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Les Exceptions : Chyprissime (2014)
by Thierry Mugler


Les Exceptions : Chyprissime information

Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Les Exceptions : Chyprissime

The legendary chypre, a harmony of bergamot, orange, oak moss, and patchouli, is amplified by an unorthodox burst of dazzling pear. This surprising note transforms the classic chypre with a new brightness, creating a succulently sensual expression never experienced before. Elegant. Radiant. Sophisticated.

Les Exceptions : Chyprissime fragrance notes

Reviews of Les Exceptions : Chyprissime

(This is the first of Mugler's "Les Exceptions" EdP's that I have tested:)

Chyprissime has a really elegant, sophisticated quality to it from the very first spray-on. Bergamot and orange dominate in the beginning, indeed with a burst of bright pear that is a surprise! Patchouli and oak moss bring an earthy, slightly spicy edge that results in a tangy spicy creation that can be worn by either gender.

The fragrance levels out with the fruity head and heart notes subsiding and becoming even with the oak moss and patchouli. I see parallels in Mugler's Les Exceptions: Chyprissime to wonderful scents like 1899 Ernest Hemingway by Histoires de Parfums: Both have a classic fougere quality that fits esp. formal wear, but can easily be enjoyed for informal, casual occasions as well.

Really enjoyable, balanced, and not like other Thierry Mugler scents for men; a safe bet if you want to stand out and smell good doing it. :-)
21st June, 2018
This is not the usual sweet bombshell from TM, so I will give it a neutral. Starts off with citrus and touches of green, settles into a mossy base -- so far, certainly in the chypre mode. But as has been noted, there is a gingery metallic tang here (though I did not find any liquorice). That persists, in a cool and rather synthetic way, for the duration of the scent. I knew there was a fruity note, and I now see that it is pear. This does not improve the scent, in my opinion. This would be rather dreadful except the entire scent is understated, and thus the scent overall is tolerable. Perhaps some will like it.
30th December, 2017
Chyprissime is the first of Les Exceptions that I've tried, after receiving a sample from the Mugler website. I was expecting great things of this as I love chypre fragrances (particularly some of the older Dior fragrances, such as the original Miss Dior and Diorling), but I'm afraid Chyprissime is not my type of perfume at all:

As I sprayed it from the sample bottle, all I could smell was overpowering metallic liquorice; I could smell nothing else at all for a few minutes, after which some lovely chypre appeared, which reminded me very much of Monsieur Balmain without the citrus; this was joined shortly after by some tangy gingery oriental notes, very much like the original (1986) Gianni Versace L'Homme. This would have been an unusual and very nice combination but the ghastly metallic liquorice overpowered and completely ruined the fragrance. After wearing Chyprissime for about two hours, it briefly seemed to soften: the liquorice got fainter, and a hint of typically Mugler chocolaty notes appeared briefly. Now, unfortunately, the liquorice is back with a vengeance. I'll be showering shortly to try and wash as much of this nasty, loud and brash fragrance off as possible!

I really didn't get any of the notes Chyprissime is supposed to have (such as the bergamot, orange, oakmoss); for me it was a mixture of lovely old fashioned chypre and tangy oriental ginger notes, completely overpowered by horrible, metallic liquorice. Such as a disappointment.

I also have a sample of Supra Floral from Les Exceptions, but that's going to have to wait a few days - I need to wear something I know I like after wearing this nasty fragrance today! I can't help feeling that several brands have rushed out their exclusive collections, and have gone for quantity over quality - I'm so hoping that Mugler hasn't fallen into the same trap, and that Chyprissime isn't going to be typical.

I had to add this: I've just discovered from the Mugler site that Olivier Polge is the creator of Les Exceptions, so I'm now not at all surprised I don't like Chyprissime. I've disliked every fragrance (with the exception of No18) that Jacques and Olivier Polge have created for Chanel - now I hold virtually no hope of liking any of Mugler's Les Exceptions, which is such a pity as I'm very fond of most of their regular lines.

Update: I gave the remainder of my sample of Chyprissime to a friend, as I couldn't face trying it again. I have to say, it is a different fragrance altogether, and it becomes a very distinguished spicy patchouli-chypre scent - completely void of licorice - on my friend. So, like Womanity, I think this particular Mugler reacts very strangely on my skin. I would still recommend not buying Chyprissime blind, and risk getting the same dreadful metallic licorice fragrance that it was on me.
19th September, 2017 (last edited: 19th October, 2017)

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