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You Or Someone Like You (2017)
by Etat Libre d'Orange


You Or Someone Like You information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 14 votes)

People and companies

HouseEtat Libre d'Orange
PerfumerCaroline Sabas
Creative DirectorChandler Burr
Creative DirectorEtienne de Swardt

About You Or Someone Like You

You Or Someone Like You is a shared / unisex perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Caroline Sabas

You Or Someone Like You fragrance notes

Reviews of You Or Someone Like You

Minty fresh. Somewhere between a bag of minted peas and mouthwash. Rose appears in time to give an impression of talc. But that's it. All very clean-scrubbed, innocent and bathroom-y. Not for me thanks.
07th November, 2017
The first thing I felt was mint, a powerful, refreshing mint as someone rubbed a mint leaf into his hands. I picked the mint from the fields many times. This smell is exactly the same.
After a while some strong green notes feel their presence. They change the direction of the perfume a little, but the mint remains at the center of the composition.
Because mint is very often used in medicine, it can be said that the smell of the perfume recalls the medicinal smell of the pills.
The dry-down is minty musk. Now the mint is stronger to my nose. It is like a last swing before it disappears altogether.
It is a nice perfume for summer, sparkling, boozy, with a lot of personality. It is a try!
21st September, 2017
Breezy and soothing, this light minty concoction is refreshment on redial. It has echoes of the sea, of morning gardens, and seems to invite one to dwell in a pale, spacious, minimalist designer home in a complimentary white linen kaftan.
Somewhat linear – check; synthetic – check; Herba Fresca with hints of L’Ombre Dans L’Eau – check. Nonetheless, I found its effortless manner disarming, a bare shouldered shrug to trying too hard. ‘I’ve touched your brow with my cool, I’m finished like a beach pebble – what more do you want?’ it seems to say in its ASMR voice.
Puts on a bit of weight late in the wear becoming more reminiscent of the Diptyque offering and – at times, and curiously, – a guava.
27th August, 2017
The first three to five minutes are lovely — fresh and alluring, a well-balanced citrusy saline mist that glimmers like a breezy Los Angeles sunrise. Thereafter, however, it's a sweet calone pudding that screams "safe," an I-drank-too-much-vodka sweat that's off-putting, a boredom that is the worst of El Lay, that of a foul wind blown in from the doldrums of Fresno. Probably a crowdpleaser given its concept, but zzzz...
12th July, 2017
Rose, mint, herbs - yes, they are all there. Applying YOSLO is a little like wandering into a garden centre - a particularly up-market garden centre, mind, where the proprietors have thought about where they position the plants for olfactory purposes as much as anything else. It comprises a particularly floral take on freshness, and was extremely suitable and pleasant wearing on a hot summer's day. Some caveats - this is more to the feminine end of the scale. I would wear this, but would probably not get use out of a full bottle. If such considerations are irrelevant to you, this is worth trying. Another point is that the scent is extremely linear and consistent in performance (on my skin). Towards the end of the day the rose accord became a little tiresome, and I was longing for a subtle development - perhaps a Guerlain-esque touch of vanilla or something similar. I mean, would you really want to spend a day with your nose buried in a bunch of roses? But it was enough to bring positive vibes for the majority of the day. Overall, a good experience.
09th July, 2017
A (slightly) more tenacious version of Guerlain's Herba Fresca - fresh, green, aromatic and totally unisex. Relatively linear, with a dab of fresh sweat in the heart, becoming a skin scent within 90 minutes. Where HF has citrus, this has the addition of rose, but both are predominantly minty and aromatic.

I do quite like the sweaty aspect here, which is the main difference (to my nose) of the two. I think it's due to there being some basil - it's sunbathing-sweat rather than work-sweat and is not at all butch or sour, rather it works well with the aromatics, smelling like sunblushed skin lying in a herb garden.

IMO, this is as good as Herba Fresca, despite feeling more synthetic (same concept, different angle), but for me, they're not different enough to warrant having both. If the performance were *a lot* better, I'd choose this over Herba Fresca in a blink. As it is, HF is cheap enough to spray liberally and make up for the poor performance. The same can't be said of this stuff...
13th June, 2017

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