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Les Trésors De Sriwijaya (2017)
by Auphorie


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Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerEugene Au
PerfumerEmrys Au

About Les Trésors De Sriwijaya

In this scent composition, we are going to transport you to the ancient land of Sriwijaya Kingdom, an influential empire that once controlled most of the Malay and Indonesian archipelago. Sriwijaya was once well-known for the export of a myriad of high-valued and high-quality commodities, namely oud, spices, styrax and many kinds of resins, vetiver and patchouli, exotic tropical flowers, etc.. Here we explore the theme of Sriwijaya by featuring many of the treasures that once this empire was renowned for.

Reviews of Les Trésors De Sriwijaya

A finely blended oriental comprising of smoky resins, warm spices and lush tropical flowers shot through with the house’s note(?) of caramelised Malaccan brown sugar molasses. Lurking underneath it all is a faintly musky leathery animalic presence that rears its nose every once in a while. 3 hours in drydown beckons, an abstract harmony of warm spices and incensy resins.

I’m not blown away by this composition as it stays on the safe side throughout but it wears well and the ingredient quality feels top notch as usual. The fragrance evolution is far from linear with sections of the symphony taking turns to play up their solos.

This is probably not the best Auphorie has to offer but it is easily one of their most wearable. What I appreciate most is the fragrance’s agility and balance, carrying its substantial heft well from start to finish. At no time did I feel overwhelmed despite the oppressive tropical humidity of my locale.
08th August, 2018
The chance to try a new Auphorie creation is something that causes me great anticipation. This is a house that offers novelties and challenges to intrigue the most jaded nose, and even when one of their extraits isn’t quite my thing it still seems to glimmer with enough olfactory jewels to command admiration.
Les Trésors de Sriwijaya is at first glance as ambitious as anything they’ve done, and pulled off with the same sure hand, though the later stages are somewhat more conventional. The opening – which speeds by far too soon – is mouth-wateringly fruity floral, but in a purely tropical interpretation, bursting with sunshine and the lovely golden accents of frangipane and ylang paired with luscious yellow fruit.
The transition starts almost immediately, with the florals taking on a glassy transparency and lightness, which seems to be an Auphorie signature, dancing at the front of stage, while in the background a whole orchestra of woody musky tones plays – but with extreme gentleness and subtlety. The declared notes list may contain a string of smoky and resinous heavy hitters, but they don’t present themselves in any overtly discernible way to my nose.
In its middle phase Trésors is, strangely enough, probably the most conventional perfume Auphorie has released – a sophisticated mixed floral with a quiet woody backing, its antecedents are in classical perfumery. The whole thing is sheer and in the drydown, as the notes merge, verging on the abstract. This is not to discredit it, as it definitely has the seemingly effortless class that this style of perfume lives or dies by. It just doesn’t open up new realms in the way other Auphorie offerings have done.
But the drydown a good three or four hours into the wear disappoints. The perfume undergoes a kind of condensation and reads like a mix of candied peel and essential oils. Still pleasant to wear, but ducking below the high bar set by this house.
21st September, 2017

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