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Aura (2017)
by Thierry Mugler


Aura information

Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 29 votes)

People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerDaphne Bugey
PerfumerAmandine Marie
PerfumerChristophe Raynaud
PerfumerMarie Salamagne
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Aura

Aura is a feminine perfume by Thierry Mugler. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Marie Salamagne, Christophe Raynaud, Amandine Marie and Daphne Bugey

Reviews of Aura

I've gone back and forth on this a few times. One day it's love, the next it's not.

Overall though, it keeps drawing me back in. The bizarre green lifesaver/menthol opening is just enough to keep me going back. It's just SO weird. Following that, it morphs into a nicely panel-tested vanilla oriental, with a few tropical florals thrown in. The green candy creeps back in now and then, which keeps it above the boring spectrum. As does the weird wintergreen. Not a mint I typically love, but it's at a hazy, inoffensive volume at this point.

All-in-all, I'll probably shell out for a small bottle. For Mugler, it's easy to wear. The volume doesn't get crazy, the bottle is beautiful, and it's a novel accord I've not encountered before.

Update - bought a bottle (at retail!) and it's love. It's very wearable, yet weird enough to not get boring. I imagine it won't get many good reviews, as it's not "Mugler-weird". Angel typecast Mugler into a niche and it won't be topped. Beautiful, but requires patience.
13th July, 2018 (last edited: 22nd July, 2018)
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United Kingdom
Like wearing a nice pudding. Pleasant, but not exactly challenging. Bring back Womanity, at least that was interesting.
25th June, 2018
A green gourmand. I never smelled anything like this before. It's a very interesting fragrance. You can smell the rhubarb and the creamy vanilla simultaneously, and equally. You could imagine it smells like rhubarb pie. It doesn't. It's not cloying. Very well done.
22nd October, 2017
I have only recently started enjoying Mugler perfumes again: I loved Angel and Alien when they were new, but I'm afraid I found Eau de Star so nasty, it put me off everything by the house.

I recently bought a bottle of Aura from the Mugler site (without having smelled it first), and wore it for the first time today - I honestly had no idea what it was going to be like. If I hadn't known what I was trying, my first thoughts would have been that this was a new soft and subtle variation of Alien: they share the same milky-vanilla background, but Alien's jasmine is replaced with a complex mixture of exotic/tropical flowers and woody notes (too complex for me identify individual notes). Gradually, over the next hour, some exotic floral notes appeared, before everything settled into a very beautiful and very well balanced milky-vanilla floral. The similarity to Alien became less the longer Aura was on my skin; however, a they definitely share similar background notes. On my skin there is absolutely no similarity with Angel (or, thank goodness, the dreaded Eau de Star).

Far more subtle than Alien, and with none of its aggression, but Aura definitely shares many of its background notes. Probably the most subtle and mellow Mugler fragrance so far; nevertheless, the very small amount I used is still going strong ten hours later. Not nearly as sweet or syrupy as either Angel or Alien.
31st August, 2017
Angel muse with a fleeting green accord at the start. Very nice!

Lovely Green heart shaped bottle.

Thumbs up!
11th August, 2017
Green scent for people who dont like the fresh (citrus) or herbal green scents. It's warm & wet vegetation with a ton of vanilla. It's interesting and made me want to rush out and buy a bottle. However, the top notes that make it interesting, this new "green", disappears very fast and then its just a vanilla perfume. On occasion I catch that wonderful warm lush green (is that the tiger liana) but it isnt lasting enough for me.
06th July, 2017

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