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Tom Ford Noir Anthracite (2017)
by Tom Ford


Tom Ford Noir Anthracite information

Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Tom Ford Noir Anthracite

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite is a masculine fragrance by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2017

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite fragrance notes

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Reviews of Tom Ford Noir Anthracite

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite ignores the trend of fresh woody-ambers and sugary gourmands, and is all about peppery woods. The peppers are hot and dry, hinting at Sichuan peppers. The wood notes are bone dry, dark, earthy-metallic. I don't find any note of cedar, sandal, patchouli or oud. Instead, it smells like some new molecule/aromachemical, maybe hinting a bit at smoky vetiver. Like almost all Tom Ford fragrances, Noir Anthracite is very linear on my skin; between the initial burst of pepper to the dry down of peppery woods, it changes little. It has moderate presence, and surprisingly is somewhat quiet towards the dry down, but it does last adequately. In terms of scent profile, it reminds me of the flinty/earthy nuances of Terre d'Hermes, the peppery woods in several masculine Amouages (Memoir, Epic, Journey), some bits of Bois d'Ascese, and the austere/noirish moods of Jacomo de Jacomo or Serge Noire. Noir Anthracite is very streamlined, tailored, and perfectly wearable.

Definitely try if you like linear fragrances, and are looking for a 'modern' woody scent with no sweetness, with the emphasis on 'modern' and linear. It might just click. Personally, Noir Anthracite misses a spark or two, as it becomes more of an ambient fragrance and less of a personal scent over repeated wears. It doesn't reveal any new nuances, and doesn't keep me interested. I find the accord of pepper and woods tiresome and two-dimensional. It is adequately abstract, but lacks in complexity; the opening and mid phases are arresting, but the dry down is underwhelming. The frustrating issue with Tom Ford's fragrances is that they often promise an uncompromising endeavour to showcase a particular note or accord, and deliver on that with compromises to everything else. Noir Anthracite, just like Ombre Leather released a year later, is no exception. It isn't bad, but it isn't good enough.

04th April, 2019
Tom Ford Noir Anthracite (2017) is quite literally a kick-ass blast from the past dropped into the laps of unsuspecting buyers at a time when the style it represents was no less than 30 years (or more) out of fashion. In a move similar to the original Tom Ford Noir (2012), Tom Ford Noir Anthracite focuses on some really old-school notes you won't quite see combined in the same way it does without literally plucking some discontinued vintages off of eBay (for exorbitant prices in some cases), but Noir Anthracite goes for more of a late 70's/early 80's feel while the original Noir feels more mid-century in tone. By this description, and with an additional gleaning of the notes listed, one can expect a dark, smoky, leathery, and mossy experience oozing with unabashed masculinity. Noir Anthracite lives up to its name by being black as the pitch which it is named after, and fans of that "liquid chest hair" vibe a lot of masculine perfumes released during the emergence of the powerhouse should take note. Perfumer Honorine Blanc really did her homework here, as nothing like this would be expected from a perfumer with a resume mostly focusing on post-90's styles. I still prefer the original Noir better than this because it has more of a dandy quality with its florals and small puff of powdery civet, but Noir Anthracite easily out-performs Noir Extreme (2015), which itself is the most modern and mass-appealing entry.

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite instantly come out the sprayer like a close cousin to Jacomo de Jacomo (1980), utilizing a dry bergamot paired with a very smoky vetiver that quickly shifts into an almost mineralic sharpness aided by galbanum and black pepper. Further spices like nutmeg come into the heart to smooth things over just a bit, and a teeny puff of jasmine hedione also lends some effusion, but the base is a wrecking ball of woods and aromatic tones that drags us back screaming into the early 80's once again. Birch tar, cedar, Macassar oil (derived from ebony as a once-popular hair tonic and subject of masculine perfumes), oakmoss, leather, and patchouli swirl together into a heady blackened grog that is very reminiscent of what you might get if you layered Jacomo de Jacomo with the long-gone Ted Lapidus Pour Homme (1978), but with patchouli replacing the boozy honey notes found in the latter scent. Despite all this extreme machismo, the eau de parfum nature of Noir Anthracite has it emitting an intense but tight bubble of scent that makes up for projection with lots of longevity. The question is, where would somebody wear something like this in the 21st century, and what market would this even serve? One thing's for sure, this scent is best served up in chilly weather, because something this smoky and dry would come across irritating in summer or late spring, as it is essentially a modern interpretation of a powerhouse fragrance that somehow passes muster under IFRA regulations.

The answer to the first part of that question in nowhere, or anywhere you want, since something this anachronistic cannot be given an appropriate context. The second part of the question is obviously old-school vintage cologne guys who have mostly given up the hunt for replenishing their prized discontinued scents and aren't against dipping their toes into niche or prestige price points to find something modern but comparable; such has mostly become the market Tom Ford has staked out with his signature line for Men, in addition to many of his even-pricier Private Collection releases as well. Tom Ford has made a mint remaking his favorite vintage styles with luxury price tags, a move the British perfumer Roja Dove took to the next level with much of his lines as well, so Noir Anthracite comes as no surprise to me, and is damned good for what it is, even if a tad steep in price at retail. Noir Anthracite may be a little too anachronistic even for its own good, or just focusing on an era that hasn't aged well or been gone from circulation long enough in the eyes of the modern tastemakers that tell us we all need to get compliments, for it is hard to find the stuff at most department stores, but can be ordered direct from Tom Ford or sampled easily enough at dedicated perfume shops. I don't see the smell of this one floating over too well with the folks who usually brag about having Tom Ford (just like the original Noir), but that's part of its charm to me. Thumbs up!
04th April, 2019
The bergamot softens the blow. The spice is an entertaining distraction. But ultimately this is a walking-tall 2x4 of wood scent in the face. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In a time dominated by shared unisex fragrances, this one is decidedly masculine.

Tom Ford is good at what he does and this is no exception.
28th February, 2019
I was intrigued and loved this fragrance from the first sniff at a Dillard's store. The knowledgeable SA there asked me what I liked and then brought me to the TF fragrances. I was like, "Oh no, nothing is so good that I will pay those prices!" My husband and I ended up buying a TF fragrance that night, but not TFNA. We bought Noir Extreme that night but never forgot TFNA. I was pleasantly surprised that the fragrances in this line weren't as pricey as I imagined!

Even if I immediately loved TF Noir Anthracite, my husband thought it was tough and was put off by it. He thought it was a fragrance for Rambo and wasn't something he could wear. Meanwhile my eyes rolled back while sniffing the blotter point blank(this reaction is extremely rare for me as well as letting an actual fragrance blotter touch my nose or even get too close to it).

There is a peppery, dry, rubbery, asphalt-like quality to this fragrance. It lacks any sweetness to my nose and smells very serious and masculine. I really enjoyed it immediately and would have loved it if my husband wore it. It's projection and longevity are good but it is not beastly or anything. Something like this might be too much if it were too strong IMO.

Months later, we shopped and sniffed at a Sephora and I requested a decanted sample of TFNA with a couple other perfume samples for myself. I gave it to my husband and planted the seed...

My husband wore it a couple times and began to like it OK. A couple more months later, and he quickly used up the rest of the decant claiming that he then REALLY liked it. HA!The seed I planted sprouted!

He came home with the fragrance yesterday as a late birthday present for himself. YAY!

08th January, 2019
Very dry, very mineral, very masculine fragrance. I can’t stand it but I know it’s good.
10th November, 2018
Spicy, peppery. Starts off rather similar to Sahara Noir. Woody notes with a mineral edge (like graphite). Bold and assertive. I suppose that some might find the mineral edge to be reminiscent of oak moss. And, like oak moss, there is a sort of soapy-creamy aspect. Pretty good.
03rd October, 2018

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