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L'Histoire Oubliée De Dunhuang (2017)
by Auphorie


L'Histoire Oubliée De Dunhuang information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerEugene Au
PerfumerEmrys Au

About L'Histoire Oubliée De Dunhuang

Dunhuang (敦煌), an ancient city once flourished and well-known to the world for its strategic location where the famous Silk Road passed through it. In this scent composition, we are inspired by the mysterious history and lavish art of this ancient city. We imagine the atmosphere and ambience of this major stop on the Silk Road during its golden era, and interprete it in the form of haute perfume. Trading of many kinds of commodities and produces were once carried out in Dunhuang. Spices, cashmere, exotic flowers, tea; these are some of the commodities that had travelled across the Silk Road and had been traded in this city of Dunhuang many centuries ago. Different cultures from different parts of the world met each other over here and assimilated into a unique, one-of-a-kind multi-cultural heritage that belongs to Dunhuang alone.

Reviews of L'Histoire Oubliée De Dunhuang

An impressionistic daydream

L’Histoire Oubliée De Dunhuang opens up with a gentle fruity rose, mild spice, and a dense orris butter. The notes of the scent have many turns, shifting in and out of focus. After a couple hours, the spices grow stronger and a clean musk emerges. The musk reminds me of a laundry dryer sheet, a fragrance I strongly dislike, but the earthy spices keep it from becoming overly synthetic or overpowering. Near the end of the scent, after six or so hours, it has blended quite close to the skin and shifted again into a spicy floral with the hint of mandarin rind.

Despite its longevity, the scent is quite gentle and unassuming and does not project very far. While this suits the introverted nature of the scent, it’s ultimately too soft on me and it's mainly a skin scent after the first couple hours or so. Just a little more projection would make this a truly wear, both comforting and elegant.
19th July, 2018
I have one major grouse against Auphorie – they often release perfumes of enchanting beauty as limited editions. This plays havoc with my wish list. Auphorie perfumes have a sneaky habit of jumping that particular queue as otherwise they could be gone before their number came up. Their Shambhala seemed to be created just for me; it brings joy with every wear and doesn’t set a foot wrong. I felt I should spread the love and get a bottle for a loved one, but – pouf! – it had vanished.
Now L`Histoire Oubliée De Dunhuang is rubbing up against me and the wish list is once again looking susceptible. This is a perfume of great transparency, a stained glass window of a thing through which light pours in shades of orange and pinky-red. Beginning with a lovingly realized sweet orange with not a trace of anything bitter or sharp about it, the perfume shades into a mixed floral bouquet so light, fresh and airy it seems to have been plucked from some fairy meadow. This is a combination designed, it would appear, to induce good cheer. Underneath the floral dance is a restrained base of hay-like and creamy tones.
All of which does make me wonder about the oriental notes listed – a bunch of spices (Fragrantica users seem to think star anise is the most prominent note), vanilla, amber – none of which register particularly to my nose and I don’t miss them. Instead of a warm and spicy wintry composition, this seems like a herald of a clear late spring day.
Auphorie extraits are powerful things – all dayers, a spray or two is plenty. This, however, seems to require a few more and then has moderate projection, before diving to a skin scent about 3-4 hours in. Maybe the wish list needn’t fear after all.

03rd November, 2017

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