sadness for the loss of my beloved Gucci pour Homme.

Gucci pour Homme II was a joke but after that it simply wasn't funny anymore. They deleted one of the worlds best perfumes from their repertoire and replaced it with utter rubbish.

Anyhoo i came across this Absolute stuff so i chuckled to myself; "what's this then, Absolute rubbish??!" I ate my words!!!
Damn me Gucci are back!!! It's not quite GPH, nothing will be, but dare i say it's as good as! But i wouldn't say it's trying to be a copy of GPH, it's it's own creature without doubt. It's harsher than GPH, there's no pleasantries here. It's uncompromising about what it's saying, which is 'Here i am, a big, thick, manly, old school, no-nonsense woody, spicy leather and i'm taking no prisoners!'

I love it and it goes without saying i bought it right away. This perfume gives me hope for the future. That all is not lost and that we won't all have to smell like vanilla-candy or sporty deodorants against our wills!
My only criticism is why the heck did they lump it under the Guilty line? This is so good and sooooo different from all that tripe that it deserves to be standing proud all on it's own, showing the world that Gucci does have class after all. Instead one gets the feeling that Gucci are almost a bit embarrassed that they have even dared to create something so good, so bold and distinctive in this sea of banality which we currently swim.
On the other hand, i'm selfishly quite pleased if not too many people discover it!!
14th November, 2017

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