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Mon Guerlain (2017)
by Guerlain


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Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerThierry Wasser
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Mon Guerlain

Mon Guerlain is a feminine perfume by Guerlain. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Thierry Wasser

Mon Guerlain fragrance notes

Reviews of Mon Guerlain

Mon Guerlain has been welcomed as a gift by our 16-year-old daughter as her first fragrance.

Many other fragrances from luxury houses were tested, however, nothing else clicked like Mon Guerlain.

The notes and ingredients deserve appreciation.

The notes can be seen as consistent with the artistry and humanitarian work of Angelina Jolie.

A search on Youtube shows that Mon Guerlain is rated as the best girlfriend fragrance by guys, including Jeremy.

IMHO, Guerlain has made the creation of a modern interpretation of femininity in a very popular scent look EASY, though of course, making it look easy requires a master perfumer.
02nd January, 2018
Candy Guerlain...

What I get from Mon Guerlain is a sweet vibe. One which reminds me of a gourmand. In fact I consider this a gourmand in the same way that La Petite Robe Noire is.

I get the vanilla, lavender and tonka, but there seems to be an undertone of a caramel-like vibe... along with powdery iris etc. I find it very wearable (even on a man's skin), much in the same way that La Petite Robe Noire was. In fact, if that fragrance was for night time, then this is for the day. I also find it much more versatile than La Petite Robe Noire, though not as original.

I have read that Jicky was the inspiration (and starting point) for this fragrance. It's probably correct to say that this is a gourmand version of Jicky. I find it probably sits in between all the other sweet, female marketed fragrances today. I now understand why Guerlain need to release this in order to compete on the market, although the quality of ingredients here is quite high. It's well made for what it is.

Overall, this would be something to recommend. I can't see this being worn on an older person, but for a younger woman under the age of 40 I think this could work really well. I also think that this would be great on a young man's skin, but it would take a man who is comfortable with smelling sweet, it's a daring move in that respect. Only time will tell whether this becomes a classic. I am on the fence with it really.
15th December, 2017
Mon Guerlain doesn't smell too bad up close. It's not great, but within the context of modern trends in perfumery, it smells typical. It even reminded me slightly of Guerlain Iris Ganache or perhaps even Dior Homme Intense, in its best moments. The smell it was projecting, however, did not work for me, and it was striking me as a scrubber.
11th December, 2017
Take Angel and give it a super big sweet vanilla infusion and you have Mon Guerlain. Angel with whipped cream on top.

For the great house to stoop so low as to create a flanker to someone else's success, even though that perfumer has been employed by Guerlain to create this, is still a pretty weak act. I guess Wasser, after creating eleventy-two flankers to his iconic hit himself, woke up one morning in the lab and said, "Eureka, I forgot the sweet vanilla flanker accord! Why, I'll just slip this formula into my new employer's lab's mail box and they'll never know."

Nice, but an unremarkable copy of an established hit with a tiny twist.
06th August, 2017
So, what is the recipe for a big-budget, got-to-be-successful, no-room-for-error, if-you-build-it-they-will-come perfume? To judge by Guerlain’s approach: Mix equal parts imitation, predictability and risk aversion in a large bowl. Bake in a lukewarm focus-group until stale. Sprinkle with olfactory least common denominators. Serve in a bottle replete with historical Awethenticity™. Buon appetito.

Am I cynical? Clearly, but I can’t hold a candle to Guerlain.

With Mon Guerlain Thierry Wasser proves he isn’t so much the successor to Jean-Paul Guerlain as he is the heir to Jacques Guerlain. Jacques was known for nicking someone else’s ideas (namely, François Coty’s) and making them better. Wasser attempts a Jacques Guerlain with two perfumes: Lancome’s end-of -the-world-as-we-know-it lollipop, La Vie Est Belle, and Mugler’s iconic poison-apple, Angel. The drag is that Mon Guerlain drowns in the syrup of the former but forgets the atonal war-cry of the latter. Angling between these two perfumes Guerlain casts its net as wide as possible, hoping for a hit that would break all box-office records.

The complication is that Guerlain looks to two perfumes that, though they both got a whole lotta ethylmaltol going on, are diametrically opposed. Angel might have launched two decades of straight-faced gourmand perfumes but it did so inadvertently. It was anything but straight. Angel’s cotton-candy is counterbalanced by an enormous inedible chemo-floral note and an earthy patchouli. It smells sweet, but it’s pure venom. La Vie Est Belle has no nuance, no subtext. It’s pure candy. Wasser’s Mon Guerlain looks for an easy reconciliation of the two perfumes because they are both overdosed with ethylmaltol. He misses the point that Angel, twenty five years later, is still a motherfucking monster. La Vie Est Belle on the other hand is the most vanillla of Disney fairy princesses.

Wasser uses lavender to twist Mon Guerlain into a taffy fougère. Pouring it into a version of the brand’s historical quadrilobe bottle is an attempt to draw a connection to Guerlain’s classic, sweet fougère Jicky, but don’t believe the hype. Despite the deception a list of notes provides, Mon Guerlain has no relationship to Jicky.

20th July, 2017
Truth? Reminds me too much of original Lolita Lempicka; a lighter version of LL. Wearable, not overly memorable.

Smells better in the wintertime...
16th June, 2017 (last edited: 31st January, 2018)

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